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  1. Jeez if Red Bull suddenly lose 3 tenths on the straights that's the season done. It's 2018 all over again!
  2. So (although I know this is still an if) if we assume that Bottas is losing his seat to Russell in 2022 and all the parties are aware of this, does this shine a bit of a new light on Russell thinking Bottas did a little dirty twitch on him in Imola? Not that I think Bottas did, or want to defend Russell's outburst, but maybe his overreaction now adds up a liiittle bit more.
  3. Finished Informer last night (BBC series from 2018). Thought it was very good buuut...
  4. Bottas admitting it in his post race interview was even more bizarre. The pass was so easy in the end he could have just claimed he'd let him past to keep up appearances, but he just said he had to concentrate on his race and the pit window to Leclerc so he couldn't think about anyone else's race. Being a team player has been one of, if not the, best reason for Merc to keep him on. Why throw that away now? Unless the writing is already on the wall.
  5. Merc definitely got the second call right and the strategy overall obviously. But I'm still a bit confused about why they seemingly gave up track position after Red Bull's long first stop. They only went four laps longer because they then had to cover Bottas from jumping them. And then only ran a short middle stint anyway. What did those extra four laps buy them that it was worth giving up first position on track for? Feels like it's a bit less of a strategy masterclass than everyone is making out and Hamilton probably would have made it work anyway, baring any major screw ups.
  6. Just caught up on the FE race. What a race! Loved it. General sentiment seems a bit down on it on here? But this is the most I've ever followed FE this season and I've been really enjoying it. 7 different winners from 7 races is that now? I like the mix of genuinely good racing like yesterday, and the shambolic chaos of something like Valencia Edit: just watched [REDACTED] jump into the pool. Great stuff.
  7. Not that close in the end but that's still the best showing we've seen from Williams in a "normal" race for quite some time. Was genuinely pretty pumped when Russell was catching Alonso for 10th! Another good race! Max and Lewis have been side-by-side in every race so far. Though seems like Merc are ominously edging away. Think Max made that way more interesting than it had any right to be today.
  8. Might be an outside chance of points for Williams here! Race pace looks ok and they stole pitstops under the SC.
  9. Looked like Riccardo didn't make the line for his final lap there. Really good from Ocon, showing his qualifying pace from 2018 a bit more. Norris still can't get Q3 quite right , looked like the track devolved for his fresh set maybe. Leclerc managed it though!
  10. Sounds like Red Bull are a little way off Merc on the long runs. Also, Alpine looking surprisingly very strong.
  11. Even though it was announced in 2004 I still think about an abandoned GBA game called Pirate Battle sometimes. It looks like Advance Wars / Fire Emblem. But with pirates. There is a note from one of the devs here about it: https://www.unseen64.net/2008/04/07/pirate-battle-gba-cancelled/
  12. Got to admit this hasn't gripped me as it has others. The actual photo taking bit is a nice relaxing bit of fun but there's a lot of annoying cut-scenes (at the start at least) that pad out the information you actually need to hear with tiresome back and forth from the charmless characters. The UI seems a bit off and things like your control settings not applying to the tutorial makes it feel a bit unfinished/unpolished. The way the star ratings and scores work is a bit unintuitive, and the requests system is confusing. I swear I have taken the exact photo requested a couple of times and didn'
  13. John0


    Got to feel for Murphy a bit, made some great pots in those last few frames and that red on the cushion was so close. Kinda glad Selby took it over the line though deserved overall. Was a great final! As others have said haven't watched much snooker for a few years but thoroughly enjoyed that.
  14. John0


    Yeah it's tense! Neither player can really put any momentum together at the moment. Nicely poised.
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