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  1. Mine's showing up as being picked from Gameplay as well, but no sign of whether it's alliance or horde pack yet. Gameplay have normally got (1st class) stuff delivered to me a day early before, which'll give me plenty of time to get it installed and to download the inevitable patches
  2. Mine's to try and not become so addicted that my girlfriend leaves me
  3. PaulM

    Server Choice

    Since I wasn't on the beta I'll go with what you guys are saying and vote for PvE. By the sounds of it if we can get on a small-ish server then everything should be fine
  4. My significant other has finally caved, and the preorder is in At the moment I'm contemplating a Night Elf Druid, not sure about skills yet, although I suspect that I'll spend the rest of the day at work reading the WoW website Edit: After some consideration I'll go for skinning and leatherworking I think (along with cooking etc. as secondaries)
  5. Fuck it then, I might have to leave work right now...
  6. I got exactly the same thing, I'll be off home from work a bit early today to check if it's in my postbox
  7. I couldn't stand the first one, mostly because I'd made the mistake of going to see a film that I'd actually read the book of... The film plot was completely different to the book, so I'm sort-of interested to see what the second film's about.
  8. Going off on a bit of a hed kandi tip: Kiss Kiss Kiss - The Ananda Project - Soulful, laidback house, equally at home on the beach as at the end of a night out Put Em High - Stonebridge - Proper hands in the air disco house, which deserves to cross over when it gets a CD release later this year Empty Streets - Late Night Alumni - Another great end of night track Will I (Discover Love) (Mediterranean Vocal Mix) - DJ Chuus & Concha Buika - Only just heard this, but I reckon it's destined to be a classic I could go on and on, but I'd better stop
  9. No they don't, they use an IBM PowerPC 970, an entirely IBM designed chip derived from the POWER 4 (I work for IBM Systems and Technology Group so I should know )
  10. allofmp3.com is only legal if you're in Russia, so there's definately something dodgy there I don't think that 79p is too bad for an individual track, but I can't see myself buying many albums for £7.90.
  11. Not according to this article: link They say that Links, Amped, and TopSpin are still on, quoting XSN's boss as the source...
  12. The Simpsons is currently on Season 15 in the US. And the Futurama box sets are out cheap (£15.99 a season on play.com) from Monday - I've got 2,3 and 4 on preorder to complete my set
  13. Just a Little More Love (Wally Lopez Mix) - David Guetta feat. Chris Willis. Most useful for trying to keep up the work motivation on a Friday afternoon
  14. It could be And the whole cores thing means that the fanboys can argue forever!
  15. I think we're much more likely to see a multi-core PowerPC in the Xbox 2 than 4 separate processors - whether it's two dual core CPUS or one 4 core CPU. The upcoming Power5, which the xbox2 chip is rumoured to be based off (or the PPC 980 derivative), can have up to 8 cores per CPU so fitting 4 on wouldn't be too much of a problem. The advantage of this is that you cut down on latencies in interchip communications and hopefully it'll be a bit cheaper to manufacture.
  16. The War of the Rings games looks like it's Warcraft III with LoTR character models - not played it mind, it's just that they've either licensed the engine (which I suspect) or ripped off WCIII so completely that even the menus are the same
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