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  1. Just finished all missions and all hordes on days gone. It was great. Highly recommended. I just feel sorry for those early buyers who beta tested it for us for a few months.
  2. Bah no high framerate version for ps pro edit: and they’re charging £35 for it on psn so it better be a fucking good remaster!
  3. Can we rename this thread title to 'First ever game you ever owned ever' so as to fully commit to the bit?
  4. So basically graphics will be that good for ps6
  5. I just tried them. Only ship within Ireland on their website. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Still out of stock. Yes I really want one!
  7. bumgut

    Xbox Series X

    Fast travel will actually be fast with the loading speeds!
  8. If ps5 is noisy and xsx is quiet I’ve got a heart rending descision to make
  9. They shouldn't be using display model for screen grabs because it's really badly scratched up.
  10. Definitely needed back buttons/more buttons a wasted opputunity
  11. It's shocking how much 'walk forward and watch boring unskippable plot exposition' there is in the game. I gave up and sold it ages ago. Now I can get it for free and pick up from a save file and hopefully just get gameplay from now on.
  12. They are still out of stock. Total shambles. The 'rona doesn't help i expect.
  13. What if your preferred console gets delayed by 6 months, would you swap to the other?
  14. Yeah, the new consoles will be delayed well into 2021
  15. bumgut

    Xbox Series X

    nah the pro versions will be out then, just get them!
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