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  2. This is taking the fucking piss!
  3. dam_aks

    DS pic

    Erm, are you all quite sure that this is not one of those crappy concepts?
  4. dam_aks


    MTV2 Kerrag! Scuzz P-Rock V2 M2 seemed to be no different to any of them.....
  5. At least you gave some Hardcore a chance. Refused were an amazing band but not to everyones taste. The (International) Noise Conspiracy may have more of an appeal? Same singer, more melodic, more anti cap, a lot more like an indy band.... Smash it up is their best tune.
  6. Emo Hardcore stuff from that Sky TV chanel Scuzz! (No idea how or why its on there, but Johnny Mental are amazing)
  7. dam_aks


    I don't think they have released anything yet...
  8. I can't think of a single song that sounds like New Noise done by Green Day...
  9. Listen to all four of those genres and you will see that the differences between them are subtle at best......
  10. Post-Punk = Emo = Emo Hardcore = Hardcore
  11. Infact, how the hell can you even compare Green Day to Refused?! Thats like comparing Busted to Metallica*. Punk is a VERY generic term.....
  12. This is where all respect vanished. Hundreds of bands were doing the Green Day thing before Green Day, and better, a lot better. Check out some old NOFX stuff. Amazing. The Shape of Punk to come is a Hardcore album, hardcore bands have screamy vocals and smashy guitar noises, thats the way it is......
  13. The Shape of Punk to come is stunning, its one of the best Hardcore releases ever. To diss it is blasphemy!
  14. Pfffffffffffft. Its an amazing record, yet you have to remember when it came along this was a pretty new thing, newer bands have then "borrowed" the style and improved upon it. For some real good emo hardcore shit try.... November Coming Fire Shai Hulud Naiad Every Time I die I Adapt
  15. To claim Super Mario 64 is a totally new game would be as moronic as claiming Zelda OOT is a rehash of Link to the Past. They both draw inspiration from the previous games, but also do the world justice in the third dimension. Mario 64 = Mario in 3D Zelda OOT = Zelda in 3D Both are freaking awesome.
  16. The whole point of Miyamoto's current company position is so that he CAN retire. With him "supervising" multiple young designers he is, in theory passing on his skills to them before he leaves. Then he can chill out and drink himself into a drunker stuper while huming the Super Mario theme music pretty much for the rest of his life until he starts pissing himself and forgetting things....
  17. New Noise - Refused Awesome.
  18. dam_aks


    Well I will be damned, anyone seen this on Sky's "alternative" music chanel? Some shit on the Demolition show, but Johnny Mental are the nuts! Who would have thunked it, a Hardcore band, with full emo breakdowns getting on scuzz. These guys are awesome. Check it!
  19. Of course it didn't hurt PSone sales, how else could people play pirate games without the system?!
  20. Thats not the issue though is it? Many many people had chipped PSones. There is an example of chipping being used by joe public - like it is with all consoles. I think you will find the vast majority of pirates and chippers are the masses, not the "serious" gamer.
  21. Look at the original Playstation and tell me pirating wasn't mainstream.
  22. I know many many people who have never bought an original game for their machines and never intend to. Why would you?! If you can justify buying a disk for £6 once, you can justify it 1000 times. If someone knows that they can get a product for a fraction of the price and don't care about the "industry" then they will do it every single time. To think piracy is set around a few people downloading games they wouldnt have bought anyway is bollocks!
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