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  1. I saw a Periphery headline the other month. I took the missus. We were about 10 years older than most of the crowd and we're under 30 They're very good though. Like or loathe Spencer, the guy can hit the notes. And obviously the rest of them are great too. Even if you just wanted to go for gear porn, it's worth the ticket price. Misha had about five different guitars...
  2. The BTBAM/Haken tour in September is going to be glorious.
  3. New BTBAM track http://www.metalinjection.net/av/song-premiere/premiere-between-the-buried-and-mes-famine-wolf-is-everything-we-love-about-btbam-in-one-track New album is going to be great. Loving the vocal ratio change to more clean singing. Makes the brutal bits even better.
  4. Not a huge fan of the Parkway Drive track. It's OK like, but a but thin. I loved Killing With A Smile when it came out... ten years ago I'm not sure the folks in my University halls enjoyed it quite as much as me. And apparently there is a new Heart of a Coward album due. If it sounds like that Hollow track I'll be listening to that a lot. Severance is my "get yourself pumped up to go to work" album of choice. It's like an amazing NYC hardcore album, with some extra strings and sped up. With less DMS.
  5. The No Consequence album is good. Also, the clean singing is decent enough. In that it sounds like the singer still has testicles.
  6. They supported Monuments the other week. I quite like them, but I was in The Crobar drinking beer until the Monuments set as the venue smelt of sick so didn't actually see them play The missus then harassed the Tesseract guitarist who was with two of the lads from No Consequence. They seemed nice enough.
  7. This is also my concern. I would have no problem selling Sterling and using the money to buy a proven goal scorer. Who is that goal scorer? A 20 goals a season player who doesn't want champions league football or astronomical wages, who City, United and Chelsea (and possibly even Arsenal) don't want... That isn't a long list.
  8. I got Native Constructs album yesterday. It's pretty crazy.
  9. I really like this game. I play Wii U almost exclusively on the gamepad... So the loss of quality is a bit lost on me. Anyway, it's short and sweet by the looks. And for a busy man with a stack of unfinished games sat around the place, that isn't a bad thing at all. It's just about challenging enough for me too, certainly seems more tricky than Treasure Tracker.
  10. Please define metal for us so we know what is allowed then
  11. I've gone right off Dan Tompkins, he's singing like a someone auditioning on X factor. I like clean singing, I like the earlier Tesseract record(s) with him, but it's just like he is trying too hard. Actually preferred Ashe. But by the sounds, he liked the sauce too much for his own good.
  12. I've been listening to a lot of Haken lately. What a band. The last few minutes of this song are completely epic.
  13. So Williams F1 lost £42.5million last year. They finished third in the constructors championship...
  14. I was in the circle but pretty much in the middle on the fifth row. Good view.
  15. The cross section of the fans is pretty hilarious. The bar at times was a stressful experience, middle aged (at best) people with dyed black hair be acting like they had lobotomies when ordering a beer (there appeared to be a choice of two...). Not as bad as the Karnivool show from a few weeks ago though. That was just weird.
  16. The Devin show last night was pretty sweet. I stand by not really liking Dark Matters that much. So the first half of the show wasn't as good as the second, but it was still pretty great. Could have done with Anneke being there. But still, really good.
  17. Start driving now as the doors are at 6.45 and you'll be in traffic for at least 5 hours The warm-up set-list looks interesting. First half is Dark Matters, second half a best-of set. I'm guessing similar stuff tonight.
  18. Don't think this has been posted... https://soundcloud.com/metalbladerecords/btbam-memory-palace New Between the Buried and Me song from the new album. Sounds great to me.
  19. He is obviously talented and can pull it off live, but it's just not to my taste at all. He also looks like a complete twat. Purple hair and weird ass Victorian boots? The guy is at least 30...
  20. I like Periphery a lot, but the missus didn't really enjoy it very much. The musicianship is great, it's catchy and a bit of fun. Not a huge fan of the vocals, but what can you do? It's all about Monuments though, who have the old Periphery vocalist. His voice is so much nicer. Here is Chris with Periphery pretending to be Michael Jackson. And the old Periphery drummer, just for shits and giggles. Travis Orbin... He is ridiculously good and it is a huge shame he never featured on their albums.
  21. I saw Periphery last night. A lot of kids there. Very few of them drinking. What has happened to the world? Anyway, was a good show in a fairly crap venue. Playing with no amps directly through a PA is fine if the venue has a PA powerful enough for it... But they were tight and seemed to be enjoying themselves. The singer looked like a complete berk though.
  22. So... Anyone seen Season 9 yet? It seems to be getting a pretty mixed response from fans. A lot of people like it, a lot of people are saying it's not got enough dope and liquor in it. Having been to a few TPB live events, I'm inclined to think a significant portion of their fans are imbeciles. Personally, I enjoyed it. It's stupid and fun. It's not up there with the best seasons (3-6 are gold) but it's a good chuckle.
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