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  1. Nah it’s great. It’s higher reward than in souls games too. You get high damage and health regen.
  2. “It’s a me, Mario!”
  3. parry and riposte regenerates health. Practise parrying grunts
  4. Mortal shell is great. A slightly more accessible souls like. the harden mechanic is great. 60fps on ps5 too
  5. Still not out for PlayStation. What’s taking them so long?
  6. Whoever invented mouse look in FPS’s
  7. bumgut

    PS5 Pro

    Cool, its nice to have pro versions. They could disproportionally upgrade the raytracing as it is a bit weak.
  8. Well I guess I’ll buy it then! cheers
  9. So I tried the free demo for ps5 and it’s quite good. Are the AI team mates in now? If not when do they come in? Thinking of getting this.
  10. How far did cd projekt’s reputation fall with this one botched game? I can remember another AAA studio crater so fast. like every principle they stood for was pissed up a wall with this game.
  11. How are the joypad controls?
  12. Not even a sim Cade?
  13. Hasn’t this just got a ray tracing update?
  14. Is it me or are many PlayStation indie games coming out later than on Xbox and switch? is this the result of Sony’s unfriendly policies to indies recently?
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