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  1. Well I've caved and just ordered it from there too, for that price it seems rude not to. Fingers crossed it'll be here for my birthday on Monday
  2. £12.99 through Movietyme, delivered. Methinks they'll be getting my order soon
  3. Bah, way too much Paladin hating in this thread I've had a L60 paladin for a while now, and it's great! Admittedly my guild is only big enough to raid Zul Gurub (20 man), but there's a lot more to do than just buff and heal. I lose count of the number of times that the group's paladins have been instrumental in stopping a wipe with our combination of healing and staying power, even if it does take us a while to kill things! So in summary: paladins are great, everyone else should learn2play
  4. I play WoW on wireless the whole time, and I've never had a problem at either 11 or 54Mbps.
  5. Well I've got the client installed and I can connect to the server, so fingers crossed it'll be more than me and Tracer
  6. Cheers for having me over Don, hopefully I'll have 8 sparkly new fruit trees soon!
  7. Hi all, I finally managed to get my copy of this today, so if anyone doesn't mind me "borrowing" some of their fruit then please add me and let me know My friend code is 0000-6536-0507.
  8. If you're still around I'd love to come and get some fruit, my friend code is 0000-6536-0507 (Balir of Valen). If not, then next week it is
  9. Just got this from my fiance today (potentially the greatest Valentine's day present ever ), so hopefully I'll be seeing some of you in my town in future! I'll post my friends code to the "Open All Hours" thread once I work out what it is, and you're all welcome to come and collect peaches off my trees.
  10. And there was me thinking that my sig might've given it away
  11. Nah, there are loads of us Alliance on ER, we just have our own forum so we don't junk up this one unlike that lot ^^ If you're looking for a guild, check us out here
  12. The min spec has definately gone up to 10.3.9, if you don't have broadband to get it then good luck getting the 100MB+ WoW patches
  13. Congrats! That'll be PL one day, mark my words
  14. Agreed, it nearly had me in tears at my desk
  15. PaulM

    Mario Kart Ds

    Bah, I kept getting disconnected with some strange error message, will be on this time most nights, have added Mr Do and Brucey to my friends list.
  16. PaulM

    Mario Kart Ds

    I only got this for xmas so I'll add you to my friends list, am on now My friend code is 163270 556027. Anyone else?
  17. Thought it might've been Even if they are the same people, I'm not sure what it proves. Afterall it wouldn't be the first time that bit part actors have tried to get famous by going on a reality TV show. On the other hand, anything with Johnny Vaughn in it must be evil in some way...
  18. Don't know if anyone's posted a link to this already: POTENTIAL BIG, BIG SPOILER! Very interesting if true, and it all seems strangely plausible to me...
  19. I'd disagree actually, there's till 15 or so people on most nights, we seem to have recruited enough people to fill in the gaps (that and some of the people in the guild had stopped actively playing lon before the PVP-RP realms appeared)
  20. There appears to be a Mac client on the download page, I'm going to give it a go installing it on my powerbook edit: Ignore me, that was the server! Apparently there's a client in development though, which is nice
  21. A friend of mine has a 42" LG Plasma that suffers from delay as well, it makes playing Eye Toy particularly difficult. I don't think it's a HD set, but I could be wrong as it does take VGA / DVI input at seemingly quite high res.
  22. Sounds like a nice variation on the BG theme, it seems suitably warcraft-y as well so I'm happy!
  23. I figured that Alterac was sort of BF like, I guess maybe it'll be a bit like a shrunk down version of that then. Here's hoping for catapults though
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