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  1. For those with a VPN, Halt and Catch Fire is on US Netflix.
  2. Telles’ deliveries have been great, it’s a shame we’ve been so poor attacking them. Getting so excited over crosses shows how lacking we’ve been in that department for a long time. Impressed with Tuanzebe so far considering how long he’s been out.
  3. Does anybody have a black corner of the box sofa?
  4. I have the bureau, console, vanity and clock in black (very dark at least), can open up for you in the next hour. edit: antique stuff, that is
  5. Is the May Day tour a one time thing? It was a nice little maze but I’m a bit underwhelmed by what you can get.
  6. Thanks, I’ve seen them both cheaper previously but as the voucher would cover the cost it’s not such a big deal as we need something. Both are OOS now though.
  7. Looking for the black corner of the box sofa or any small plant type items (not terrarium, cat grass, anthurium, cactuses or succulent). All I can think of off the top of my head.
  8. I can make the palm tree lamp for you, how many do you need?
  9. Yeah, meant to put it in the note but it was a quick in and out job last night.
  10. Just have the one colour, it’s gradient blue from Nook’s cranny. I’ll check the price when I get a chance later and get it over to you.
  11. I have an electric bass, if that’s what you are after?
  12. Looking for a bit of help, would anybody recommend either of these? I have a JL voucher which is about to expire. There are only two of us so a compact seems right. https://www.johnlewis.com/weber-go-anywhere-charcoal-bbq/p721705 https://www.johnlewis.com/weber-smokey-joe-premium-kettle-charcoal-bbq/p323410 Would we be able to cook a pizza on the Smokey Joe or would we need something bigger?
  13. Pietro is making the stone lion dog on my island if anybody is after the recipe. I’ll open up to friends, might be semi afk. Excuse the mass of flowers and half finished bits
  14. You can round them if you lay it over another path that’s already rounded (sand, dirt etc.)
  15. I might be misreading this but if you buy the rugs you can get two floors and two wallpapers per visit, you’ll just end up with an abundance of rugs.
  16. It’s not a seasonal recipe, it’s from a bottle and I usually browse in the all tab. It’s just completely gone. Edit: It’s called a garden wagon apparently
  17. Has anybody noticed DIY recipes disappearing? I had a flower wagon thing from the first week, went to make it just now and it’s gone! It was there yesterday as I checked which flowers were needed.
  18. Thanks @b00dles, left 250k in that little square in front of the shops.
  19. Could I hop over at some point? I’ve posted it to you. Nothing specific I’m after I don’t think, unless you can make a chopping board?
  20. Does anybody have Celeste around tonight. Got distracted last night and forgot to make any wishes .
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