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  1. How do you get them free? I have considered a tribute to one of my old zipstik joystick colour schemes of light blue with pink buttons.
  2. I saw a video recently which listed this as one of the wii u games increasing in value so that's a good find. I assume it's an on rails shooter from the video I've seen but can you use the wii u remote as a gun. I can't recall many light gun games on the wii u off hand.
  3. Nice solution if a little expensive. I had looked at the OGX360 solution from chimeric in the past but didn't get around to it (I think it'd be cheaper if you need 4 ports). My only questiont is if I use my xbox one controller with this won't it conflict with my xbox one at the same time or do I need a second controller just paired with this?
  4. It has progressed a lot apparently. A few years ago it didn't seem worth looking at when I did some research out of curiosity. I had a quick look at xemu but doesn't seem to support xbe files so I hope this is added at some stage as I backed up all my discs in the past. It seems well documented though at first glance. I instead dug out my og xbox last night to play some ssx tricky (although for me still feels more at home on ps2 for nostalgia reasons). I really wish they had brought this to xbox backwards compatibility. Will probably play Outrun 2 later today as that was great at the time.
  5. Seems strange to resume the match. I would have assumed even if he is stable that the next 24 hours are critical. To be honest the game is not important at all in the bigger context.
  6. they are saying he has been stabilised now. I really hope this is correct
  7. I have multiple ps3 consoles. If I have a digital game will I be able to download it on a console I haven't downloaded it on before after the store is closed?
  8. Thanks. Will check once my PS 3 is back up and running Did they get rid of PS2 classics as well.?
  9. Maybe a stupid question as I haven't logged into the PSN store in a while but where have the PS3 games gone? Need to set up my PS 3 again to ensure I've downloaded everything. Do we know if download will still be possible after the assumed end date or do we need ot wait for the official announcement?
  10. For some reason Tomy came to mind when I saw the original question. It seems Tomy did have something similar at least according to this site. Nice find.
  11. I was wondering if that was still the best pc emulator. I think I used that back when I was in university and that was a long time ago now.
  12. Which was another question I had. I agree that's a pity though. Surprising considering most of the other mini consoles were hacked (or at least that was my impression)
  13. Will Super Mario Maker still work without online service?
  14. I'm thinking of getting a pc engine mini but was wondering how does it compare to emulators like PCE Emu or Retroarch? I would like to get the Japanese model as that's the one that I recall from wanting when I was younger (but without the need for a stepdown converter). I assume this is useable for someone who can't read japanese. I was looking at the extra controllers and they seem in short supply but that 8 bit do controller looks perfect. I was surprised Mr. Heli isn't included as I associated that with the PC Engine for some reason. Coincidentally I was looking Friday and noticed it is also delisted on virtual console on the wii u at the moment.
  15. Thanks I will check that. I don't have access to the box right now but will ask my parents to check as I'm pretty sure I kept the original box.
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