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  1. It's not stored anywhere, you need to use WoWTorrentEx (here) to extract the torrent from the .exe. You'll have 4 more patches after you've got the first client file for about 600MB, so it's definitely worth doing
  2. Wow, I just got mailed a beta key from Blizz, and I have no idea why. Oh well, best not to look a gift horse in the mouth Account upgraded, here comes the download...
  3. Well Nook seems to have a spotlight product in today - a Throne for 800,000 bells! A little out of my price range
  4. I added you and tried to visit, but you didn't show up as a town I could go to - I'll try again in a little bit
  5. I thought they asked you on random days - well, time to find out, I'll keep hammering the A button
  6. Bah, so I've found a massive downside to Octavian from gamestyl moving in - he seems to have been taught the word "cock" as his slang word, and he's gradually spreading it around my animals I've started beating him over the head with my net to try and get him to move out, but I think I'm going to have to force out Lobo as well seeing as he's also learnt it As far as I can tell there's no way to really change what the animals say, I just hope I can get those two out before they all get it :S
  7. I appear to have gained a new resident, Octavian has moved in from gamestyl, which I think was Matt's town. On the down side, it looks like my penguin wants to move out, fingers crossed I can persuade him to stay!
  8. I've added you too, thanks
  9. I think I'll have to get in on this Turnip game this week Assuming that I can scrape together some more cash seeing as I just gave all mine to Nook!
  10. I handed in a 42 inch somethingorother this week, to get beaten by a 95 inch Tuna caught by a bloody penguin! Next week I'll get him...
  11. Thanks to Alex, Alia and Matt I've had a great day - finally got the upgrade to Nookington's happening tomorrow, and I've paid off my mortgage! Extra floor here I come
  12. Thanks to everyone who came over tonight, it was great having 3 people wondering around my town Nook's announced that he's closing tomorrow, so it looks like mission accomplished! I earned enough cash to upgrade my house as well, Nook lead me to believe that I'm getting another storey \n/
  13. Added both of you. The gates are open from now til about 10-ish for this evening, hope to see some of you soon (Oh, and I just got some Bowling Pins from Ninty, yay )
  14. Just adding both of you now, thanks so much!
  15. I've just re-started playing this again, and I think that I need someone to come to my town and buy something from Nookways in order to get my Nookington's upgrade My Friend code is in my Sig, so if anyone's around tonight just let me know and the gates will be open! I also have lots of different types of fruit if anyone wants it
  16. I'm 4 pages late, but I have one toooo
  17. Brilliant, good to see the botting scum get what's coming to them! I particularly enjoyed the posts where people lost their epiced out characters.
  18. I'm about half way through AADB, I've really enojoyed it so far. Apparently his next book will be a Culture novel, so I'm looking forward to that Edit: I posted this before I read all the other Culture love in this thread. I must say that I think you've all captured exactly what it is that I love about those books aswell - all the small things that just go to making Banks' universe feel real, and yet at the same time are just so *cool*
  19. I think the problem is that the level of organisation it takes to run them. I don't see 40 man L60 PUGs going to them, and given that all the expansion raid content is capped at 25 man I don't think there will be many/any groups big enough to raid the 40 man instances at 60(ish).
  20. To be fair to blizzard, I can see their conundrum. Do you make BWL etc. pointless, or do you trivialise the expansion content for people who have raided extensively pre expansion? I get the feeling that with this expansion Blizz are really aiming to remove, or at least minimise, the gear gap between raiders and non raiders (e.g. through the variable difficulty 5 mans etc.) and I think that by making the exisiting tier gear obselete pretty quickly they're just trying to baseline everyone again.
  21. I play fairly closely zoomed in as well, so he's the odd one
  22. I know it's kinda obvious from the URL, but you might want to tag that NSFW
  23. I don't buy it, wouldn't the final talent in the resto tree mean free healing for targets with less than 20% health once you've put 5 points in it?
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