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  1. Thread of the century, well done all those involved. 'cept you "Sithlord" you're a bloody barry.
  2. When did it become acceptable for you to reel off this bigoted rhetoric. You're basically the Goat Keeper now, you know that right?
  3. I always wondered why Futurama could be so good, whilst running concurrently with the shittest seasons of the Simpsons. Luckily I now know it was all a fluke, like Halo!
  4. I thought the film was average, but if you are going to use pretentious words to denigrate a pretentious film, the least you can is make sure you've spelt them correctly.
  5. SHIT EPISODE, I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE THE MASTER! Fuck this, back to Daily Motion and the classic WHO's. As you were.
  6. Finally a decent WHO episode!
  7. My mate Mark told me about this game called Grim Fandango, said it was alright. ANYONE PLAYED IT, ANY GOOD? Get tae fuck, The Longest Journey is a stone cold classic, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  8. This. It may or may not have something to do with the fact I adore Ms Kingston, I just wanna wipe my cock on her amazing hair!
  9. There's your problem, those filthy above ground plants won't grow in the wondrous darkness!
  10. I was building megastructures in 40d, now look at me, nothing but a fortress full of soggy corpses!
  11. I've started in an area of death, nothing can survive above ground it seems, the only wildlife is the vermin infesting my decaying fortress, I think I'll just pull my lever 'o' doom and flood the entire thing, any dwarves that survive shall have proved themselves worthy.
  12. I can't handle my fortress anymore, it's already become a sprawling mess of redundant tunnels, dead ends and useless rooms. Too many Dorfs, anyone have any ideas how to cull the population without just flooding it and starting again?
  13. Hefty disappointment from me. So bland and forgettable.
  14. Oh god, there goes my Easter holiday. I think Toady may have gone too far, I had a handle on it all before but now, it's got many more layers of complexity. I'm not sure my brain can handle it.
  15. Tau are fucking cheese, may you rot in hell. Imp Guard forevs, even if it meant I lost every sodding game.
  16. I fucking hated that road at rush hour.
  17. This, started it today, currently on page 199. The most engaging and innovative writing style since Slaughterhouse 5.
  18. Oh do fuck off Crispin you have your abs, leave Belle and Sebastian to bastion and I.
  19. You've just described every Games Workshop product ever.
  20. Still no naval invasions for me, France decimated me on the continent and floated a few stacks over to Sweden which at this point is defended by a single unit of Sakers that had resided there since I'd taken Stockholm some 50 years previous, luckily for me, they just sat there most obligingly whilst I sailed my Baltic Fleet out into the north sea and duly sent 1000 proud French troops to the bottom of the north sea.
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