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  1. I watched this on Sunday night and thought it was brilliant. I don't agree with 100% of his analysis, but it doesn't really matter. It's an interesting watch, the footage is incredible and the technique to put it all together into something you can immerse yourself in for over two hours is exceptional. I loved the contrasts between the past and present. The use of Carry on up the khyber. The horrifying scenes with the girl and her father (with the flower), the attack on the motorcade and the chaos surrounding it. Amazing. It's also quite nice sometime to just indulge in the obvious. Like thinking "what the fuck were we doing there?".
  2. Omega has had three listens. Another good-un. Initial impressions of both albums is... Hit.
  3. I've listened to Alpha twice this morning. Good record. Omega next...
  4. Listen to Tales from Topographic Oceans and see how bad things are about to get. It's the ultimate example of prog gone too long. And Yes are much better than Corelia. Think about that for a minute (or 90).
  5. 90 minute long double album?! We're basically going to be getting back into mid-ish 70's prog style aren't we? Albums that would have been a million times better if they were half as long...
  6. I'm waiting for the CD's to arrive. My work computer has a messed up headphone port so you get constant feedback... don't wanna spoil the experience. btw P1>P2!
  7. I went here at the weekend. Very nice indeed. A little pricey, but the stock is good so can't complain.
  8. Just call it progressive metal and then you don't need to worry Also loving this at the moment...
  9. This was listed on the got-djent top 10 for 2014, I had totally missed it. It's bloody great. Aggressive Russian metal... What isn't to like?!
  10. The Shattered Skies album has totally won me over. It's about as poppy, upbeat and catchy as something could be... while also being progressive metal.
  11. Enter Shikari are still going? Blimey. Is it still all "bloop-bloop-ding-ding-waaaahhhhh-bloop"?
  12. The new Shattered Skies album is out today. I'm currently listening to it on Bandcamp (https://shatteredskies.bandcamp.com/). Not sure about the vocals, but the music is very dj0nt. So if you like that, give it a go!
  13. The most annoying thing is that you can't play it only on the pad, so you need the telly on. Anyway, I've been playing through it recently - great game and the subtle improvements over the GC version make the game a lot more enjoyable.
  14. Listening to a bit of Means End today.
  15. Careful now. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/i-was-just-strumming-a-pretend-banjo-commuter-753252
  16. Did anyone say three bass players in a metal band? Yes, you over there... here you go.
  17. Hi, my name is Richie Sakai. I am an anesthesiologist. I'd like to dedicate this song to my wife, Patty.
  18. Really like the new Periphery track.
  19. I've seen them live, so I am guessing yes Many years ago though... I saw them in Oxford. I've been listening to the Vanora EP today. It's thall-ish and therefore alright by me. http://vanora.bandcamp.com/album/origin
  20. As in, The Chariot the Christian metal band?! Blimey. I'd say go to bed Also, Sylosis are OK. But Viatrophy were always the better Reading metal effort...
  21. I like the Periphery track. It's part of a whole, so it's gonna sound odd by itself. 2.30(ish) onwards is cool though.
  22. Any Karnivool fans? Cannot get enough of them at the moment...
  23. As far as I can work out... You can have a cock and balls but still be a woman. So you were "assigned" the male gender, but you aren't a man... Fuck knows. That said, I mean, then they were assigned a cock but also a woman's brain? This is what I mean... It's too much for me. People can call themselves or be whatever they want. Doesn't mean I can't be confused by it.
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