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  1. Few Steam keys for anyone that wants them:

    Agricultural Simulator 2011

    Agricultural Simulator 2013

    Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

    Combat Wings: Battle of Britain

    Dark Sector

    Guardians of Graxia + Map Pack DLC

    Guardians of Graxia: Elves & Dwarves DLC

    Off-Road Drive

    Pacific Storm Allies

    Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

    Space Pirates and Zombies


  2. What did everyone think? I was pretty disappointed, but largely because I came from Cardiff and had to leave to catch a train at about half ten. All the faffing about with gear between every act (why couldn't it all have been set up ready?) cut massively into the SoTL time that was rightfully mine, and I was pretty annoyed when they finally did pitch up.

    All was forgiven the moment they started playing, but I only got to hear three tracks before I had to leave, hugely disappointed, for my train. December Hunting was magnificent.

  3. Last thing I am is nubile, but I've never pinned down the trade thing very well. I'm grinding away at T2 ships at the moment but it's still annoyingly slow progress. I've never had more than about 300m in 7 years of playing and I'd like to do better.

  4. I'm certainly noticing this with market behaviour in general. More and more things it's looking like you need to be spending hundreds of millions or billions just to make any real money. Isn't it inevitable, with people raising their buy prices by 0.01/lowering their sell prices by 0.01 constantly so they are the top order? It's like simultaneous inflation and deflation. Won't it just keep going until there is virtually no difference between buy/sell prices? Or is it balanced out by orders being fulfilled?

  5. :(


    I've been trying to use evecentral instead because I don't know how to strike out trading on my own (other than just buying and selling in Jita, which though requiring patience is netting a steady income). But the contribtastic client isn't working properly. Doesn't upload anything when it scans.

    I've also noticed lately that the trades evecentral comes up with are total bullshit. Sell prices way higher than they are according to EC, and buy prices way lower. I know sometimes the trades will be snapped up by others but lately I'm finding it is the case with everything I look at. Are people poisoning the data?

  6. I just lost a Nighthawk in lowsec after I'd been there about 5 minutes on a mission. Other than admittedly impressive scan-fu on the part of his wingman, fucking fuck. This is why I hate PvP. I have never, in almost 7 years of playing the game, had a single fight in which I was not immediately and utterly dominated by the other player and the outcome of the engagement was obvious within the first 10 seconds, and the remaining 5 minutes was tedious orbiting while I waited to get killed.

    I don't understand how this can be fun. And I'm not being rhetorical - I literally do not understand, and I would like someone to explain it. In 1-on-1 PvP, isn't the outcome dictated 90% by the ships and their fitting? Where's the skill, other than in making sure you press the right F-keys after you've reloaded ammo?

    I've probably been unlucky every time this has happened because I've never gone out looking for a fight, although the absolute roasting I got this time left me wanting to chuck the whole PC in the bin. I thought I'd have a fighting chance in a T2-fitted Nighthawk but this time a fucking Tengu caught me - can you get worse luck? I was on him with drones and a full rack of heavies immediately but I never got him below 90% shield and it was just a matter of time before he broke my tank - firing what seemed like one t2 heavy every 10 seconds but doing 600+ damage every time. This is bullshit.</whine>

  7. I wrote this intending it to be part of some occasional picking at a time travel story I've been trying to develop, but am starting to think I'm not smart enough to plot, much less write. When I was about to run into a wall it suddenly turned into a comedy. Hey ho. I don't know if it's actually funny, but it made me laugh to write. I don't know if that's a good sign or not.

    "Nice work, I guess."

    "'I guess?"' That's what you're saying to me right now?"


    "I just surfed the space of... never mind."

    "And what am I supposed to do with that information?"

    "Be impressed."

    "Wow, yeah. Have a cookie. Merry fucking Christmas."

    "You're such an arse."

    "Can we get on with it?"

    "Get on with what?"

    "With why we're here."

    "What, are we in The Matrix now? 'We're here to do the thing we're here for. Which is the reason we left the place we came from. Which is the place where we live.' You're very tedious."

