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    Have been loving this, have only spent £4 so far on cards, the rate at which you get gold is pretty good I feel as long as you have some patience.
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    I'm really looking forward to this hitting open beta since I've resigned myself to not lucking out with a beta key. I worry slightly about how much money Blizz will hoover from my pocket, but then I suppose it's just a bit less to gaben...
  3. Seems like someone's yoinked that key without saying thanks, so even though I didn't get it, thanks anyway
  4. How many keys does it come as? What I'm really asking is whether CK2 comes as a separate key I guess, I already have it and want to give it to a mate.
  5. Pitchfork have a stream up of Hot Natured's album ahead of its release next month. The visualiser is the work of Satan himself, but don't let that put you off if you've been a fan of their house-pop up to now, as it's plenty more of the same!
  6. God, just off that one sound clip that's going to be an instabuy.
  7. I finally got on and picked Lich in single draft. Actually had a good game since 3 of us on our team seem to have actually played DOTA before (me + shadow shaman in the top lane, and drow in the mid) vs a team of people who were loading it up for the first time. It wasn't really a good game from the perspective of it being balanced or in any way fair, but it was nice being on the dishing out end for once I still love Lich, I know he's an easy character, but I love his ulti so, so much...
  8. I'm watching last night's game and "working" at the same time. It makes me want to play more, not because I want particularly want to get good at it, but more so that I'm at least familiar with all the heroes' different abilities. I'm loving watching it, but it does feel like most of it is sailing over my head.
  9. What a game, Orange dominated them imho.
  10. Loving it so far, super aggressive play.
  11. What's happening to me? I'm watching esports live and actually getting quite excited about it! I'm quite amazed by the production values on the official twitch stream (http://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti) , there's a studio and presenters and everything!
  12. Thanks I used to play a healer when I raided in WoW, so it bought back memories, and it was far more satisfying since frankly it was infinitely more hectic!
  13. My god, what a game that was! 5 of us from The Muk going up a not half bad crew, featuring a Pudge that kept harassing us like a fat little bitch for the opening part of the game. We managed to turn it around, including a heroic (if I do say so myself) defence of the top lane against a tri-lane by Dazzle (i.e. me ) and bought it all to a glorious victory. Dazzle is now my new favourite character, felt like I could properly support the team with a combination of an ulti that seems to be up most of the time, his chain heal and the mighty shallow grave. Anyway, I don't remember the last time I had such a rush from a video game, probably raiding in WoW years and years ago. I might have to buy another key in celebration
  14. Cheers In other news, I just watched the Navi/LGD game 2 from yesterday
  15. I've played all of 14 games against other actual humans now, and I'm thinking maybe it's time to dip my toes outside the limited heroes pool and give AP a go. I was thinking just randoming AP for the next 6 months to at least try and play them all, is this a good plan?
  16. You're welcome turns out that Erstaz already has a key, so 2 more going to the first 2 people to post here or PM me. edit: all gone, sorry!.
  17. It so happens that 2 more keys have found their way into my grubby paws, one is on its way to you if you still need one.
  18. I had my first public game tonight where I felt like I was actually pulling my weight! Was a 45 minute one, as Lich, ended up L25 with an anganim's and those crazy frosty shoulders that I can't remember the name of, and it was godlike we won after our second concerted push post the 40 minute mark, but it was pretty close for the first 25 minutes or so, so was satisfying to turn the tide and take it to a win. There's a separate solo championship that I don't really understand. As far as I can remember its fixed heroes and mid lane only or something.
  19. Does anyone know how the item drop system whilst watching on twitch works? I've linked my Steam account with my Twitch account, I bought a Compendium last night, so if I watch on something like beyondthesummit might Smeevil Snacks drop into my inventory? I might just use the Dota2 client to be on the safe side... Going back to the Compendium for a second, I got a Immortal Weapon for Spirit Hunter along with it. Apparently worth about £3, I was all tempted to sell it, but then I made the mistake of having a game playing as her for the first time, with it equipped, and it makes her glow with blue fire.... so pretty.... It helped that SH was actually really fun to play too, I love her ulti (swap places with targeted hero), was great for ganking by swapping an opposing hero next to my tower
  20. Just sending you the last key I have now.
  21. On its way. edit: 1 left, if no one pipes up within the next couple of hours it goes to a forumite's mate.
  22. I had exactly the same experience when I started cranking the difficulty up, you've inspired me to try an even harder one tonight (assuming that I don't get sucked into DotA2 again...)
  23. It's not Steam (at all), but since this is basically the PC gaming thread, I have 3 beta invites for Card Hunter to give to the first three people that ask for them (assuming there are 3 people that want them ). If you've not heard of it, it's kind of an online collectable card game, but you play it as if it's a D&D campaign. The cards you get are armour and weapons for your characters (so it has the whole loot fixation thing going on for it), so it's quite unusual there. Be warned, it is "free to play", but I've not felt that I need to buy anything to have fun with it, YMMV.
  24. I think that it's basically because you're asking the AI to give up the only "1" they have of silk (for example), so they ask you for a stupid amount of stuff in recompense. If you can find someone that has 2 of something (so one spare), they'll usually let you have it for 243gpt if you're on at least Neutral terms with them (at least I think that was the number back in G&K)
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