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  1. Listening to this (well, the whole album) while I fix technical faults. It's good.
  2. No particular reason to post this, other than it's still cool and nearly ten years old.
  3. I hated everything about Nu Metal at the time - was into punk/ska (hence the user name...). But now, 15 years later... I like prog/ressive metal. And I fucking love that tone. So I am even willing to put terrible vocals to one side (but not bad lyrics... hello Volumes) just to hear that sound. It scratches an itch.
  4. Check out the I,Valiance track then Just got the new Meshuggah live record. Pretty sweet. Not watched the DVD yet, but the recording quality on the CD's is excellent. And they are tight. Very tight.
  5. The vocals are undeniably terrible. The slap guitar is pretty cool though.
  6. Anyone here a fan of Haken?
  7. I am guessing the issue will be waiting for me when I get home. Excellent. I would imagine the Hyrule score is because while the game is clearly a lovely tribute to Zelda, Dynasty Warriors type games aren't very good. It had a six written all over it (at best) from the first reveal. Not to say it isn't a jolly good laugh though.
  8. David Maxim Micic is making all of his albums free to download / name your price for the next 13 hours. https://davidmaximmicic.bandcamp.com/music I highly recommend all of them. The guy is brilliant.
  9. Awful game, but we won so that'll do for now. Build up the confidence, keep the goals going in. Ludogorets Razgrad were decent enough though. I don't think they will lose every game in the group.
  10. So, The Contortionist's new album is available from all good stores. It's really rather good.
  11. Yeah, he plays the notes and then sequences them (I think that is the correct term?) into a riff/song. It isn't a programmed sound, it is an actual guitar. Those vids are pretty interesting. We live in exciting times!
  12. This is what a riff looks like. Or so he says!
  13. Travis Orbin released an EP today. If you like mad drumming skillz, it's worth a listen.
  14. Well, watched all ten over the weekend. Really good. Some of the best bits have been mentioned, but generally lots of laughs and way better than I expected it to be.
  15. I'm almost dreading it. Half can't wait, half thinking they have gone and fucked it up... Roll on this evening. Will get a couple of drinks and a few SPJ's ready.
  16. Anyone going to Ziltoid at the Royal Albert Hall next year? It appears to be pretty much sold out from official channels... I saw Devin last night doing the Casualties of Cool thing. Was a decent show, but not metal.
  17. I think the game last night would have had a low attendance no matter where it was hosted. No one wants to watch two crummy teams playing each other on a Wednesday night.
  18. Anup Sastry has another new release out. I love this guys stuff, live drumming with programmed guitars. https://anupsastry.bandcamp.com/album/titan
  19. To be fair to Borini... All it takes is one of Balotelli or Strurridge getting injured for a few weeks and he could have an in. Maybe he reckons he has more to offer than Lambert? I'm not sure he has shown this, but if I was in his position I'd be thinking it is worth rolling the dice on it. If it doesn't work - ship out in the January window...
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