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    Personally I think that Troggzor is the best of the new legendaries (certainly of the neutral ones), followed closely by Sneed. Troggzor essentially makes your opponent play in the same way as Loatheb forces them to, as the first spell they cast gets you a 3/5, that in turn gets buffed on any subsequent spells (plus another 3/5 appears etc.). The best bit though is that rather than it just being for one turn, it persists for as long as it takes for them to kill it with minions.
  2. PaulM


    I opened 23 packs, and got Sneed's Old Shredder. Used up some dust to make Troggzor the Earthinator as well, and put together a slightly odd hunter control type deck. The unquestioned highlight so far was Sneed turning into Archmage Antonidus, and I melted a warlock's face with many, many fireballs I think I love this expansion, and especially Sneed!
  3. My guild went in on Weds and one shotted Kargath and the butcher with no problems, netting me a lovely warforged healing weapon (BIS normal ) and some new boots from the latter. Tectus was another story though, and we spent the next 13 pulls wiping mercilessly. We went back and did Tectus last night though after we realised that we didn't need keep the motes and shards separated (since that only causes them to gain accretion on heroic), so that was nice.
  4. Cheers, I'll see if I can bash through Tropico before the xmas sale and maybe pick up Banished then.
  5. I couldn't resist Tropico 5 for that price, I've been itching to buy it for a while. Am tempted to get Banished since I remember being kind of interested at launch but I think it's meant to be bastard hard?
  6. I've spent about a hour with it so far, got my ass handed to me by the natives. Perhaps going all Rambo on their asses wasn't the greatest move
  7. I wasn't going to buy this on launch, then I read a review and saw that Amazon have it for 24.99. Pre-order confirmed etc. etc.
  8. Well played, they were fun games. It's a shame I'd forgotten about the no naxx rule and only had those two decks left
  9. Does this mean that the CKII key is separate from the others in the BTA tier? I'm tempted to pick up the bundle if I can give CK2 away to a mate...
  10. I got a solid 40 hours of entertainment out of 4, I've not picked up 5 yet though since I'm waiting for it to get cheap. I think that the cries of "racism" are a bit overblown personally, but YMMV.
  11. I forgot I had other games to play I can do most evenings between 8-9:30. I'll keep an eye out for you.
  12. Yesterday's Gamesplanet deals were so bad I couldn't bring myself to type them out. They're better today though, strangely including AC4 again even cheaper... Fary Cry 3 - £3.75 Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - £4.00 Watch_Dogs Deluxe - £32.49 Total War: Rome II - £10.20 Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag - £9.99 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist - £5.00 Dragon Age 2 - £3.75 Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning - £5.00 Child of Light - £5.99 Dead Space 2 - $2.50 Battlefield 4 - £22.49 Bound By Flame - £17.99 Super Meat Boy - Ultra Edition - £2.76 Elder Scrolls Online - £24.99 Two Worlds 2 - £12.49 The Cave - £2.50 F1 2013 - £10.20
  13. Second batch of daily deals are up on gamesplanet. This time we've got: Napoleon - Total War - £3.25 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - £3.75 Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2 - £14.99 CoH2 - Digital CE - £15.00 Fallout 3 GOTY - £3.40 Deus Ex HR - Director's Cut - £5.20 Mars War Logs - £3.00 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - £3.00 Bulletstorm - £3.75 Painkiller Hell & Damnation - £4.50 X-Rebirth - £23.99 The Inner World - £5.99 Spore - £5.00 The Secret World - £10.00 Rayman Legends - £6.25 Deponia - £3.20 Magicka - £1.99 If anyone's not got Call of Juarez I can totally recommend it (as others have in the past), it's quite a different take on the FPS genre.
  14. Right now I'm skipping this gen and going PC only. It'll take one hell of an exclusive on either Bone or PS4 to make me want to get one, I've become a bit spoiled by proper 60fps gaming now and I'm not sure I can go back.
  15. PaulM


    Personally I found this one a bit trickier, it wasn't so obvious to me what deck archetype was necessary to beat each boss, in the end I just went with Modern Handlock and cleaned up. The class challenges were a mixed bag - the hunter one felt like total RNG bullshit, you either lucked out and got some decent beasts or you were screwed through no real fault of your own. The Mage one was better, I finished it first attempt but it was a bit touch and go in the middle, I guess it comes down to whether you duplicate the right minions or not. On to heroic now, I'm looking forward to it as it's where the meat of the game was for me last time
  16. The 360 pad on the Mac is a bit hit and miss in my experience. I think I've used the one here before and it's worked well in most games, but then you get the odd one like Borderlands 2 which has its own controller support implemented on the Mac version and doesn't work if you have the above driver installed, so you have to go through the faff of removing it.
  17. I got emailed by isthereanydeal earlier today because Saints Row IV has dropped below a fiver for the first time on gamesplanet.com. Turns out that they have a summer sale starting today, it's the first time I've seen Tropico 5 under £20 as well, but I think that Tropico and I still need some time apart after my 40 hour tropico 4 binge... Oh, and they have AC4 for £12.50 as well, which is the cheapest I've seen it.
  18. Shall we just defer it to Weds? 9:30 onwards is a bit late for me (I have small children, I'm in bed by 10 )
  19. Well if gamesplanet ever let me buy it, you're on
  20. I tried to pick up the PC version of this for £4 this morning but the site that's offering it seems to be failing all payments. A shame, because it sounds like a lot of fun! Plus Montell, who doesn't want Montell?
  21. I'm away over the weekend but after 8pm one night next week sounds good. I might be wrecked on Monday night so let's say Tuesday?
  22. tnman and I just played our games, I won 2-0 with a Handlock and Midrange Shammy despite some wonky misplays on my behalf
  23. PaulM


    That drives me nuts! I guess it's because I come from playing Starcraft where it's gl/hf and gg from both players at the end, saying "Thank you" to someones gg is just bad manners If someone's deliberately drawing out their turns or otherwise BMing me loads during a game then on my last turn I'll take my time to change my card back to the rainbow one, then WP them one last time before killing them. I'm as bad as them, clearly.
  24. PaulM


    It's not even the first week, it's until the whole thing is unlocked it seems. I've already paid to unlock all the wings, because I'm terrible at saving gold. I'm withholding judgement as to whether it's good value or not until I've seen the whole lot, it'll be interesting to see if they ramp the difficulty in the same way as they did with the raid in WoW.
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