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  1. Glad you like it - a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making it!
  2. A heads up that Snoop's performing the Doggystyle album as part of Manchester International Festival. "This event reproduces the entire album with live appearances from original featured guests, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, RBX, Lady Rage, Joe Cool and Warren G." link
  3. I used to work at Evolution Studios with the guy who wrote this book. I've not read it myself but it gets good reviews on Amazon. (bear in mind that some of these reviews are from his co-workers ) It's written specifically about modelling for games and even has a chapter on portfolios and interviews.
  4. Some of the environment concepts are amazing! Best of luck to you all (though I don't think you'll need it).
  5. The lineup for the Manchester International Festival has been released today. Includes a 2hr set by Kraftwerk at the Velodrome, Elbow with the Halle Orchestra; and De La Soul, joined by special guests and a ten-piece band, celebrating the 20th anniversary of 3 Feet High and Rising. website
  6. Graphic Design : The New Basics Accompanying website here. "Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips have set out to create a definitive book on the subject of contemporary graphic design theory and practice for students and new designers. In Lupton’s introductory essay, “Back to the Bauhaus,” she explains that the philosophical foundation for the book is squarely in line with the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, which emphasized form as the primary means by which graphic design should be understood and practiced."
  7. This game's making me de-cloak after 3 years lurking! FR sent - tag - minrUK
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