    "And you just 'surfed the space of never mind.' I guess you're the big winner in this discussion."

    "Alright, just--"

    "Fine. Debrief time."


    "History is knitting together nicely. The result was pretty close to what we wanted--"

    "Just spit it out. We're not in some teen drama where I find out in ten episodes' time what I could have learned today if we'd just communicated properly."

    "You're remarkably insolent for a junior officer."

    "How do you think I got to be a junior officer?"

    "Point well made."

    "Thank you."

    "Continuing. Yes, you succeeded, but a number of people saw you. Where do you want me to start?"

    "Wherever suits you, sir."

    "Fine. The Waratah. People saw you take it."

    "By, 'saw', you mean what? Actual witnesses who went and told all their friends 'OMG YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT WE SAW LOL'? Or UFO nutjobs?"

    "There was a police officer. Here is his report of the whole thing."



    "Wow, this time travel thing is remarkably inconvenient for trying to obfuscate your case to authority."

    "That's your answer?"

    "Nice work, I guess."

    "This isn't a joke, son. Many more of these and you'll end up getting left behind, and I don't mean passed for promotion."

    "I get it. What else?"


    "Uh, what else, sir."

    "There were survivors."

    "The brief called for survivors."

    "No, it didn't. Here's the brief."

    "Wow, revisionism gets a giant boost as well."

    "Be quiet."

    "All due respect, sir--"

    "Oho, now I'm getting all due respect?"

    "...where is this going?"

    "We thought it prudent to remind you of your temporal responsibilities. The whole point of changing the past is to ensure the future we need."

    "Who's this 'we'?"

    "You can't think that I'm the top of the food chain in here."

    "Well, I--"

    "We cannot guarantee the result the client wants if we allow...outside factors to influence events. There is a reason we plan so meticulously, as you know. Unfortunately in this case we neglected to allow for your monolithic stupidty."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "How could you FALL IN LOVE with someone on the Titanic, Jack?"

    "I never fell in love with--"


    "What are you talk--"


    "Oh god."

    "DI CAPRIO!"

    "I can explain!"


    "What? I never said th--"

    "Do you have any idea how many strings had to be pulled? We had to shut down the city of San Fiero for six hours just to draw enough current to perform an underwater extraction!"

    "Yeah, I was a bit surprised when I woke up."

    "Yes, you had frozen to death! We had to mount an entirely separate operation to recast the film as fiction rather than a documentary! Not to mention the original operation, which you failed to perform so spectacularly."

    "I like how first the result was 'pretty close' to what we wanted and now I've 'failed spectacularly'. The ship sank. What more do you want?"

    "Your attitude has disinclined me from magnanimity. Seven hundred people survived. Rich people. Important people. Bigger people than us. Read the brief."

    "Well, I was going to say 'I did', but I don't suppose I did now, did I sir? I expect it now says everyone was supposed to die."

    "As a matter of fact, it does, and it did. That's beside the point. How could you completely ignore all of your teammates?"

    "What, Lockley et al? They just got in the way. I don't understand what you're so upset about. The iceberg worked perfectly. I'd almost forgotten about it by the time we hit it."

    "Well, that illustrates my point perfectly."

    "Alright. I admit, I got a little distracted."

    "Distracted? How many times has the directive on contemporary interactions been drilled into you?"


    "Forget it. It obviously wasn't enough. You're demoted. Complete retraining. Get out of here."

    "I'll never let go."

    "Shut the fuck up, private."

  8. Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend". Roughly half way through it (just over in fact) and have enjoyed every single page, line and word up to this point. Some of his imagery is absolutely spot on, something I strive for in my own writing and despite Robert Neville being a rather difficult character I much prefer him to the Robert Neville in the movie adaptation.

    This. I only finally read it a few months ago - the bit where (you'll have read it)

    he realises he doesn't have time to get back home

    is a genuine "oh shit" moment like I've never experienced from a book before.

