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  1. I don’t think you can unfortunately. I had the same as I had a wii u and 3ds but no switch and couldn’t buy any eshop games for the switch.
  2. 24 hours to be on the safe side. I think it can live that long on cardboard. Plastic and glass it can last up to 3 days apparently. Out of interest did you get a tracking mail from Kickstarter when it was sent out?
  3. Glad it worked out. I found him very helpful as well when I contacted him back at the start of the kickstarter.
  4. I'm still waiting on mine as well. Good to know I'm not the only one.
  5. I guess you could ask to change the delivery address? It may be too late but it’s worth a try. In the bigger picture though I could imagine the last next deliveries could be delayed due to everything going on at the moment.
  6. I want to try this with match day 2. Hopefully faster but still playable
  7. Reminds me of spending ages waiting for a game to load getting to the start screen and then the game crashing. Still multi loads were even worse. I remember one of my neighbours had an interface where he could snapshot games in memory. I don’t recall exactly how it worked but I think he could essentially reload from the snapshot which back then was great.
  8. Latest update says accelerated options are now being prepared for shipping
  9. Double checked and you are right. Must be honest I had forgotten that there were plus and accelerated versions. Thanks for reminding me.
  10. Have the next plus models already shipped? I thought I read they would ship last week but maybe I’m remembering wrong. When they ship do you get a tracking number?
  11. They used to sell some in the shop on the next website but this seems now sold out. They are running a poll for a new kickstarter for another batch at some point though. https://www.specnext.com/kickstarter-2-poll/
  12. Well I may have it in time for my birthday after all.At this stage though I don't mind waiting a bit longer as I understand it will take a while to get all the orders out. Do we know how many units they actually sold?
  13. I have one and plan to set it up over Christmas. It looks good and should work with my xbox controller.
  14. Is there any component cable you would recommend? I have cheap a ps2 hdmi adapter but the lag was noticeable last time I played but I guess that varies per adapter. I checked and my tv seems to have component in so I may try that directly to see what the picture looks like.
  15. Well I hope it makes it but It's a bit worrying. I had hoped to use it to teach basic to my kids like I learned from the brown book way back but at this stage they'll be finished primary school before it comes out. I had been looking at divmmc before the next was announced and thought the next was a better option as it also had hdmi output. I see there is a hdmi adapter for the original spectrum now as well but I don't know if that can be chained with a divmmc or not.
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