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  1. For those with a VPN, Halt and Catch Fire is on US Netflix.
  2. Telles’ deliveries have been great, it’s a shame we’ve been so poor attacking them. Getting so excited over crosses shows how lacking we’ve been in that department for a long time. Impressed with Tuanzebe so far considering how long he’s been out.
  3. Does anybody have a black corner of the box sofa?
  4. I have the bureau, console, vanity and clock in black (very dark at least), can open up for you in the next hour. edit: antique stuff, that is
  5. Is the May Day tour a one time thing? It was a nice little maze but I’m a bit underwhelmed by what you can get.
  6. Thanks, I’ve seen them both cheaper previously but as the voucher would cover the cost it’s not such a big deal as we need something. Both are OOS now though.
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