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  1. 30 FPS when I tried it. Indoors it’s meant to be 60. And a very jaggy 1080p.
  2. So if this is less than 6 months from release shouldn’t we be seeing some gameplay?
  3. Shit I thought it was Xbox exclusive. im so happy it’s out on PlayStation!
  4. The combat in monstrum nox is as good as ever, but the setting is bit grey dull and repetitive. Ys VIII was better in that regard.
  5. So is this a simcade kind of racer?
  6. Making a new game is much more expensive than a remake so more financial risk. you consider a new game after the remaster does really well.
  7. Sony are the bad guys this gen. Well it’s got to be one of the big three.
  8. So is the expansion stand alone? I have PS5 and a save from the game but I sold it and claimed the ps+ version so can I play the expansion if I buy it?
  9. Please make the melee combat less shit though
  10. Crouching is useful for waist high cover, so it is useful
  11. Now it has a dash with i- frames and other mobility tools, I hope it can also be a hardcore fun action game at the higher difficulty levels
  12. I loved that game so much
  13. I think its important to have a continual influx of new people coming in, to replace ones that gradually drift off. We had an attempt to attract new people a few years back, but I see that its hard to do.
  14. Ps5 edition on sale for the next few days
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