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  1. So will the sequels be quicker to make cos they have most of the assets made and proven combat/gameplay systems?
  2. I've never experienced 120fps gameplay. What's it like? I always prefer 60 to 30 fps, but can you really tell its more responsive at 120 (with a controller)?
  3. It looks good because everything always sways and so feels alive, even though the world is no more interactive that the usual assassins creed. The particle effects are also constant: leaves, dust,pollen. now any open world after this game will look sterile if there isn’t continual motion. it has set a new baseline.
  4. Yeah that reveal trailers graphics looked amazing. You put that out as in engine footage it should look near that by now, otherwise some disappointment is warranted.
  5. Mate we would be on driveclub 3 as a ps5 release game if the broken online didn’t kill it with Sony.
  6. I’ll take that to mean start on hard
  7. Just got this. Should I start on lethal? Or should I switch to lethal after I’ve got the hang of the combat on hard?
  8. Turtles. Turtles all the way down.
  9. Whats this bullshit ps5/xsx versions? Why not ps4/xbox one? For $500,000 you arent getting next gen production values.
  10. I finished halo CE at least 11 times on legendary single player absolute revolution in single player fps. you could say they evolved the combat
  11. This game is brilliant so far. Nearly done the second dungeon. the puzzles are perfectly pitched. The combat is miles better than a 2d Zelda should be
  12. Can you respec you character in this? is it expensive?
  13. that’s the best they can hope for. Even bungie couldn’t substantially improve on the lightning in a bottle they captured with the first game. what they can do, if they are really careful, is make an open world halo ring with a free form approach like in the first game. Maybe a handful of new enemy types that are as fun and deep to fight as the covenant aswell. and a plot like the first, with no plot heavy bullshit. Make the world eerie and full of wonder like the best hard sci-fi does
  14. bumgut

    1440p or 4K

    Where’s the fucking poll?
  15. I don’t care how big it is if it helps it run quieter.
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