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  1. I wouldn't call them mass murderers. More like mass self-defencers.
  2. re: the first few hours are boring point: If you start on hard difficulty, the first few hours are a good tense stealth shooter as you can be overwhelmed easily.
  3. I think I picked the wrong console in PS5 this gen.
  4. this thread was for games that aged dreadfully, not aged as would be expected accounting for improvements in controller conventions, analogue stick accuracy, controller refinements and general modernisation. I dont think you can say mario 64 aged 'dreadfully.'
  5. which judgement has the better fighting? i’ve heard 2 (which is also on discount on psn at the moment)
  6. presumably the first game was quite good and that’s why this thread was started?
  7. No Annie Lennox chat in this thread
  8. how well does 6 degrees of freedom flight translate to a PS/xbox controller?
  9. play it on hard, its not too bad once you get a feel for stealthing and headshots.
  10. At least its only idiots who are getting robbed.
  11. wow not a single additional post! well this is coming out in 5 weeks. i saw extended gameplay and i think it looks fun. just want a good single player shooter.
  12. yeah i am playing the trial too. i can’t get over the shit FOV which is not adjustable - no excuse on ps5, there is enough horsepower gave me nausea till i moved the monitor further away from me some button presses are extremely laggy, eg reload. one good thing is you can switch off pressing a button to sprint, instead pushing the stick all the way forward sprints…. which is the point of analogue movement.! so much better
  13. yeah i’m finding this out. most of the filler missions are really cheaply put together. i’ll play all the main content and move on
  14. WTF?? Its only 12 hours long???? Presumably that excludes side missions/menial tasks? I should be savouring it more then, I'm over 5 hours into it and I thought I would be at it for like 40 hours!
  15. Ok i was wanting to start this as I only ever played ME2. There's an offer EA play subscription on PSN for only 87p for the first month so I though I could do ME1 in that time and if i wanted to continue, go for the £5 a month sub. Cheaper than buying it outright, and I like the feeling of ripping off EA.
  16. Whats to stop them releasing 2 SKUs. Adult version with dismemberment, normal version with it switched off. Impossible to upgrade the normal version to adult version. You can however switch off gore in the adult version. Games come in a 100 tat editions, I don't see why this would be so hard to pull off.
  17. Is senator the best themed videogame boss of all time? I mean republican senators are provably some of the most harmful people on earth.
  18. bumgut

    Boomer Shooters

    thanks for above. prodeus is not on there but warlock is
  19. bumgut

    Boomer Shooters

    ok i love the idea of boomer shooters, but only have a playstation Can anyone suggest a list of good ones on there? I have quake, ion fury and enjoyed them both. I have all the old dooms. Not really interested in duke3d as its not modernised like ion fury. Dusk was meant be out on ps but its stuck in conversion hell and theres no info about a release date. Any others?
  20. another thing is that switching between ghost/real elements in the environment its too hard and fiddly and ruins the flow of the game unless you are a platform god. Fair enough the originals were meant to be really hard too. Given me mario any day
  21. anyone like crash 4? It got too difficult too soon for me
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