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  1. I'm loving the Madball vibes. This album is gonna be gooooood.
  2. At the time I quite liked the first two records. I would like to think in a sort of ironic way, but possibly/shamefully not. Everything after that has been pretty lame. They used to be comically terrible live. Is this no longer the case? I remember someone once pulled the singers hair extensions out while they were half way through a song. It's quite funny that they have managed to stick around (and make so much money) for so long considering how many bands doing a similar thing a lot better were around at the time.
  3. TBH, I like the song and hope the album will be decent. I just don't think it's going to be particularly metal. They are arguably getting to a size (in America) where they can make a very good living out of playing music in this style, fairplay to them.
  4. Try this on for size... The Arsafes Star Wars version is brilliant though.
  5. It has been a good year so far, but without going too metal...
  6. From midway through the first listen... It's great. Really intense! And some great surprises, as I was typing this (listening to the title track Revolt) it just went from downtuned/8string heavy into a hilarious melodic chorus. Fairplay to the guy. It's ace.
  7. I'm waiting for Arsafes new album to drop... Hurry up! It has been September 1st for ages now!
  8. Apparently an EU exclusive and was released in 2010.
  9. Not sure it needed a third series tbh. Loved the show mind. I just think keep it all good, which it was. I'd love to see them try something more like Catterick again.
  10. I think they've been listening to 90's NYC hardcore.
  11. The gimmick outfits has always put me off Ghost. But I have been giving them a go and I'm coming round to it. It's pretty OTT, and I like that. My new complaint would be that from initial listening the drumming seems a bit... basic. Am I wrong?
  12. Check out his bandcamp - http://davidmaximmicic.bandcamp.com/ - his previous release in July (Ego) is basically instrumental outside of some really crazy Serbian scatman style stuff (!!!) on one track. He works with loads of different vocalists, Miyoki is only on the one track. My favourite is this with Aleksandra Djelmas pretending to be metal Bjork. Then there is an epic Jeff Loomis guitar solo at the end.
  13. New David Maxim Micic was released on Sunday. It's pretty amazing. Is it metal? Who gives a shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV-_J_4l1IM
  14. Well... It sounds like Iron Maiden. There is a surprise.
  15. I like all of his 3 EP's tbh. They're good fun and Titan is definitely his best. The boy has groove so should suit Monuments well.
  16. Anup Sastry is the new Monuments drummer. That's pretty cool.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9-m8j2jR2w
  18. The new Above The Earth album is hilarious. It's so cheesy, the female vocals (with Serbian accent) are saccharine sweet... But there are some killer riffs in there.
  19. Called it And VNX1, I take it you are all over GoodTiger?!?!
  20. How about I share something a bit nicer that doesn't have a penis in it? How about something that is about as pop as metal can get? Album out August 1st, for fans of Arsafes, Destiny Potato etc etc. Serbian/Russian metal is great.
  21. This was more recent... Anyway. Enough of him being a nob. More Danzig being good!
  22. Danzig is a first class penis, but his music isn't a crime. However, if you don't like him you can always watch him getting KO'd.
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