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  1. I've got three of those. And a Global potato peeler! What do you use to sharpen them? I've got one of those Minosharp things... it's OK...
  2. Yes and No. I never got on with FPS, so I never play them. I have always loved racing games (and cars in general) - I still play them. Anything Nintendo made, I'm in. I used to love RPGs. Now... I just don't have the time for it. And even if I did, I can think of better things to do. A lot of the games I loved in my teenage years just don't really seem to exist any more. Maybe I'm wrong? That medium budget Japanese insanity era of game development (Dreamcast/PS2 era I guess?) seems to have disappeared. Oh, and where's a decent skateboarding game for the current gen?! I'd even take snowboarding, BMX or *shudder* rollerblades. So maybe it's more the things I would actually play don't exist any more rather than my tastes changing dramatically?
  3. I have to back the mince (decent quality obviously...) over other cuts of meat in a chili. Don't get me wrong, I've tried plenty and they are nice. But mince is king. I like a bit of cinnamon, chocolate is OK, coffee - meh. Also, thoughts on pressure cooking a chili? I find it works rather well...
  4. I'm really hoping that someone can challenge Mercedes this year. A repeat of 2015 would be pretty depressing really. The cars really aren't ideal, the speeds are slow, overtaking feels fake etc. But all that would get put out the way if the battle at the sharp end was closer. Roll on testing and someone, somehow pulling something out the bag!
  5. This came out on Friday. I imagine the vocals will prove an issue for some (they aren't metal) but the musicianship is excellent. A good album all in all.
  6. They sell it in M&S. £1.90 a bottle. Enjoy!
  7. Which means it wont generate any decent ad revenue, so you're back to square one.
  8. Why did no one tell me about this in 2014?! Great production, progressive metal... And it's JFAC!?!?
  9. Haha, yes indeed. Also, apparently new Haarp record next year. Get your tin foil hat ready...
  10. Pack a few possessions into a small bag and get out.
  11. From the games I have actually played/owned... there could be better out there, but I haven't played em! Garou MOTW Metal Slug 3 Samurai Shodown 2 KOF98 Last Blade 2 Windjammers KOF2002 Metal Slug 4 Waku Waku 7 Metal Slug
  12. Both this and the Periphery vid are nicely shot, but I hate live videos that aren't actually live recordings...
  13. I saw Sikth for the first time in 2004 at the local market town theatre. Love both their early albums, the early EP's a mate of mine at uni had were also brilliant. Saw them live a few times before they split. Glad their back. Considering I was obsessed with metalcore back then, they are one of the few bands I still listen to from that era. Mainly because the sound like nothing else...
  14. I picked up a new Moor one this evening - Return of the Empire. Will report on it, but generally their beers are decent. Nor'Hop and So'Hop are very good, but Hoppiness is amazing. It's better in a can than a bottle, I think it's a slightly lower Alc % too... Definitely agree on the M&S 500ml's. Generally speaking, the 330ml bottles are where it's at. But the regular Citra (it's a slightly different take on Oakham's regular Citra) is solid, as is the Cascade one IIRC. I think if you're more into the traditional ale thing they're probably pretty good though. I've had many problems at the till at M&S with their beers not being on the system (the Brewdog can's had that problem) or yes, just destroying the self service till! I'm just charming/demanding about taking it home with me so they put it through manually! Tonight I also got a Founders Centennial, A Five Points Pale and a Brooklyn American Pale. I'm sure I'll be merry on Friday night...
  15. I just lol'd in the office when the rapping started. Wasn't expecting that!
  16. I think I should share some of my current favourites... Moor Brewery - Hoppiness Dales IPA Beavertown - Gamma Ray All are delicious. Get on 'em. Also, for slightly more mainstream stuff, M&S is brilliant. The local one near my office has Lagunitas, Kona, Brooklyn, Brewdog plus their own range of beers which are also excellent. Current fav's being their double citra and white IPA.
  17. Folks here like Vildhjarta, right? One of the guitarist's put this on Youtube...
  18. Skip to about 2mins if the intro gets on your tits.
  19. The new album is a corker... He also released this poppy as sin album before that, and another (Kartikeya) was due for October but seems to have been delayed to Christmas day for some reason.
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