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  1. If you like games that run at 7 FPS then yes, I suppose you could do that Get the DC version of Garou if you can't get the AES. A standard chipped Xbox wont run these games well.
  2. I am fairly sure both Famicom versions made it over to the NES for us Western scumbags.
  3. You bloody what? Outrun 2 isn't out on any system other than the arcade Well, I mean its going to come out on both. I thought they said this a few days ago....
  4. Why would releasing it on PS2 make this any different? Its out on both now anyway, innit? So its all gravy.
  5. dam_aks

    GTA Online?

    I've been playing GTA online for months.....
  6. Well. Technically, I suppose everyones heads are.
  7. AV had the problem in Japan in that AV is also porn. Nagoshi said something about it back in the day when Sega gave all the devs new names. AV = Aduld Video or something similar. He said he didnt think it would be an issue with the rise of the DVD. Looks like he was right. Or could that explain the fairly high sales of Super Monkey Ball........
  8. The levels of text and speech in that game are insane. No freaking way Its also an "old" game now. It would never get the marketing, never sell and its likely that most people who would have bought the PAL version have either forgotten about it, or own the US version.
  9. Link? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3188120.stm "The UK is the biggest country for Xbox Live after North America," said Xbox European boss, Michel Cassius. He said that a quarter of Xbox gamers in the UK switched to broadband just to play online. Quarter = 25% The wording of this makes me think that the figure is not anywhere near a quater, just that 25% of Xbox owners *have* broadband.
  10. Maybe, but you said they won't get ANY money for it. So for the ammount (lets say 2%) of people who have Xbox live it is worth implementing a function into the game (costing money) and then getting no money back for it. They would make more money by not including it, as it shortens the dev time and the percentage of users that effects is tiny. Its business....
  11. Percentage of Xbox owners with live? You are the exception to the masses.
  12. Why? They wont get any more money for it.
  13. The press release makes it sound like you have a screen in each hand. Not two screens attached to one unit. I don't understand how that could work however. Roll on E3.
  14. They just might not be 'embracing the fun'. Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Donkey Konga...well made games, just not madly complex or with movie style plot lines. All got 6 or less. Mind, I've not read the review yet. But you must admit, "fun" is a hugely subjective thing. I don't have "fun" cross country running but there are folk that do. "Oh, join our church group, we have such fun!" What place is there for "fun" in a review? Hmm? Anything in a review is subjective though innit? Some people think Rez is ugly as sin, others don't. Nothing can be measured in a way that everyone enjoys it. Though does not enjoyment = fun? If a game isn't enjoyable, then its not going to get a high score.
  15. Ridge Racer is the god of racing games. The handling model is just so stunning - its not real, its not trying to be, its just fun. Love it.
  16. Yeah, Unity's turn around from start to finish has been less than a year. Yup. No doubt. In our stores now isn't it? Yep.
  17. The DOA one is lovely. £120(ish) in Japan with the game.
  18. That will take more than a Billion. Ten fold your money in the drugs world and you may get somewhere.
  19. I would attempt to create a porn games industry. It’s got to happen one day. I would like to be the non-paraplegic version of Larry Flint in the games world.
  20. What is right for all the people who are going to buy the magazine. Who want a proper opinion on a game from a magazine they take will give them a proper review. Review it when you can review all of it. Otherwise why claim definitive reviews? Now I know this *isn't* going to happen, but I can call for it. As surely as Edge can call for more original games, or more risks taken by publishers, or less of the shit licences. I mean how do you know that a review a month later would not have been better received? Can you tell me that 90% of people would have complained if the PGR2 review had been held back? Even if they had, so what? Why should Edge listen? Do they normally...not as far as we can see. So this argument is redundant. As far as I can see, why doesn't the leading magazine try something a bit different? Why stick to these magazine mantras? Edge has always lead the way, I want to see it go that extra mile. Perhaps it hasn't ever been changed "Because we are experienced, we know what we are doing". Oh look, half of the Edge team left after being told that things were going a bit arse over tommy. What does that tell us? All that's left to say is - Go Tony Mott. So review a game after everyone buys it? Regardless of how you tart up a review, as the format they stand at this moment in time, that is what they are - a buying guide. A buying guide after you buy the product = pointless. EDIT - ahhhhh, i see what you mean now. This would mean getting rid of the review system all together - I like. Yet its not going to happen. Comercial suicide.
  21. dam_aks


    Would you have bought it then, if it was made by Titus? (from Superman 64 fame) and marketted by Nintendo? No? Thought not. But I am sure thousands of people would have.
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