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  1. Usually it is underneath the price if it was set by the publisher.
  2. Hello! 18 games and a PSP traded in for a Vita and Uncharted, but I have Motorstorm RC and that free Bejeweled clone already. Off to find a list of PSN ID's to see just how bad I am at Motorstorm. It's lovely and having a stack of mini's and a few PSP games to add to it is great, have they announced plans for any PSN plus content for it?
  3. I didn't get to any games for the first hour was too busy playing Face Raiders.
  4. Probably a little late but I also hit that bug and had to go back to my last save.
  5. Happening to me all day long, got worse about 4pm. Zombies was fine though.
  6. havoc1976


    Doing for the first few days is super tough. Drink lots of water and have some porridge or other slower burning food. I tend to get massive headaches probably due to caffeine withdrawal, they tend to go after a few hours though. Keeping hydrated in this weather is really important, so keep your water intake up for the days proceeding. It's tough but doable, I just keep my head down and get on with things. Find something to do over lunch though, it will suddenly become the longest hour ever! Good Luck
  7. havoc1976


    Will they add an extra warning in "Don't play this is you are tripping your ass off as it may take you to a very bad place"? I can already feel a nightmare with elephant headed raving businessmen chasing me looming.
  8. Killzone and work have kept me from being able to watch it. http://iheartkrackney.blogspot.com/2009/02...oe-sevigny.html
  9. I just waiting for the I'm hoping there will be some more of Roman next week as I'd like to see that part of the story move along a bit. They seem to be explaining a bit more about the Mormon religion, and its beginnings. I think the writers spent a lot of time researching and seem to be quite even handed.
  10. Had a great soundtrack as well. It seems to be leading towards Bill having a crisis of faith and the possibilty that Nikki might do the dirty could cause some fireworks. First episode to focus mainly on the family.
  11. I emailed them as requested and got a call back within an hour to say that they would collect today via a courier. So they seem to be dealing with it quite well, and I think its better/quicker for them to have the address in an email to save on confusion. I wasn't given a turn around time, but I'm being surprisingly zen about this.
  12. From my experience good for about an hour until it dies. Shoryuken, has quite a few people from here and the US who have had the loose washer problem. I don't wan to clog up the thread with moaning so I'll post a quick update if they manage to sort it out. If you take peek on the shoryuken forums they are all modding them etc already, as also suggested here.
  13. I'll add you now but have to download the update, need cheering up after my Street Fighter Stick broke. You got a headset?
  14. "Q: My standard edition Arcade FightStick joystick is having problems with responsiveness or does not work in one direction? A: Mad Catz is committed to providing quality products and we fully stand behind our product warranty. Some customers have reported responsiveness issues with their standard edition Arcade FightStick. The issue is due to a metal washer at the base of the joystick shifting out of place. The result is the stick can will feel stiff, stick in one direction, or fail to register in a direction. The more you play the worse it will get. To avoid voiding your warranty, we recommend contacting Mad Catz technical support and they can fix or replace the joystick." Link I'll call tomorrow to sort it out and see what they say. From reading up on it, if you stick is sticking then the washer is loose and it will be rubbing away at the PCB. It took abou 2 hours of play this morning to kill mine. Was much better playing with the stick as well. Cheers for all the help.
  15. I think I'm going to try and repair, but I've never attempted anything like before I'm off to google some info. There's zero chance of getting one now, and I doubt if they are going to look closely for the sticker if I take it back? When I called my local GS they had just sold the last TE stick.
  16. Gutted my Fightstick is bust already, after I managed to find one, the down is doesn't work anymore. Non left to exchange. It was sticking as well which wasn't instillling a lot of confindence in me already.
  17. I hadn't even noticed this thread, so thought I come in and spread some big love. I felt the last episode rushed through Doesn't feel like there is a bigger plot at the moment, although I'm guessing its building up to something? Nikki saying Yours Sincerely Havoc1976
  18. havoc1976-havoc1976 Did a search for the club on the off chance this morning before reading this and sent a join request. Have a headset See you over the weekend, I won't be on tonight though. Thanks for setting this up btw
  19. Just checked the official site and they are having server problems, should be fixed by the end of next week. SOCOM site I'll be trying to get on this tonight if it lets me.
  20. Only managed to get into one game, it usually just hangs on the loading screen. Anyone else getting this? Logging into warhawk is fine so assume my network is all ok, but did restart it all just in case.
  21. Add me, should be on from tomorrow night as having to deal with an irate wife tonight.... havoc1976
  22. Got mine in Morrisons Sutton, seemed to have quite a few in and only 4 of us buying. At work now and only had 10 minute go, seems really dark though, think I might need to fiddle with my TV settings.
  23. I don't have Wipeout yet, but can you not do the buy on the store download on the PS3 trick, which being a mac user was the only way I could have got the free PS1 wipeout way back? Yes it is crazy having this segregation of PS3 and PC stores for no apparent reason.
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