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  1. That's right actually, innit. Skintight was Epitaph Europe. Was released in the states on Lookout! Doh!
  2. dam_aks

    Local Bands

    Every "scene" has a local band, that to be blunt, rocks the house. Description and link to an mp3 or similar would be awesome. I will go for a band from Newbury called The Leftbehinds, as I'm going to see them tomorrow and feel I must spread the love. Hardcore punk with a hint of proper emo. You and Whos Arrmy?
  3. I'm sorry but NOFX's drummer is god. He uses a singlepedal and jsut listen to the bass drum! Insanity. Agreed, the other bands aren't much cop. Most of all Less than Jake!
  4. GTi club was the nuts. Was supposed to get an N64 conversion. What I would do for a beta cart of that!
  5. The arcade is dead. In terms of evolution, revolution and in the numbers of people going into them. Everywhere. Japan's arcades are sustainable, but they are nothing to what they were back in the 90's. Unless some miracle growth has happened in the last 12 months?
  6. Sega have sold one game that went over 1 million units in Japan. Why would it be a good idea to "rebrand" a console for the Asian market - with a failed brand? Sega got it big in America. I would imagine the Saturn is a distant memory for the Japanese these days!
  7. I suppose it could be argued that bands like the Donnas who play cheesy, boring pop-punk are holding back the more interesting bands doing it for the girls (and men!) such as F-minus.
  8. When a fat chick plays the bass?
  9. The Donnas, musically, are backwards. Most people who have slated them (should be more - they really do suck) have given their opinion and other bands of similar ilk, but far better examples of the "girl punk" genre, which you may also enjoy. I really don't see a problem with that...
  10. If you are a fan of generic pop-punk with girls in it you may want to check out anything on the "Pink and Black" record label, a division of Fat Wreck Chords. http://www.fatwreck.com/pnb/ And the Donnas (unfortunately) sound nothing like ACDC...... A good band with girls in it however is F-Minus, who are wickedawesome.
  11. The only reason this band was signed to Epitaph is the fact that the band is made up for women. Ugly women, but women all the same. One word describes each and every one of their albums... shit.
  12. dam_aks


    Jez San made a 3D engine and showed it to Nintendo I think. Wasn't it Starfox on the SNES that he actually showed an engine for and as it happened to be 3D he says he invented Mario64.....
  13. I thought it changed? Oh well! I'm seeing Adequate 7 instead, have a good laugh though!
  14. This is a damn good band! There is a show in Kingston tomorrow with these guys, November Coming Fire and Farewell to arms - should be rocking.
  15. Ok so I have a PAL Messiah modded PS2. It has a HD bay. If I buy FFXI with a HD/BB thingy, FFXI will or wont work?
  16. No it doesn't. It looks like a bit of character art, cos like you know, it is.
  17. Well shave my legs and call me Grandpa. Fuck.
  18. Why can't I use FFXI on my modded PS2 then? Wouldn't it connect to the servers? Cos like, My PC would need a new graphics card for this, and I would rather play on my PS2....
  19. In the sense that it was slightly less unplayable?
  20. The Xbox version is the N64 version "remade" with online aspects isn't it?
  21. Check out..... November Coming Fire Shai Hulud I Adapt For some hardcore/emo thrashyness.
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