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  1. In more positive news... The Drewsif Stalin album is really good. If you like Devin Townsend through to Tesseract it will be right up your street. For a guy doing this in his bedroom it is incredibly impressive. He has a fantastic set of lungs and can play the guitar like a badass. What isn't to like?
  2. Very sad news about Justin. Glad I saw After the Burial last year, they were pretty darn tight.
  3. I remember the keyboard player's old band when he was a teenager. Comedy.
  4. New Drewsif Stalin is pretty decent. https://drewsifstalin.bandcamp.com/album/comes-to-an-end
  5. Surprised to hear so much love for TPII. It's a very good record, but personally I would put it behind Colors. At the time that album just blew me away. Everything after then (until Coma) has just been refining the formula but not necessarily improving it. I love heavy BTBAM, but Coma is a mature record that captures then builds upon what I love about the band.
  6. The money side isn't what bothers me about Benteke. We will need to spend a lot on a player for that position - that's the way the market is. I just don't think what he does is what we need.
  7. It's all over the papers. Some (admittedly shit papers) are saying United have got him, better ones are suggesting it's likely.
  8. So, Coma Ecliptic has been out for near enough a week. I'm going to put this out there... It's BTBAM's best album by a big margin. Toning down the heaviness was exactly what they needed to do. It's fucking epic.
  9. Wow, we've managed to not produce a disgusting shirt. Good work New Balance. And for the first time in my life I want United to beat us to a player. For the love of god, please sign Benteke so we don't drop £32.5million on him. I am also aware that if they do sign him, even if he is completely shite in every other game he will score against us.
  10. Shame about Sterling. He was one of our better players and selling your better players is never good (regardless of the situation). However, he wanted out and we got a load of money. Could be worse. We need a striker now. A good one.
  11. I never had a PS3 so missed out on Uncharted which I would have liked... maybe. Also, don't think I've ever played Call of Duty.
  12. Two wiki links on one page in one day! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latent_homosexuality
  13. Advice on band tattoos... If you were ten years older, you may have been right into Lost Prophets. You could well have a Lost Prophets tattoo because you like them so much. Then this happened.
  14. Really like this, can't wait for the other EP next month. It's insane, catchy and a whole lot of fun. Does lack the awesome vocals from Bilo 3.0, but maybe the next one will be full of it?
  15. Oh Browne, you machine of the right hand you.
  16. New album September 18th. Wasn't expecting this until 2016!
  17. Because I don't pirate music (and didn't want to stream it early either) I have only just heard Coma Ecliptic. Oh my!
  18. New David Maxim Micic album on July 12th. He promised a trailer last week, but he has disappeared from the internet... Seriously excited about this release, so little information about any of it - he hasn't even said who the various guest will be, never mind what it will sound like (aside from the obvious Devin-esque/Djent/Prog mashup). Can't wait. Have some of his last album...
  19. AES has a memory card slot and it was released in 1990. I would be surprised if they didn't appear before then as well. Not saying it lacking a memory card slot means anything, but they existed.
  20. I'm with NEG, it doesn't seem quite right. There is something about it that says no to me. The drive area just looks wrong plus the ports at the back look in amazing condition for something apparently sat in a box for that long... On the other hand, it would take a fair old bit of effort to put something together that looks that nice. Would be great if it is real. Quite a find if so!
  21. It also doesn't help it is the most incestuous music scene I've ever encountered. Lots of bands made from a small pool of musicians, pretty strange.
  22. Best news last week was this... I freaking love John Browne. VN1X, see Skyharbor have a new vocalist? Dan has left. Not my bag I'm afraid! Knock on effect is no more Anup (drummer) either as he wanted to commit to Intervals... but in a cruel twist of fate has also been thrown out of Intervals because the guitar player wants to be the frontman of an instrumental band and the other guys weren't keen (wanted to have vocals). The various statements around the Intervals stuff is pretty funny, Aaron (guitar player) clearly has a bit of an ego, but he wrote basically everything and the new record has Travis Orbin on drums - so that's cool.
  23. I just watched (skipped lots of it as huge chunks are totally painful...) a bunch of Fellsilent videos that appear to have been uploaded by their drummer last year but recorded before they split up. I had no idea these existed - and judging by the number of views lots of people didn't notice them either! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-dDp7SfSY4quWuyrOj-6w/videos If you like Tesseract, Monuments etc they're kinda worth a watch (maybe not - really selling it here). Some of the live footage is OK. The banter is childish at best. More intriguing than anything else.
  24. I'm guessing a few of those will have ages absolutely terribly, I'm looking at you Jet Force Gemini... However, for the price that is a decent set of games. It may sway Rare into actually developing something good.
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