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  1. EA are pretty good at the moment. Snobs!
  2. Why would they be tired of it? EA games can sell a console. Whoever embraces EA the most will be making the most sensible business decision...
  3. Buy a new PS2 and put the smashed one in the new box and return it. Go mental and get your money back. Or just buy another....
  4. venom743 Super Famicom Junior- 70pounds Super Famicom- 80pounds
  5. Aren't most of the things people are complaining about the whole point of what he was trying to do?
  6. I am just pissed off because my iPod isnt in full operation. Apple = Bastards
  7. When you talk to someone in "real-life" do you close everything with your name? If your name was Horris or Bornio it would make things uncomfortable.
  8. Most people who “sign” their posts are fuckwits; nice to see you are keeping with the trend. I haven’t been moronically defensive, I labelled someone a Nazi for preferring another game to my personal preference, didn't this give you any indication that I may *just* be taking the piss out of the whole situation? Nice one.
  9. NTSC-UK forum will more than likely have what you want. £70 for the SF Jnr I think; from one of the Japanese traders.
  10. Its gonna be handheld. Blatant. Thats not to say it wont plug into a TV either...
  11. I don't care what any of you say, I love Need For Speed Underground almost as much as I love Ridge Racer Type 4. So neh neh neh!
  12. **stab stab stab** Stop being moronically defensive. Of course it's his opinion. Nobody here speaks for any kind of nation or population (as far as I'm aware), so statements should at all times be taken as personal opinion unless backed up with quantitive data, or overwhelming qualitative support. It shouldn't have to be stated at the end of every post that everything contained above is in fact an opinion, not a truism. If you can't infer this for yourself, you must have a pretty harsh life, rebelling against more or less everyone and everything, from your neighbours choice of music to the price of coffee from your local Sludgebucks™. --- Of course, all of this is just my opinion and no more valid than anybody elses here, so maybe you ought to just draw your own conclusions. - Corrupt How far are you lodged up your own arse?
  13. Some of those games are pretty good. Better than most years. What did everyone expect anyway? Treasure Toys to dominate the charts?
  14. first console PS2? this isn't an EA bashing thread this is a shit game bashing thread. read my review on the first page and tell me i haven't played it. I can pretty much assure you that I have a far more "hardcore" games collection than you do, but this is besides any actual point. I find one game entertaining and another boring. I have played both of these games and made my conclusions based on my thoughts. I have no problem that you may enjoy another game over one that I do, but are you really so pathetic that god forbid someone has different tastes to you? Grow up.
  15. Yet PGR2 is mind-numbingly dull. In my opinion of course.
  16. Not at all. My point is simply that the fact that EA have published this is not why Beertiger et al are saying it's not that good. They have played it, and feel certain elements of the game are seriously flawed. You suggested if this was a game made by Sega, those same people would say that those same elements were perfect, and the game was a work of art etc etc. And I was just disagreeing with that. Look at Initial D for such an example.
  17. I am also surprised by the fact that you seem to have the attitude that if you think something is shit, it must be so for everyone else.
  18. Nintendo games get rinsed all the time. Just look at Super Mario Sunshine.
  19. Oh fuck off. I hate it when people say stupid shit like that. I bet at least half of the nay-sayers have never played the game. "Its EA - its got to be shit" attitude just pisses me off. In my opinion this game is miles ahead of PGR2. That's an assumption of quality based on a developers record though. If it were a Sega game, people would possibly look at it a little more enthusiastically, but once they'd played it, Sega or not, they'd still think it was great/shit. Double Dash had everyone looking forward to it because it's a respected franchise from a respected developer/publisher. That didn't stop a lot of people calling it rubbish once they had actually played it. Surely that is totally irrelevant?
  20. Oh fuck off. I hate it when people say stupid shit like that. I bet at least half of the nay-sayers have never played the game. "Its EA - its got to be shit" attitude just pisses me off. In my opinion this game is miles ahead of PGR2.
  21. NFS:U is one of my most played games at the moment. It has its faults, but I am loving every bit of it. If this game had a Sega badge on it you would all be loving it.
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