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  1. This isn't going to win anything but it fits the theme. To this day I have no idea where this was taken, but I know I wasn't looking at the phone screen because the up-from-the-floor angle meant I couldn't physically see it.
  2. Archie

    Rate my writing

    I don't know if the question is applicable - I wrote this about a year ago as a standalone thing, and only recently decided to try approaching it from a specific angle. But I thought this would be helpful context to the new piece, if I finished it. I'm not trying to mitigate your criticism but I may be unwittingly targeting a very specific audience here. There aren't any parallels I know of, to the series of books whose universe I'm using; they would probably be best described as Jane's reference books for spacecraft, with a less formal and neutral style. This may or may not be useful context - Terran Trade Authority. I suppose this piece of mine is almost fanfiction.
  3. Archie

    Rate my writing

    Actually, that is what the piece I'm working on now is. This is intended to be an encyclopedia-ish article, a sort of retrospective. Though I tried to avoid Wikipedian-level neutrality.
  4. Writer's Corner and Put Here is all very well, but how about a thread specifically for posting and commenting on random writing? I'll start. I've been very occasionally dabbling in fiction and right now am trying to write an offshoot of a very short story I wrote a little while ago. I was going to post it but it would be meaningless without the original piece, which I'd also like to get some comments on. This was first posted on everything2 (just preempting doubts of originality) but I've edited it quite a bit since then. It is loosely based on part of 'Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD', one of the Terran Trade Authority books by Stewart Cowley and is meant to be of a similar style - a somewhat Earth-centric account of spacecraft, cosmic artefacts and future history - set in the same universe. There are also a couple of ideas nabbed from here and there. I'd like to get any feedback as I don't know if my fiction is up to much. Any comments please, positive or negative. Again I'm working on a short piece branching off this one, and will post it here if I ever get it finished.
  5. Presumably that falls under the same fair use heading as VCRs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Corp._v....al_City_Studios
  6. On those DVDs where you get about three pages of language options, I'm pretty sure if you don't pick English or choose some incredibly obscure language you don't get the advert, and it has no effect on any other part of the viewing experience. I know it's beside the point, but still..
  7. Kevin Smith has nothing to do with this film whatsoever. That aside, I loved it. Very sweet and personal. Funny in parts and moving in others. At the end, when
  8. I went to sleep watching TTT at the cinema; first and only time it's ever happened to me. Also, Crash. Not Cronenberg. I absolutely loved it the first time, and even the first couple of viewings after I got the DVD. The last time I watch it I could hardly bear to get all the way through. It has a couple of decent scenes (I still like the rescue from the burning car) but it's drenched in attempted pathos, is full of unbelievable coincidences (unbelievable way past the point of suspension of disbelief, which I normally do fairly happily for films) and clearly thinks it's an important cultural event, when it's mostly manipulative drivel. Pah.
  9. Stars of the Lid - The Daughters of Quiet Minds, from And Their Refinement of The Decline. Not as warm or consistent as Tired Sounds (nothing to beat 'Mullholland' from said album, though a few tracks come close), but definitely a grower. 'Daughters' has some quite remarkable bass. Subwoofer: required.
  10. Perhaps what I should have said was, when I heard characters talk in this finish-off-each-other's-sentences way in TWW I found it fractionally easier to buy; in this context - why I couldn't say for sure - it seems ridiculous and smug. I didn't say anything about the characters taking their lives seriously, I'm talking about the setting. It's all played as if everyone is engaged in something Big And Important, and I find it difficult to believe that such a straight-faced approach is authentic (certainly it isn't entertaining enough - it's pompous and irritating). When that approach is applied to government work it fits naturally.
  11. I want some of the art that has been the backdrop for the title of EVE-O in the past. Not the current space-based stuff, but earlier things like cities aflame and wintery scenes. Gorgeous.
  12. I'm a little late to the party, but here's my 2c. I can't stand it. Seeing all of the trails on E4 made me want to watch it, in particular the "you have..." "...no-one in my life at the moment" "and you haven't for..." "...quite some time" making me think "cool, vintage Sorkin. Should be good." When I actually got to that scene (ep 5 or 6 I think) it made me stop the episode and delete all of the others. If this is anything other than Sorkin and Schlamme having a giant wank on serialised television, saying OMG LOOK HOW AWESOME WE ARE LOLZOR I'm all ears to hear why. People just don't talk like this, and on the (less frequent) occasions they did on TWW (which was and remains my favourite TV series) it was much more believable. Studio 60 seems to be played out with the same attitude as TWW, which in this context is just absurd. The significance and reverence attached to the work of TWW's characters seem to be transferred wholesale to the producers of a sketch show. No sketch show deserves such high esteem, much less Studio 60's which seems unimpressive to say the least. Blah, I hope the next Sorkin/Schlamme vehicle is better as they're capable of awesome television.
  13. Yes, that was one of those 6.0 Audi A8s with the W12 I think. Wub wub.
  14. God, Michael is a cock. I hope one of the Others shoots him in the face when they go back. God, everyone bar one is a cock for totally buying that bollocks he was spouting all episode. God, I'm glad one person on the island has a fucking brain. Ahem, so should be an interesting finale eh?[/upbeat]
  15. I seem to remember Leo giving that to Jed a couple of seasons back... or was it the other way around? I suppose it makes more sense that way.
  16. Me too. Nothing like it, really. I was hoping for some nicer closing for all of them, maybe a shot or two of Toby in there but still..
  17. Yes, the entire population of the country was doing that. They deserve to die, every last one.
  18. Archie

    Woob - 1194

    This is a bit better: http://www.sdriver.com/spot/woob_1194.html
  19. Archie

    Woob - 1194

    This is a long-OOP album which you can pretty much only get via the, ahem, 'usual sources' if not for £50-100 on ebay. I can't quite remember how I found out about it, probably reading a review of an ambient album I liked (which I like to do to point me to other possible good stuff) but I eventually acquired it and.. wow. It starts out with a 31-minute long track that seems to be a kind of musical journey through the lost cities of the South American jungle or something. A couple of long interludes of background sounds (birdsong, tribal chants, crowds etc) break up beat and bass-driven sections that chug unstoppably ahead like a bulldozer. Next you've got three tracks of pretty dark oddness, with a very coolly-utilised sample of a Star Trek TOS episode overlaid on chanting amongst... other things. All is scattered with samples from scifi and horror films which is a nice quirk. The final two tracks are rising and falling dark tones stuffed with reversed effects and samples from "Night of Dark Shadows" which breaks with a nasty shock that I never expected on a music CD, before plunging into the depths of musical solemnity (best word I could come up with ). Then you've got a kind of desolate arctic soundscape for the last track full of, er, emperor penguins. Get it. Despite my rubbish review, it's great.
  20. It was from Solaris. Again. There was some music from The Straight Story in there too.
  21. Sure, it's Sam Hughes. He writes over on E2 under the username sam512.
  22. Soo, what does everyone think of the result?
  23. I know it's way past deadline, but it doesn't matter because this isn't my work, I wasn't going to enter it. I just wanted to share it because it's great and it's on-topic.
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