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  1. I hope you can sprint and go fast on the horse in city centres, |I hated the limited speed. I'm guessing that was due to data streaming or rendering bottlenecks rather than a deliberate choice.
  2. Go with a dirty arse and steam deck
  3. I should add the barbarian is the most playable character. The amazon is overpowered and dwarf a bit boring. Oh, and when you first fight the skeletons, use a club. The sword barely damages them.
  4. Jesus I can't play through the whole thing again?! Got no time for this bullshit. Stop treating us so well!
  5. Well its by an AA developer and it runs on PS4 which was around in 2016, why were you expecting any different?
  6. I hope everyone's teeth is now fluorescent white.
  7. 2 days from release and no reviews I can see. Yet from the previews it looks 7/10 ish to me, so far from dreadful. Its meant to be 10-15 hrs single player. Whats going on?
  8. 4 great choices there, a little something for everyone.
  9. many indie titles now where the ps4 version is long behind other platforms in releasing. many such cases. is it sony’s unfriendly publishing policies?
  10. bumgut

    Ghost Song

    Yes. Reviewing well, but the shooting looks a bit puny
  11. I have gotten games before that are scary and noped out almost immediately. It's just too exhausting when I'm supposed to be having fun. Yet I will do the same boss battle literally 30 times till I beat them. I am that kind of person who falls for even with the most hack jump scares, as my wife looks at me with incomprehension and disgust.
  12. Loads of reviews say a lot of the gameplays is perfectly serviceable. So it's not a waste of time if its your thing. Just set expectations accordingly.
  13. Lol at still no discussion of the game. No one here got it or is playing it?
  14. I wouldn't call them mass murderers. More like mass self-defencers.
  15. re: the first few hours are boring point: If you start on hard difficulty, the first few hours are a good tense stealth shooter as you can be overwhelmed easily.
  16. I think I picked the wrong console in PS5 this gen.
  17. this thread was for games that aged dreadfully, not aged as would be expected accounting for improvements in controller conventions, analogue stick accuracy, controller refinements and general modernisation. I dont think you can say mario 64 aged 'dreadfully.'
  18. which judgement has the better fighting? i’ve heard 2 (which is also on discount on psn at the moment)
  19. presumably the first game was quite good and that’s why this thread was started?
  20. No Annie Lennox chat in this thread
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