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  1. Ok yes you have a good point, and it's not thaaat recent, but I can't help but jump in and mention the amazingly brutal death in Jurassic World where a woman gets picked up and flung around in mid-air from Pterodactyl to Pterodactyl then falls into some water but the Pterodactyls dive in after her and continue pecking her to bits but finally some giant sea dinosaur whale thing I can't remember the name of devours both her and a Pterodactyl in one bite. Kinda similar
  2. John0

    Formula One 2021

    @mexos these bets are crazy! I'd actually love to be wrong and for Perez to surprise everyone but surely the sensible money is on him getting destroyed by Max. This is pretty much the same Perez who beat Ocon by *checks* 13 points in 2018. Little more checking and Ocon actually outqualified him 16-5 that year! Think the RP flattered both him and Stroll a bit last year.
  3. John0

    NFL 2020!

    I came in with not a lot of context but felt bad for Mahomes in the end. Guy took a beating and was throwing from all kind of angles whilst being tackled, and occasionally in mid-air, and nothing really went for him. Obviously Buccs deserved it though. Shame it wasn't more of a game.
  4. I really enjoyed Derek's interview with Dan Gheesling on Dan's podcast: https://dangheesling.libsyn.com/107-derek-yu-creator-of-spelunky-2-in-depth-interview There's a lot about Spelunky, but also about his life making games when he was younger, and about his family/daughter now. As always he seems like such a super wholesome guy . Definitely worth checking out.
  5. I think the Temple might be for high score, because of the CoG? But there may well may be more reasons.. knowing Derek Yu there's probably multiple reasons for everything.
  6. John0

    Pokemon Go

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-25-pokemon-go-errors-catapult-player-into-first-place-in-race-to-level-50 Niantic have managed to give one single player a boost to level 50 whilst handicapping everyone else Edit: Seems like it was more than 1 player.. and we now have our first Level 50! In.. kinda odd circumstances..
  7. The Jungle feels more manageable to me, like you're more in control of your own destiny. Though I'm not sure how demonstrably true that actually is
  8. John0


    The youtube playlist seems to be quite comprehensive this time around: link
  9. @Super Stop and Shop I tried to mostly avoid spoilers at the beginning and found that the combination of not knowing what to do plus dying constantly was a bit much and realised that I had stopped playing altogether. So just started to look stuff up instead and the game opened up again. So from personal experience I would say wait until you have basically just stopped playing, or the idea of playing isn't very tempting - and then look something up. One thing I will say is that, as you might expect, I think if you discover the answer one of those questions the answers to
  10. It's been tweaked and balanced in small ways. For example, like Jimmy said, I think there is now a touch more invincibility when exiting/entering doors, and there are now slightly fewer mob spawns in the dwelling. There are probably a few more refinements like this, but it's very largely still the same game. It is very frustrating though, no doubt. I agree that it trades a little more unfairness for a richer and "bigger" experience - for better or worse I guess is down to personal preference. Enjoyed the discussion we had on the grey areas of unfairness in the thread after launch,
  11. Where is this "I hate Hades" thread? I can't find it...
  12. Oh also, for those that are doing the daily challenge on PS4 please add me. I'm "SlimmJD" on PSN. I need more friends on my daily challenge leaderboard
  13. I actually realised that, as long as the shopkeeper doesn't have a locked door and a key then you can just pick up the shotgun immediately after roping and then run off. Managed to get Speedlunky a day or two after typing that message using this. If the shop has bombs you come away with a shotgun and 12 bombs, and with a bit of luck that's enough to get you to Tiamat with the required gun, 2 rope and 1 bomb for the quick win. Yeah I think 99% of it is just about perseverance, though I think I might call just getting to CO my endgame and be happy about that . I think watch
  14. Got my first Hundun win this evening! Actually took the bow all the way as well, but didn't dare try and get the arrow as it was my first time in the Sunken City and I am a massive wuss. Video of the last 10 mins if anyone's interested, was quite a moment to run out of bombs!
  15. I never got Speedlunky on the first one, but started to have a pop at it last night after watching Dan Gheesling's recent 6-7 minute run. It actually feels kind of doable. I'm using the strategy to rob shopkeepers where you rope to stun and then just run.. but don't suppose anyone knows a reliable way to take the shotgun too? I reckon a shotgun (for Tiamat) and a green bomb box to quickly deal with anything that looks run ending would be enough to get me through it all. Was in Neo Babylon on about 7-8 mins last night but died trying to relieve a Bouncer of his shotgun.
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