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  1. Indeed. It's really hard to tell, imho, whether they're so imba that they're fake, or whether every L70 talent tree is going to look imba to our lowly level-60 eyes...
  2. Here they are: Prot: Vitality - requires 20, 5 point talent Increases your total Stamina by 2% Contingency Planning, requires 25, 1 point talent While active, you retain all your rage when changing stances. Lasts 10 sec Adaptive Thinking, requires 30, 3 point talnt Increases you Defense skill by 25 for 4 sec after being the victim of a crushing blow or critical strike Spell Warding, requies 35, 5 point talent Increases all resistances by 4 and reduces the chance you are hit by spells and ranged attacks by 2% Spell Absorption, requires 5 pts in spell warding, 40 points in prot, requires shields, requires def. stance Gives you a 25% chance to absorb 25% of any hostile spell damage and add the damage to your next shield bash or shield slam Arms Precision, requires 25 points, 3 pt talent Improves your chance to hit with melee weapons 1% Weapon Mastery, requires 30 points, 5 pt talent Increases your attack power by 1% and your skill with all weapons by 1 Juggernaut, requires 30, 3 pt talent Increeases the chance movement impairing effects will be resisted by 8% Windwalk, requires 35 When activated, you become invisible for a short time and your next melee attack generates bonus rage. Lasts 20 seconds or until you enter combat Improved Windwalk, requires 35, 1 pt in windwalk, 3pt talent Increases your movement speed and critical strike chance while invisble by 10% Titan Grip Requires 5 pts in Weapon Mastery, requires 40 pts Allows you to equip Two-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Maces, and Two-Handed Swords in one hand, but decreases your melee damage by 20% Fury Endless Rage, requires 25 points Reduces the rage cost of your next ability by 100% (1min cooldown) Barbarity, requires 5 pts in flurry, 30 in fury. 5pt talent Your critical strokes with melee weapons have a 2% chance to increase your movement speed by 50% and make you immune to movement impairing effects. This effect lasts 8 seconds Improved Whirlwind, requires 35 points, 3 pt talent Increeases the critical strike chance of your whirlwind ability by 5% Bloodfeast, requires 1 pt in Bloodthirst, 35 points in fury) Consume all Bleed effects on an enemy, instantly dealing the total damage of each effect and healing you for 50% of the damage done Furious Throw, requires 40 in fury Hurls your weapon at an enemy. Deals 200% weapon damage but disarms you for 2s. I didn't type all the cooldowns and everything else, couldn't be arsed.
  3. Link to alleged warrior talents here Take a look at Titan Grip in the Arms tree. If true, then it's just ever so slightly imba, which makes me kinda doubt whether it is
  4. I had the same problem with my pally (I was stuck on the WSG scoreboard). Logging out, then logging in and watching the WSG load screen for 10 mins sorted it out. But it did take at least 10 minutes to get from the load screen to magically appearing back in IF.
  5. I couldn't agree more - they're a business in the end, and there's no way that the management of Blizz are going to miss Christmas / Thanksgiving, whether it's ready or not.
  6. Well, that's one article on a site I've never heard of against every other site I've seen on the net. I've not seen any press release from Blizzard actually saying that it'll be next year in the US, and the burning crusade FAQ still says Q4 this year. Still, I guess I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't out until next year, knowing Blizz
  7. Ooh, might have to pick that up, as I've really liked most of his other books. Thanks to everyone else in this thread by the way, I've had some good recommendations already (really enjoyed Freakonomics and Undercover Economist, I'd especially recommend the latter to anyone with even a passing interest in how the world seems to work today)
  8. You probably already know, but they won't do transfers from ER to Ravenholdt since they don't do PVE to PVP realm transfers
  9. Hi everyone, I joined up last night, thanks for making me feel welcome I made L7 in the 2 hours or so that I was on, so maybe I'll be in to double figures by the end of the weekend
  10. So it's only been a week or so since Anthems, but here are the first 10 tracks for Legends, shamelessly stolen from Eurogamer: * Elton John - "Rocket Man"; * The Beach Boys - "Surfin' USA"; * The Police - "Roxanne"; * Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire"; * The Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"; * Tina Turner - "What's Love Got To Do With It?"; * John Lennon - "Imagine"; * Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"; * Ben E King - "Stand By Me"; * David Bowie - "Life On Mars?"; * The Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody". Full article here Guess I'll be adding this to the collection...
