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  1. I managed to get in and sell my turnips but for disconnected just as I was about to drop a tip - will come by again later when everyone else has sold to leave you something
  2. I'm at 378 right now @Distinct muttering, add me if you want to come over and I'll open up my gates
  3. That was great, thanks Flams Left a tip with the frankly vast fortune that others have left.
  4. Has the dodo code changed? It doesn't seem to be working for me any more. edit: never mind, got the new one
  5. Gagh, I get to the front of the queue and it looks like the gates have closed!
  6. Never have I been so glad to be Flams' friend. Or at least I will be once he's online
  7. 100% chance of fluctuating for me this week, potentially scaling the dizzy heights of 133 bells... so I'll be begging for entry to someone's island later in the week!
  8. Me too, its incredible! I left a few bell vouchers outside your house, thank you!
  9. My premium item is a golden looking laptop for 70K bells. Too rich for me, but if anyone else wants one let me know!
  10. I'd love to get in on this turnip selling action if possible, plus then I'll have switch friends! I'm SW-0930-0451-9332.
  11. Nothing exciting going on for me this week, looks like I have until Weds morning to offload at a profit if nothing better comes up.
  12. I think for New Horizons someone did some reverse engineering: It's linked at the bottom of turnip prophet. I don't pretend to understand it though!
  13. The way that fifth copies work is a little opaque. There’s this thing called “the vault”, which you accrue progress towards opening as you obtain fifth copies of common and uncommon cards (and by opening packs I think?). Either way, they hide your progress towards it opening until you get to 100%. When you do open it, you’ll find it has wildcards in. For rares and mythic rares, there’s duplicate protection to prevent you getting fifth copies. If you ever get a complete set then you get gems instead. Hope that helps.
  14. If you have access to a Windows PC then the best thing to do is download Magic Arena. The tutorials there will explain all the basics, and there’s a skill progression tree which ends up unlocking basics decks in most of the colour pairs so you can get a feeling for them all.
  15. I know what you mean about the sealed format, I’ve played it twice and it was pretty crap both times with struggling to make playables.
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