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  1. Recently saw Kurokuma, Friends and Palm in Hull. The whole gig was amazing but Kurokuma blew me away.
  2. Lee Filters Factory Visit Found this video of how they make Lee filters. No wonder they are so expensive.
  3. Managed to get myself a Canon 5D with a 24-105mm and a 50mm for a decent price to get back into photography after doing it in college about 15 years ago. I have been watching YouTube videos to remind myself but I am after a good book to flick through. Any good recommendations?
  4. Had a good day today with PUBG. Got a couple of Chicken Dinners with a squad from the Reddit Discord then managed to get 2nd in solo with 8 kills mostly with the VSS. I had the drop on the guy in the last circle and should have taken him out but my heart was pounding like crazy and I fucked it up.
  5. I had no idea you could crouch jump through non-broken windows. I have been punching/shooting them before doing it up until now.
  6. I am super rusty with FPS and cant seem to get the aiming right at all on this at all. I always end up losing 1v1s that I should have won easily.
  7. Bash


    This new one from DJ Madd is sweeeeet.
  8. Bash


    But, my privacy?!?1?
  9. Bash


    Some tasty Biome. Can get it at http://biome.bandcamp.com/album/layers-ep who the hell to you embed Soundcould links?!
  10. Bash


    I am liking the latest Distance EP. Sorry about the talking all over it. http://www.junodownload.com/products/distance-outer-limits-ep/2414824-02/
  11. Bash


    Haha, no he isn't, he looks more like High Contrast.
  12. Been waiting for Trials evolution to be on sale for ages and now I have it fucking uPlay wont let me log in. I should have checked before buying it really.
  13. Bash

    Project Zomboid

    So now it's on early access. I had to dig my account from the depths of my email, don't think I have played it since just after I got it. Excited to see where it has gone.
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