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  1. I'd love a spare code for PC (my order is from cdkeys too) if anyone has one spare
  2. As far as I can tell, the only difference it makes is 2 days worth of play - the Blizz digital preorder beta is 2 days of the 6, and the last 4 are open to everyone. So I guess it depends how much 2 days is worth to you
  3. The last part is up: @U-1I have my pre-order with them too, I'd be surprised if we get the 2 days of early beta access, but we'll get the 4 days with everyone else. Then begins the longest wait until the damn thing comes out having had 4 days of it...
  4. I'm watching it now and it's wonderful. If "One More Time" doesn't bring a slight tear to your eye then you weren't there in the early noughties
  5. Thanks for the tip, I've looked into that and it sounds pretty decent. Of course, I could always just buy the Clash Pack and a Fat Box, I don't like having money anyway...
  6. That's a good point about the lands / mana cost. In Hearthstone arena I tend to value 2 and 3 drops very highly for the same reasons you mention above, so I'll keep that in mind.
  7. Thanks, really appreciate that I'd never have clicked about the choosing two colours so that's really useful. I probably would've gone mad on cards that do things like destroy artifacts since one of the few games I've played was with a friend's commander deck which used them in some god forsaken way that meant he had another whole turn within his opponents and that's biased my view of them!
  8. I'm taking my first baby steps into this game after a couple of colleagues learned that I play a lot of Hearthstone. Apparently we're doing a sealed draft from an Origins booster box next week, which sounds entertaining, but I want to get my feet wet with casual constructed too. After some research it seems that there's a Deck Builder's Toolkit and a Fat Box coming out soon, and it seems like the Fat Box might be the best value for money given the rather poor reviews that I've seen of the Toolkit. Has anyone any experience with either? (will also accept any n00b advice that will enable me to crush my opponents in the draft )
  9. PaulM


    "Showdown at Blackrock Mountain" is the first brawl. Details in spoilers
  10. I think that a lot of people misunderstand what "EU law" is in this area. The 14 day refund window only applies for download media (such as games, films) until the "performance" has begun, and I think that this is generally interpreted as to mean when you start downloading it (in fact, I think Steam and others explicitly make you acknowledge that as you purchase). Still, this is a really good move for us as consumers.
  11. That was great. I think I liked the Danaerys / Tyrion scenes the most, which is saying something after the last 15 minutes
  12. I just played 3 games whilst on skype with a couple of guys from work and had a total blast going 2-1. I bought Falstad and am having a great time with him, I managed a K;D of 18-1 so I was pretty pleased with myself. I had a game as LiLi too who I already vastly prefer to Malfurion. I see that Jaina's on offer next week, I can see myself developing a bit of a hero-buying habit... I'm Balir#1792 if anyone wants to add me for some games, I've added the people off this page, I'm too lazy go go back
  13. Ditto, and I was doing so well. All aboard, choochooooooooooo.
  14. I had 40K sitting on the server I used to play on, so I bought one when it hit its first low. Since I'm subbed anyway it'll be nice to to pay for a month or two.
  15. Wow, if it's shifted a million on Steam alone then I imagine it's done loads more than that in total, since loads of places had it cheaper and everywhere else was just giving out RSC codes. A great game, and a decent port, so well deserved in my book. I'm glad they took the time to get it right,
  16. Agreed, it's hard to put a finger on how, but they've really nailed the feeling of actually being in America. I think it's the little details that make it, like the way the asphalt on the highway alternates between proper tarmac and that white concrete stuff that they only seem to have in America.
  17. Speaking of Abercrombie, I just devoured his two Young Adult (shudder) books, Half a King and Half the World. I think it says something that I didn't even realise that the first was YA until I read the appendix. and I'm glad I didn't find out before hand and get put off as they're wonderful books. The second is stronger than the first in my opinion, but in general the characters are wonderful, and the story rips along at a fair old pace, and I'm really looking forward to the third and final one coming out in July.
  18. Cheers, ordered and activated for a mighty £12.86 because of their bizarre insistence on charging me in dollars.. Roll on 5PM
  19. Is GMG still the cheapest place to get this from? For some reason it's only showing me prices in dollars on my phone, but it works out about £12 after credit so it'd be rude not to...
  20. I got about half way through before I just gave up on it (at about the point he started to get salty about lack of flight, which is still one of the best things they did in this expansion). From what I read he had a few good points, but the guy really needs to go and play something else if it's all so terrible. There have definitely been some missteps (he's right about them stuffing up 5 mans for example), but by and large I think the game is in a much better place than it was been for years.
  21. I too went looking for a music scroll, and came out of Kara with this instead: I've always wanted my own horsepire
  22. If you're using the same account as you used in the past then you're automatically upgraded all the way to the last-but-one expansion for free, you don't need the battlechest at all. You'd just need to buy Warlords of Draenor when the time comes, or immediately if you want the free L90 boost straight away.
  23. PaulM

    PC owners.....

    Mine's in the living room, it's about the size of a microwave and basically silent so the wife doesn't mind. When she wants to watch Downton Abbey or whatever else it is that she watches these days, I turn a little corner of the lounge into my personal nerd cave by lugging a monitor out
  24. Even though I've played WoW through Cata and Mists (with breaks), this is the first expansion in ages where I've raided because I used the L90 character boost to join some RL friends on another sever, leaving my dead, old guild behind. My experience basically mirrors that of cowfields, I'm a bit surprised at how pointless Heroics are already (I've zero incentive to do them now they don't have any upgrades for me), but I'm really enjoying how my guild have managed to clear Normal Highmaul and a few of the Heroic bosses whilst raiding only 1 or 2 nights a week and with minimal prep time. I get how that might suck for someone who actually wants to put 20hrs+ a week in to the game, but I'm managing to have a great time raiding a few nights a week whilst still having lots of spare time for not-WoW things on other days of the week, which is perfect for me.
  25. PaulM


    I had a game vs a Miracle Rogue (yes, apparently people are still trying to make that work with the Auctioneer nerf...), and my opponent did not enjoy my first Burly Rockjaw Trogg, and especially didn't enjoy the subsequent Troggzor He couldn't deal with Troggzor at all for a couple of turns and once he finally did he'd already given me 3 more troggs, two of which had been buffed by him dealing with Troggzor. Suffice it to say that when I played yet another trogg once he was done with those he just rage quit. So much fun! (for me)
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