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  1. Been away, and I notice this hasn't been posted...
  2. She was teammates with Paffett in 2008. He finished 4th in a year old car in a couple of races and picked up some decent-ish points. Wolff's best position that season was 10th. Once. Anyway, enough about her. For some reason she really annoys me! The Jorta quote about the film is brilliant btw.
  3. I think you are overhyping her. She wasn't midfield, she was back of the field in pretty much every series. How was she better than Pastor? He actually won races in lower categories. And a championship in the feeder F1 series. He's a complete maniac and a danger to himself and others, and he is better than her. Says all you need to know... I think a talented female driver would be fantastic. But sticking an average (at best) driver in the F1 grid because they don't have a penis is ridiculous and possibly more harmful to the cause. She'll go and win Le Mans now or something...
  4. Maldonado isn't good enough, no doubt. But he won the GP2 championship (and several races before then). He also won an actual Grand Prix. Wolff won fuck all in every category she competed in bar a few podiums in Formula Renault in the early 2000's. Michèle Mouton she ain't.
  5. She was never very good enough though, was she? In that, she is a competent professional driver who probably should have stuck to lower formula and attempted to win things. It was just a marketing opportunity for Williams which has run its course. Would love to see both sexes competing (and see no reason why they couldn't) - but she was never the one to do it.
  6. On the up side, at least you don't have to hear Spencer.
  7. Great track.... I was worried they would just be a bit tired and it would fail to deliver. I was wrong! New Haunted Shores out today. It's good.
  8. New Twelve Foot Ninja https://soundcloud.com/twelvefootninja/one-hand-killing/s-xqY4D
  9. The new John Browne (Monuments, Fellsilent, played on tour with Periphery etc etc) album that came out on Monday is worth a listen. It has some sort of concept around it but frankly that is hard to get across on an instrumental record. More importantly it has some killer riffs, I need to digest it more... but he is a fine guitar player. And it features plenty of 6 string guitars, which some of you may prefer. It's still very modern mind.
  10. I went to see Devin Townsend play in a church the other week. You could only drink water... It was... Interesting. My girlfriends words summed it up "If I knew I couldn't have a fucking beer I wouldn't have come". In the end we had a nice time and had had a few beers (and Japanese food) before hand so it could have been worse.
  11. Seen the new Protest the Hero thing? It's basically a $12 subscription and they release a song a month for six months - plus a bunch of other bits and bobs. https://protestthehero.bandcamp.com/pacific-myth While interesting... my initial feeling is that I don't care for it. I don't listen to single songs. So I'll just wait until all six are out and buy it then... Maybe.
  12. Skyward Sword is an amazing game, and by far the best use of the Wii remote / nun-chuck combo. So unwrap it and play it you crazy crazy people.
  13. That bit made me LOL on the train home yesterday.
  14. I got the album on Friday but HOAC has taken all my listening. What I have heard of it (one play through) I enjoyed though. I also got the Tesseract live album. Sounds like it was recorded in a bunker.
  15. This is the ultimate Monday song. The lyrics are hilarious (intentional or otherwise). The sound is basically the band I wanted to be in 15 years ago but had no musical ability to produce. It's brilliant.
  16. I swear Sonic 2 3D was available to download on the eShop when I logged in this weekened... Anyway, Mario Golf 64 is awesome but if you have the 3DS one I am pretty sure all of the courses were DLC on there so possibly not worth spending a tenner on again.
  17. I picked up the CD this morning. Listening to it now... So far so good. EDIT - Listened to it four times now. It's good.
  18. It's "new" in that some people were in the band before... Maybe? It'll last all of about 6 months, but as long as they get the record out I don't care!
  19. Has anyone else picked up Scale The Summit - V? I've been listening to it today (Tesseract has dominated my listening, I actually got the CD last week) - it's a great record. It has a lovely atmosphere, the heavy bits are really rocking but it's a fairly relaxing listen. Probably wont be in my top ten of the year, but it's a quality album.
  20. If you like Thompkin's this is worth a look... (it's their first EP / part of the first album before they changed vocalists a few times). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWmihqFLfjk He is also doing a project with Chimp Spanner, which is pretty cool.
  21. After many listens I can confirm that the new Tesseract album is very good indeed.
  22. I saw Haken and Between The Buried and Me last night. Great gig. Haken opened (I think.. I was in the pub until their stage time) and totally smashed it. Never seen them before and will definitely go to a headline show. Any band that can play a 19 minute long prog epic (Crystallised - check it out) that tight deserves respect. I was loving it. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen BTBAM, but I think every UK tour headline or support (and single London only shows) since Alaska came out (!!!). Anyway, they were great and finished the set with Bohemian Rhapsody. Which was more fun than when I actually saw Queen (with some poncy American singer) perform it.
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