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  1. A bigger benefit would be quick loading
  2. if this offer is real I’ll give you £75 finders fee if you nab me one
  3. So how long till anyone who wants one can buy one without any hassle? 2 months? 3? longer?
  4. even if there was massive amounts of stock the scalpers would just sell at near cost so wouldnt lose much. Certainly nowhere as much as they made
  5. I loved it. Fun all the way through, open world lite, but structured missions. Had a total blast. Aged really well.
  6. They won’t backtrack. It’s meant to make Gpu look like the only sensible choice.
  7. is series x having the same problem? what about series S?
  8. Always loved in the films when he dual wielded uzis. “Hasta la vista, ahzole!” Spielberg at his finest.
  9. They can ramp up production of charging docks much faster than ps5s though
  10. I think it will be minimum mid March before there’s enough supply for scalping to have disappeared.
  11. Still waiting for playstation/xbox versions This isn't what I pay my taxes for
  12. I think you're a mug if you want to play this now Minimum of 3 months and probably a 6 month wait for this to be the game it should be. dont give them your money till its polished, and why would you want to ruin it for yourself anyway?
  13. Is this acceptable as single player? Is it ok to go with randoms in multiplayer? can you get a game on ps4 I might buy this
  14. I loved this much more than I expected. I ended up doing an entire second playthrough which is very rare on a long game for me.
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