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  1. Just played a game as dragon knight, fucking hell I was awful... edit: The following game I played as Lich, I love his ultimate so hard....
  2. I'm just nearing the end of my first game as Venice. Their twist (no settlers, no annexing) is certainly making me play very differently to my usual "tool up and murder" approach, having the extra trade routes is great, I'm raking in about 500 gpt a turn and it's only around 1850. I've not used my Merchants of Venice to puppet very many city states, just the ones that get me extra luxury resources, and I even stopped doing that once I realised I had way more happiness than I could realistically use thanks to just having a handful of cities. Thanks to all my cash I own every single remaining city state, so I'm just waiting for the united nations to show up and I'll go for a diplomatic (or failing that cultural) victory I guess. Definitely time to try harder difficulties again I think. As Rome, naturally Cheers for this, I thought I understood happiness but there were several subtleties there that were new to me, it'll help a lot.
  3. Agreed, they've done a really good job of integrating all the new stuff, to the point where after a couple of games I find it hard to imagine playing it without all the new bits.
  4. Hopefully I will be on between 8 and 8:30, chores permitting!
  5. Hehe, fortunately not! I have the kind that runs us ragged all day with her boundless energy and then sleeps solidly for 12 hours. Which I suppose is the best kind!
  6. Cheers, guess it's time to work out how much of it overlaps with our timezone then. Not Very Much I'd wager, given that I've usually passed out at half 10 thanks to having a toddler.
  7. Welcome, join the madness! In other news, does anyone know how item drops work with The International 3 Compendium? Do I have to be watching the matches live or will replays do? I'm actually quite interested in watching the tournament, but the hat-lust has got me bad (and I'm worried about the time zone difference), so I want to know how many hats I might be in line for should I pony up this evening. (hahahaha "if", who am I fucking kidding....)
  8. Don't forget if you have any steam credit from selling trading cards, that can be used in the dota shop! I used it all up in the Steam sale, but I have a few more to sell... that'll help justify it! This could turn into quite an expensive game
  9. Right, I need some help. I keep looking at the store and thinking "20p for a chest + £1.59 for a key, might get a sweet courier..." I'm not the kind of person that plays lottery scratch cards, and this is basically the same, but my wallet is itching.... I've only played this game for 10 hours or so, this is madness, someone talk me out of it!
  10. I'd finally got up to Prince difficulty and won just before the expansion dropped, I'm playing through my first few games one notch lower. I've never had any luck with playing on the higher difficulty settings, but then I have only put in 100 hours so I'm a massive n00b obviously.
  11. So what you're saying is that is should pick drow ranger every single game I play until it stops working?
  12. I think it helped that I'd just downloaded an iPhone app (companion for dota2 or something), and it very helpfully told me a build order and what times to get beyond the basics. Very handy when you have no clue and a crap memory
  13. Man, I'm playing Drow Ranger every game from now on! I was in shock with almost every kill, it was as if the Zeus especially was just trying to feed me. The highlight had to be when 3 of them showed up in mid, I panicked like a little girl and called for help, by the time Lich (can't remember who was who, sorry ) got there I'd killed them all. Fun times!
  14. Any top 10 that doesn't have at least one civilization game in it is a farce. I trust you will all be correcting your opinions post haste.
  15. I've added you before tetchy but I don't know if you added me back, I've some turnips to shift if you don't mind
  16. I could do with cashing out, so if you don't mind feldini can you add me please! Code in my sig.
  17. This. Oh god this. Heard it as part of this mix, Dusky recorded live on the Space Terrace for We Love... https://soundcloud.com/duskymusic/live-at-we-love-space-ibiza
  18. Whoop, just won my first game played against hu-mons. More through luck than judgement I think, as there was no communication at all. I liked playing Warlock, being able to heal people is very handy.
  19. I also really recommend the ENTER. Ibiza 2013 compilation to anyone who's into their techno/tech house. It's a 4 disk jobby, each one themed around a different room in the club. The first is the ENTER.Sake room (Sunset Terrace I think), which is still pretty bouncy, then there's the terrace mix which gets a bit chunkier, followed by Paco Osuna in the Discoteca for ENTER.Main, which is when shit gets serious Again much volume is needed there. Was a bit surprised that Richie Hawtin didn't mix that one himself, but there we are. The last mix is Matthew Hawtin with some frankly slightly odd electronica from (I guess) the Premier Etage for ENTER.Air, but all in all it's well worth seeking out.
  20. I picked up Defected's new Loco Dice in the House this morning. To start with I thought it was a bit meh, then I swapped my all-right foldable headphones for my M50s, ratcheted the volume up to LOUD, and it turns out to be totally amazing. Banging is perhaps the best word to describe it
  21. I'll give the overlay a go this evening and see, thanks
  22. I've got 2 TL2s and a Dead Island that I don't need, if anyone wants them just add me on Steam and message me
  23. My experience doesn't tally with this, which is why I was so surprised. I mean, I'm sure that if I measured the frame rates the Windows versions would be faster, but I play WoW, SC2, Portal 2 etc. on the same computer and the frame rate, stability etc is fine, DotA2 is much, much worse.
  24. Yeah, the Mac version is really shoddy still in my opinion. I'm not sure they really should've launched it as is, the announcer doesn't work as you said, and the performance is abysmal compared to the Windows version the same machine. The sound stutters, the graphics quality isn't as high, I could go on, but I'm sure it'll get better sooner or later.
  25. I have a spare Torchlight 2 now if anyone wants it. Don't want anything in trade. edit: And a Chivalry never mind, gone to Tyagi
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