  9. Reading The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey/Mercedes Lackey. I'm liking the story and characters, but the prose sometimes comes off like this is a 'young adults' book or something. The words that are obviously deployed to avoid swearing in the dialogue are very conspicuous and cringeworthy. Also, pointlessly replacing things just because it's scifi - "he glanced at his wrist-chrono..." What, they don't have watches in the future? :angry:

  10. Just found this and want to share. For anyone familiar with Peter Elson's scifi work this is simply delicious:


    Looks like his family have put up an archive at last. Everything I can remember is on here, and plenty I haven't seen as well. PE brought the TTA universe to life for me, and I'll always remember the stuff in those books.

  11. I just finished 'The Cryptographer' by Tobias Hill. His prose is very deliberate and delicate, which was quite satisfying to read, HOWEVER - the plot development about 3/4 through totally confused me. I didn't realise I'd missed some key information until I'd read too far to want to go back, and ended up finishing the book in somewhat irritated incomprehension.

    Can someone who has read it please explain to me

    why SoftGold fails, what this has to do with Nathan and Lawrence, and what Law was actually hiding?


  12. Re. Brett and the alien - you have to try and put that shot in context, though. Remember, up until that point, the viewer isn't supposed to have seen the creature yet so a quick 2 second shot of some chains and strange 'machinery' swaying in the breeze doesn't necessarily imply death. Because we've seen these things for almost 30 years, we know now what it they look like and so on but it wouldn't necessarily be too great a surprise killer on an original viewing.

    Exactly how I feel. I got a massive grin on my face when I saw that in the cinema.

    That said, I don't like most of the other changes. Especially cutting the "what are my chances?" scene, for god's sake.

  13. “This is going to be a problem.”


    “I’m just reading over these specs. They’re pretty damn good for the 19th century, and I don’t know how much better they’d be if it wasn’t for us.”

    “So? It’s just another ship.”

    “No, no it isn’t. This is what I’m saying. Sinking the ship, and making it look like an accident, is going to be virtually impossible. The ship is pretty much unsinkable as designed.”

    “Come on. Seriously?”

    “Seriously. It’s these bulkheads. There’s sixteen, and they go from the keel right up to the main deck. The whole point is that it can survive fairly extensive holing. You’d have to puncture half the length of the ship to sink it. Short of a meteorite impact, or several hundred tons of explosive freight just happening to detonate - no, Alyson - I can’t see it happening.”

    “That’s an imagination failure. There’s got to be some way of doing it. Any methane hydrate deposits we can use down there? Use gas from the seabed to kill the buoyancy?”

    “Are you kidding me? Not just engineering an underwater landslide in an area we don’t even know contains hydrates - or canyons, for that matter - but positioning and timing it so the methane reaches the surface at precisely the same time as a ship passing two miles overhead, that we don’t control the navigation of? What’s your next idea? Fill the ship up with water from a hosepipe?

    Yeah, we can travel through time. But let’s be sensible about this. Even if we somehow evaporate the hull below the waterline some asshole is going to find the wreck, do their archaeology doodads and find out. It’s got to sink by accident, and I can’t think of any accident or freak event that would sink it. I think we’re going to have to alter the design. Get rid of, or change these bulkheads.”

    “But what are -- I don’t even -- that’s an operation all by itself.”

    “Yeah, maybe. Augment the White Star CEO, get him to push for some changes in the name of luxury or something. I’m going to have to have a word with the DA guys - I don’t think their plan is going to work. We could be switching command recklessness for design flaws. Maybe both.”

    “So now we’re talking – what? Introducing design problems and setting up a crash that exploits them? What’s your plan for doing that?”

    “In absence of war? Icebergs, kid. Icebergs.”

  14. I'm bumping this, as I wonder if anyone can recommend decent condensed history books? I'm seriously mortified at how little I know of England's history. I know there were Normans, Saxons, and maybe Plantagenets and Tudors at various points. And Cromwell. But that's about it.

    I'm hoping the fact I find it difficult to get interested in 'real' history (i.e. before the 19th century) just means I haven't read the right book yet, so I want to start with some kind of condensed history written for idiots, so I can get an idea what to delve deeper into. Any recommendations?

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