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  1. Course I read Asterix. But I preferred Tintin, and that fits a lot more comfortably with my worldview. P.S. Ohhh handbags. You're a cheery fucker aren't you?
  2. I didn't go to Eton. Well, all clear now. Whatever makes people happy!
  3. So what is it dawg? I find the whole thing confusing. And by that, I mean all of it.
  4. There was a real movement in the states for a while. I liked a lot of the music, but the pro-life bullshit and that kinda thing the bands propagated (and in nearly every instance didn't believe anyway...) was just awful really. But yeah, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, He is Legend, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Comeback Kid etc etc etc. Good bands.
  5. And as Christian metal has been mentioned... How about a throwback to over ten years ago? As recommended in the original thread...
  6. No, not at all. I'm just saying that Skyharbor's Milton-Cleans style metal is pretty far removed from the genre expectations. I also think you are confusing my ironic/joke statement as a serious critique I bought the album you know!
  7. Apparently there was a Dutch guy called Patrick Van Heyting in the SNK fighting game Buriki One. It looks terrible, and I like SNK games. He is a brick shithouse of a man though, so at least it's accurate, eh?
  8. I love the rip-off of CAFO on Evolution (at least that's what it sounds like to me!). There are some rocky bits, the mix/production is nice... Thompkins voice is generally very good when he doesn't go super high. I get the sense it is an album I may never listen to beyond the first couple of weeks of purchase. Which is fine, that is the case with most records I buy... And I bloody love Vildhjarta.
  9. I'm a bit "meh" on the Skyharbor album to be honest. It isn't bad at all, it's just a bit lame! Wuss-metal for sure. Has its moments though.
  10. Last night was, to put it mildly... shit. Scala is a fucking terrible venue, never go and watch bands there. Ever. The place was dangerously overcrowded, you couldn't see anything unless you are one of those freaks who gets to a gig and waits in line for the door opening then gets to the front and never leaves or drinks a beer. £15 a ticket is a pretty paltry some of money, but the missus and I felt ripped off. Not the bands fault, but that is one shitty venue. I left before Tesseract even came on stage. I've seen them before, and if the sound quality is shit and I can't see them what's the point? A gig where you can't just chill, enjoy the band and have a few drinks is not a gig I want any part of.
  11. Seeing them on Thursday. Hope it's a good'un!
  12. Anyone here a Mandroid Echostar fan? They just released an instrumental version of their latest record (available here - https://mandroidechostar.bandcamp.com/). And here they are with the singer... A bit like Coheed and Cambria (in a good way). But with more strings. And more metal. Ish.
  13. So far, really like Z2. And initial feeling is preferring Sky Blue, but this is really early days. My main criticism so far is that it would seem like Devin has possibly overstretched it a little. May have been better either consolidating into one album, or just putting six months or so between the two to smooth off a few rough edges and slightly boring tracks. That said, it's pretty darn decent. The opening tracks of Sky Blue are hilariously nu-metal. But in a good way...
  14. Saw Monuments play last night. Sound wasn't amazing from where I was standing (they were the main support to After the Burial) but still a very decent show. The quality of the musicianship is really impressive.
  15. We need some new skateboarding action. Stat. Skate, Tony Hawk (not recent ones...), whatever. I miss skating while sat on my arse eating crisps.
  16. From the various internet posts, seems like they both just wanted to do something else. Maybe Alex is going to rejoin The Haarp Machine? Maybe hell will freeze over?! I really liked the last album, and now a whole load of the people who made it have left the band. Still, what are you gonna do? They'll all turn up somewhere. I would imagine their European tour with Protest The Hero could well see them being replaced. We shall see...
  17. Evan Brewer and Alex Rudinger have left The Faceless. This is a shame.
  18. Playing in India seems like a great idea (lots of fans, big events, talk of helicopter rides...) but it sounds like a lot of performers just don't get paid by the promoters. Even at huge festivals and the like.
  19. For fans of dj0nt, there is a new Skyharbor video/song out there. It's not metal. It's really quite lame.
  20. The Gatekeepers is still available on iPlayer. It's brilliant.
  21. Finally managed to get my hands on the Between the Buried and Me live CD/DVD - seems to have been some distribution issues! Listening to it now and I really like it. Quite an honest recording, it's essentially a live in the studio type recording, rather than a live show recording. I'd like to see more bands do this kind of thing. It's great to hear a played live version of an album, and it's a cool excuse for bands to show off that they are able to play their stuff live.
  22. He was in Last Chance to Reason before they split up. If he was in anyone else, it wouldn't have been a very big band... (He says as it probably turns out he was...)
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