  11. We'll get her next time, that's for sure
  12. Paladin - I really enjoy my paladin still, even after about 30 days played time. People moan about their DPS, but I find it to be really gear dependent. As such, during levelling you'll have periods where the DPS feels rubbish, but then you'll get a weapon upgrade and it'll feel great again. Mine has a couple of nice epic pointy things, so I don't really have a problem with DPS any more. Whilst it's possible to kill things on auto-attack, if you have a little bit of imagination you can kill things quite a lot quicker with the right judgements etc. Priest - So far only got to L40, but I'm loving the shadowy goodness. Not had to do a great deal of healing so far, but the ability to effectively empty my mana bar, and as a result just melt anything stupid enough to attack me is very satisfying Soul tap ftw also. Warlock - Only got to L16, but they seem fun. Killing things with DoTs is quite different to the other classes I've played, I'm looking forward to getting more pets, and to getting to a bit higher level to see why loads of people round here love them so much!
  13. PL take non-guildies raiding on ER Alliance side. We only do ZG at the moment, one day we'll move on the AQ20 as well I'm in another non-guild raid group (Hope) for MC, so it's definately possible to do it without leaving your guild on ER.
  14. That's the problem, now that I've seen the screens side by side it's really made me want one, the DS lite screen makes the colours on the DS screen seem so washed out, and that's before you even start talking about the screen brightness
  15. Gagh, my fiance got her black one of these from Gameplay yesterday, and now I want to junk my DS phat and go and get one too. I confess I haven't read all 133 pages of this thread, so in general do people think it's worth dropping another £100 for this?
  16. My nildram connection (8Mb) is completely solid, you sure it's not just the WoW server?
  17. I'll have you know that I'm not retri spec... And I've got a polearm, not a hammer
  18. Well for me at least, I post more on my guild / raid group forums than I do here, but that's more because most of the other people here are nasty stinking hordies so I never see them in game, so little to talk about with them Oh, and I completely agree with staying away from the official forums, there's basically only whine threads there in my experience (nerf shamans/paladins, casuals vs. raiders etc. etc. etc.)
  19. PaulM


    I found the exact opposite funnily enough, 50-60 were the most fun levels in the game for me. The quests seemed to be a lot better thought out by and large, and finally getting to see those areas that I'd heard people going on about for ages was cool
  20. Good choice, as you need at least Friendly rep with AD to get your paladin epic mount (although if you do Strat / scholo and the WPL/EPL quests you won't have any problems getting to Friendly)
  21. It's been these weekly ZG runs that have saved the game for me, so come along!
  22. Mine arrived yesterday from Movietyme - to begin with I was 52, but as of this morning I have the brain of a 22 year old (Only 3 years younger than reality, but I was expecting to be classed as senile so I'm really rather happy)
  23. I have a PDF version of James' 40-50 guide, I can email it to you if you PM me your address (file size is 1.5MB fyi)
  24. Well, when I started out in WoW (over a year ago now I guess) it was because it was Warcraft, a franchise that I've always loved since the first game came out. These days it's probably the fact that PL raids Zul'Gurub that keeps me playing, the rush of 20 people working together to bring down a great big boss is great, especially the first time you do each one. When you have that to aim for, the runs of the smaller instances to get the gear to enable you to be better at it suddenly feels like it has a reason behind it, rather than it just being an endless grind to improve your stats. I guess the social aspect of it all ties in with this, if PL wasn't such a great guild I can't see why I'd still be playing, or why I'd be levelling a couple of alts to have more character choices for the raids
  25. I think I remember you helping Thela and I kill elite dragon's for an age to try and get a quest drop, that was a while ago! We could always do with another epic'd up rogue to go do ZG with us, so come join the light
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