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  1. Ha, really!? I haven't listened yet and just saw the quote about it being essentially worse than Batman and Robin. Which, again, it definitely isn't.
  2. 1. It's bad. 2. It's nowhere as bad as the horror that is Batman and Robin. 3. Kermode is, as ever, talking out of his arse. 4. That Joss Whedon tweet thing is absurd; many people, like me, use the 'like' function as a bookmark tool. Just because he 'liked' a tweet doesn't mean he agrees with the tweet. 5. The editing of this film is a mess. 6. The screenplay is all over the place. The opening scene on the rooftops has some of the most lumpen, awful, expository dialogue I've heard in years. It's Suicide Squad bad. 7. The score is terrible. 8. Wonder Woman is absolutely terrific. 9. The first half is very, very dull and makes little sense. 10. The last half hour is fine.
  3. Ep 8 wasn’t directed by Kapida but blimey did Andrew Douglas nailed the ‘Fincher’ look with the bathroom scene. Also: hooooooollllllly shit at that CGI video. Astonishing stuff.
  4. Good. It's, as the name of the film says, an open secret in Hollywood what he's like and what he's done and he really needs to be named and shamed, as well as punished in a legal sense.
  5. Or, given what we're seeing in contemporary politics, a very white LA is probably (and depressingly) a more accurate reflection of how things are going.
  6. Very excited by this; I've played the game through twice and never bought any DLC. I do think it's quite an odd re-release though as the game was deeply flawed and the overall mechanics were far too simplistic but inherently confusing for a variety of reasons. Having said that I think Team Bondi absolutely nailed the atmosphere of the time period; I may be slightly unreliable given that I'm a huge noir fan in all forms, but the soundtrack especially gets a listen from me at least once a week still (usually with Rainymood.com on in the background) and I think it's one of the best of the last generation, up there with Red Dead. So yeah, messy game but I cannot wait to get back into that game-world.
  7. Disagree. Thrilling writing can take many forms and use all sorts of techniques to achieve the desired results. In a show like this, I’d even argue that Direction can be just as important in creating ‘thrills’. Watch THE Ned Stark episode back again. That isn’t thrilling now because of twists and unpredictable moments; it’s thrilling because it’s well written, Directed, Edited and Produced. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that thrilling writing is at its most shallow when it relies on gimmicks such as shocks, surprises or twists. The vulneribility of all characters at all times is something which marked the books and the series out, but it simply cannot rely on that trope forever without alienating and annoying a loyal fan base. For that you need solid characters, enjoyable stories and well-crafted technical elements.
  8. Undecided until it’s finished. Currently giving the show-runners the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Part of the problem is that it doesn't feel like an enjoyable exercise at all to "dissect " things in this manner. It's like those horrendous YouTube channels that decry the quality of a film because a glass moved from one shot to the next. Joyless, proto-analysis that only succeeds on a personal and innane level.
  10. Chains=part of the world at large. Personally, I have no desire to either be given an explanation for the existence for every prop or element of mise-en-scene in the series or to have every element foreshadowed. If you do that's great but I imagine watching anything must be an entirely exhausting and joyless exercise.
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