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  1. I had a great idea for a prequel series, called ‘Amity Island’. It’s about a young, idealistic guy trying to get elected as the mayor of a small American seaside town and the opposition he faces from the soon-to-retire police chief. If it got commissioned, the last shot of the first season would be a long shot of the town from the sea. And then a fin breaks the water.
  2. The box set is delayed until October 9th as well.
  3. New ‘merch’ site with various goodies for sale. Maybe he can afford that piano now. https://cavethings.com
  4. Latest Red Hand File, about the piano in Idiot Prayer:
  5. It lets me watch it again now, so you should be alright? Amazing performance. Would love them to release it on Blu-ray, but I guess that goes against the whole idea.
  6. Solo streaming concert tonight: https://nickcave.lnk.to/idiotprayerEM?utm_source=Nick+Cave+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=2f2be1f729-email+-+idiot+prayer+final+reminder&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_62a60b3494-2f2be1f729-53206381 Should be good!
  7. Sony promotional piece on the cinematography:
  8. Not much more than a limited edition Pro console really. And it’s a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can display on your wall forever. I can’t see how a real Last Of Us Part II fan could say no to one of these.
  9. Cook and Becker have released more limited art prints. (Some of them are fairly spoilerific.) https://www.cookandbecker.com/en/artgallery/2794/the-last-of-us-part-ii-fine-art-print-collection.html
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/jun/16/william-gibson-im-always-striving-not-to-be-noticed
  11. Have they said whether there will be different box designs for physical versions of (‘optimized for’) Xbox Series X games?
  12. This is rather lovely.
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