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  1. Why do lower licence costs mean cheaper games? GameCube, Xbox and PS2 games are all about the same price, yet the licence paid to each company is quite different? Yes...
  2. So infact the reasons that make the extra cost viable (thus making it more than a GBA) are null because nothing but games will actually be supported. In theory meaning fewer people can justify the cost leading to no movies, no music and an expencive 3D GameBoy? If it all pulls off it will be stunning, no doubt there, but I mean, so much can go wrong...
  3. Wont this whole thing require unthinkable teamwork from various different technology companies, music companies and film companies though?
  4. "The Walkman of the 21st Century". I wasn't alive when the Walkman was released (I think ). Did it cost the same? (obviously not "the same" but you know what I mean) If so, fairplay to Sony.
  5. I will not be spending £250 on a PSP. As for the pocket PC comments, I think Sony are hoping to sell a few more than the ammount of PPC's sold. Its insanity to expect mass-market penetration on something that will universally seen as another GameBoy. It will require some crazy marketing - and if anyone can pull it off, Sony are the ones.
  6. Lots of games. Lots of bad games.
  7. I love it. With a nice loud CD on in the background. Jumping like a maniac to Slayer = yay!
  8. So, is it just going to play PC games or will it have platform specific titles?
  9. This console doesn't actually look half bad from looking on their site. Nothing to get really excited about (I can't see any games specific to it) but all the hardware and stuff seems to be excellent.
  10. dam_aks


    I think all features like that need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but when you look at the output from Rare over the past two years something is obviously going very wrong.
  11. So having some of the worlds largest codeshops for exclusive games would not damage the PS brand? You are insane.
  12. PS2 games don't look that much different to PSone titles yet the suff going on in RoTK is waaaay beyond this or, imo, the nest generation of consoles. Compare the graphics of the PSone and those with movies of its time, and then compare an Xbox game with movies now. I'm not saying there is no difference, I am saying that the difference is becoming smaller. The "standard" could easily come in two generations time. As for the finding nemo VS toy story comments. Think of it like a cinema viewr not as a geek. Thats the whole problem, your average cinema goer and gamer knows jack.
  13. why do you think this, i agree that one day it will happen but not next gen nor the one after that. think of what's possible now then think of the stuff going on in LOTR or Attack of The Clones. do you really think we'll make that jump in quality next gen cos i don't? There is little difference. Compare a PSone game to movies released at that time. Its all closing up. The difference is diminishing.
  14. so why is PS2 the biggest selling console? what can it do that PSone can't, apart from play DVD's? The PSone was never at a point at which things would never drastically improve. The next generation is.
  15. Jesus hates you even more now.
  16. Get that man pills. Stat.
  17. Wacky face you say? I'm just too handsome for that.
  18. Thats what they want you to think.
  19. I can see it now... Moscicki in 1939 - "German people sure do like to be bummed in the gob don't they?"
  20. Now going totally off topic, but I was joking too.
  21. Probably not. He'll be telling you to employ someone from Findus next. Is that a pink handbag?
  22. Good sence of humour? Does this give potential for huge office pranks? Like throwing eggs at NGC writers?
  23. It takes the SNES/NGC RGB cable. And that sounds good, Freeman. I hope it's true in my case. It takes the RGB cable when the console itself has been modified. Not straight up. I think....
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