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  1. It’s impossible for me to play this game as it stands. Come home from work to queues of 7k+ with it taking a hour to drop 1k places to then only hit the inevitable 2002 error and having to start over again. I can only assume it’s only going to get worse before it gets better as the game has yet to launch officially?
  2. I’m all ready for Shadowbringers, MSQ complete with just the last part of Hildibrand to finish off and I think I’ll be going Gunbreaker this expansion. I’m Just plodding through with my craft classes looking to get them all to 50 before the expansion with the view to having a bit of a break a week or so before release to prevent burnout. Is every spread across different servers or are you all on moogle?
  3. I am very much back in to this game! I am Shiva however but feel free to add me Azza Stone
  4. I have just starting playing having previously stopped just prior to Heavensward release. Got it to say I’m loving it, just taking my time at the moment making my way through the main scenario quests, just hit 65 on my warrior. I have joined a random random free company but do not really know anyone playing anymore so would be good to play with some regulars. Im currently on Shiva but i know the re making changes to the way servers work but not read up on the specifics.
  5. Damn, those photos are so sharp and that background...... Took delivery of a new camera and lens today, treat myself the Sony a7iii and Zeiss 55mm 1.8, took a shot in door of my daughter. It was dark outside and room was lit only with a lamp, ISO 6400 and I am so impressed with how clean the image is, I imagine I could push the ISO quite further and still retain a lot of the detail. DSC00048 by Aaron Livingstone, on Flickr
  6. I love candid shots like those, what a great picture. I am in the process of going full frame and a good 85mm is on my wish list for sure, I can imagine that lens will be a dream to shoot with. I shoot with sony (currently a6500) so I got my self a Godox flash and wireless trigger, I initially bought the Godoz TT350s (£69) due to it being smaller and would not look to out of place if I was to mount it on my camera, but I thought to myself I would hardly use it on the camera so have since returned it and have bought it's bigger brother the Godox TT685s (£96). the trigger was £37 which I find to be fantastic value since I have previously spents hundreds on a nikon flash in the past! I wanted to invest in the light stand so I went with a Manfrotto Nano for £59 just incase I wanted to buy larger difuses in the future and didnt want it to topple over on the little one! The pass through umbrella was only £9 and works pretty well. The last thing I needed was a mount for the flash an umbrella for the stand which was another £9. I have seen kits you can but for in and around £50 which include all the above (except the flash/trigger). I must admit it I have had a lot of fun setting it all up and messing with the settings on the camera and the flash and still only feel like I am scratching the surface with what I can do! I just need some nice backdrops now
  7. It it has been a good while since I have put any effort into my photography and began to use my camera as a glorified point and shoot, however lately I have felt my love for photography return following the birth of my daughter. I invested in some lighting, speed light, pass through umbrella and stand and set up a bit of a shoot using an old rug thrown over the TV, quite happy with the results! Untitled by Aaron Livingstone, on Flickr Untitled by Aaron Livingstone, on Flickr Untitled by Aaron Livingstone, on Flickr Untitled by Aaron Livingstone, on Flickr
  8. aaronlivo

    PS4 Pro

    I bought a PS4 pro during the prime day sale. Whilst playing Horizon it would freeze to the point I would need to hard reset the console, only to be told when it rebooted I would need to reinstall the PS4 software via USB. This went on to happen several times so I ordered a replacement through amazon and have had no issues with my new machine.
  9. Seems Amazon are taking preorders for the Neon Switch again. Just placed a order and states Friday for the delivery date. I'm still holding on to my grey one just in case though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Thanks Fishy, its a simple shot but the colours are nice it's one of my favorites from the trip. Feeling more motivated to get out and shoot after this trip and looking through this thread is another way to get inspiration as it is full of awesome pictures, keep it up!
  11. It has been a while since I have posted any pictures, to be honest it has been a while since I really picked up my camera. Just got back from Cornwall and am really happy with some of the shots I have got. I purchased a ND filter especially for the trip and am glad I did! Buttery pictures incoming....
  12. First steam sale, showing some restraint! Doom Shadows of Mordor Valkryia Chronicles Hotline Miami 2 Dishonoured
  13. I am enjoying this, although Tom Ellis playing Lucifer is carrying the whole show. I was nearly spot on with my theory Nearly finished the series, not sure what we are leading to though.
  14. As my usual go to shows are coming to an end over the summer I have been looking for something new to watch. I watched the first episode sometime ago and it never really clicked and then saw this thread rear up again and thought I would give it a second go. I love how blatant he is about being the Devil, so much so that no one believes he actually is the Devil. Just watched episode 4 and the story arc has moved along slightly which has peaked my interest. So far I am enjoying it a second time round, seems like a good show to have in the background while getting things done.
  15. Me and the wife still watch it every season and enjoy it, invested too much time not to! I still think 5 seasons is the sweet spot for a show.
  16. The tears are real... Can't believe its all over.
  17. Completely agree, it feels like the show is designed to be binge watched, waiting a week for the next episode and then having nothing happen is quite frustrating, especially for someone who has not read the comics.
  18. Just finished the main story and loved every second of it! Finished it at around 60 hours and level 35. I think I am going to hang off purchasing the expansions for the time being and work on the contracts and quests left to complete. What a fantastic adventure full of amazing characters and the best bit is I still have 2 expansions to look forward too!
  19. So glad I bought this again and give it another go. 25 Hours in, level 13 and just enjoying traveling the world and exploring. I don't think I have caught up with my PS4 play through just yet but I think I am nearly there. I have a feeling I have a long way to go until the end! Had a crafting session earlier creating oils I have been neglecting and made myself the feline swords ready for when I hit 17 and will work on the rest of the set when I hit level 16. The music, characters and world are so rich and full of detail I really don't know why I stopped playing the first time round.
  20. Just picked this up for PC, originally played on PS4 but never really got far. I Tried playing today with mouse and keyboard and couldn't get used to the controls so I have just ordered myself a 360 controller to play this with. I forgot how beautiful this game is and 60 fps on the PC it just flows beautifully. I admit to getting a little overwhelmed on my last play through with the sheer amount of side quests and gave up. I am determined to stick at it this time round and get to the very end!
  21. Probably the only FF I did not get to play, and going by the praise from you lot this is great news.
  22. I am finding this to so true. I think in the lower levels you find people trying out the different heroes and as the level up they eventually find a class they enjoy the most and are determined to stick to it, regardless of the objective or how the match is going.
  23. I should be on tomorrow night as the wife is off out.
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