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  1. is series x having the same problem? what about series S?
  2. Always loved in the films when he dual wielded uzis. “Hasta la vista, ahzole!” Spielberg at his finest.
  3. They can ramp up production of charging docks much faster than ps5s though
  4. I think it will be minimum mid March before there’s enough supply for scalping to have disappeared.
  5. Still waiting for playstation/xbox versions This isn't what I pay my taxes for
  6. I think you're a mug if you want to play this now Minimum of 3 months and probably a 6 month wait for this to be the game it should be. dont give them your money till its polished, and why would you want to ruin it for yourself anyway?
  7. Is this acceptable as single player? Is it ok to go with randoms in multiplayer? can you get a game on ps4 I might buy this
  8. I loved this much more than I expected. I ended up doing an entire second playthrough which is very rare on a long game for me.
  9. your prostate is as big as the ps5 then
  10. I don't know why either sony or MS didn't give first dibs to acutual psn/xbox live subscribers that you can verify arent bots would have been a great gesture to actual gamers and not scalpers
  11. Was it this bad on launch day for Series X?
  12. I always assumed pop in is more a geometry (thus GPU) problem than an asset streaming one
  13. I dont want Chris Roberts to get away with it, but really all of those people deserve to get bilked if they are that stupid. I mean, maybe a few hundred dollars is a bit of wishful thinking. But putting in tens or hundreds of thousands? At some point you are just an unimaginable cretin, and if it wasn't roberts it would be some other con.
  14. I emphed it cos i'm also relieved if it runs cool. It's not a neg, its an empathy. If it can be either it rather wrecks the point of havig them if they are whatever you want them to be.
  15. Why fit it under the TV? Simply walk around with it on your shoulder, attached to a battery pack in a tribute to 80's style ghetto blasters.
  16. Well seeing as they've been in the console business 20 years and its sonys biggest money earner, that's not a good enough excuse. A console that's designed from inception to be ps4 compatible and the saves dont cross? That's some bullshit.
  17. Well I don’t have a switch so I’m looking forward to the table scraps of BOTW this game represents. Can’t wait to see what the fuss is about!
  18. Not me. Problem is I’m working. I cant be up in the middle of the night if one becomes free. Amazon will email me if one comes up, but I don’t know if I’ll notice on time if I’m busy or asleep.
  19. As first world problems go, it is a dark time.
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