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  1. https://youtu.be/4FUp3Tk1eDE Full song in the documentary...
  2. Meh. The songs just aren't as good. There is nothing on Dark Matters that comes close to Color Your World and The Greys.
  3. Despite being a bit apprehensive, I'm quite excited about the Ziltoid show. If I didn't have tickets already I'd be all over that! I'm not really sure what to make of it though. I prefer the first Ziltoid album, so fingers crossed it wont just be a playthrough of Z2 with puppets... I'm just hoping Z2 will work better on the stage than it does as a record. I love Devin, but I do think Z2 is probably one of his worst records.
  4. I went to the Karnivool/Monuments gig on Saturday night at the Roundhouse. Great show and venue. However, Karnivool have some weird fans. Like, day release weird. A lot of people there reminded me of Randle in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest after he had a lobotomy.
  5. The music is quite good... but why is there this insistence during proper singing sections to sound like they haven't reached puberty? I don't mind what style bands go with vocally, I am fairly accepting as long as the singer can actually pull it off. But can't men just sing like they have testicles?
  6. This article was doing the rounds over the weekend... http://www.metalinjection.net/editorials/reflecting-on-the-new-wave-of-american-heavy-metal A look into the end of Nu-metal, the rise of the new wave and the hardcore roots and influences. It misses out lots of info (late 90's Sweden hardcore scene, Will Haven) but on the whole pretty interesting despite the writing style not exactly being to my taste.
  7. TBH, Clarkson, May and Hammond could leave the BBC and either set up some sort of worldwide digital video (subscription or otherwise) service or join pretty much any other television network in the world and make a shitload of money. Top Gear brand or no Top Gear brand. I honestly don't care if Clarkson and a producer had a fight. Just get on with putting the fecking show on the air.
  8. New Plini and Red Seas Fire are both decent. Plini is your twiddly solo stuff, very nice. https://plini.bandcamp.com/album/the-end-of-everything RSF is more metal. Probably their best release so far. Always loved Petey G as a guitarist but never totally sold on the complete song writing, some amazing riffs though. This album is full of them. And it's free! http://www.redseasfire.com/
  9. They should get Coogan's brother back on it. Then fire him again for being a drink driver.
  10. This is pretty good too... https://soundcloud.com/rocksound/the-mistakes-we-make
  11. I thought Morgana was better last night. But I think that may be because I only worked out it was her the other week, and I quite fancy her.
  12. This week I have been mostly listening to... Train Arrival. http://trainarrival.bandcamp.com/releases Terrible band name, fairly decent record.
  13. I don't play the drums, but I love Travis Orbin's videos. I think the current Periphery drummer is good and has a nice style, but this is just plain ridiculous. Very impressive.
  14. My Zelda 3DS was never dispatched. Had an email from amazon.fr saying they will let me know when they come into stock, which I am guessing will now be never? Will wait a few days, if nothing happens will just order a regular one. LAME.
  15. That VOLA album is really good. I'm not sure it's actually metal. I don't really know what it is, but whatever it is I can't stop listening to it. He has a really nice singing (non-whiny American BS) voice, it's just heavy enough. Very proggy... But it's catchy as heck.
  16. Pas encore expédié Bastards!
  17. So I'm getting the MM3DSXL... Which presumably comes with Majora's Mask on the MicroSD card... Surely when I do a system swap it will delete the game? And as I haven't logged into anything it will not know I ever bought Majora's Mask... This concerns me slightly.
  18. I can't help but feel that the show needs a brutal axe wielding producer/adviser to cut out some of the shite. Surely everyone knew the Russell Brand impression was far too long? Still, even if a quarter of the show misses the mark it's still better than a lot of the crap on TV. It just feels like the problems wouldn't be hard to fix, which makes them even more annoying. And people don't like Limmy? Jesus.
  19. The whole album is out, it's worth a download - https://volaband.bandcamp.com/album/inmazes
  20. This could well have already been posted. It's pretty cool though.
  21. This has three times as many hits as actual songs by Monuments on youtube... In short, go novelty and get traffic! (still funny though)
  22. I drank an Innis & Gunn beer I got from Christmas last night. Something to do with whiskey casks. It tasted like special brew. Absolutely vile.
  23. Heavy Heart, The Scourge and The Bad Thing are standouts for me. Looking forward to seeing them play some of the new stuff live.
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