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  1. Zhou's nose was ahead and was not afforded space. Harsh on Tsunoda, he was on full lock and didn't intentionally push Zhou off, just understeered towards him too much. Maybe he should have just been asked to give the position, but the stewards don't make the decision fast enough. His team could have told him too though and they'd have saved a point. These decisions are very marginal, but at least they're trying to outline some rules and stick to them now.
  2. In terms of the First Law books, I think it makes the most sense actually. Along with Red Country it's the plotline that's most straightforward and isolated from the overarching narrative. Red Country would have been the other option, but if you wanted to make both it makes sense to to BSC first because of Cosca's arc, and because for RC you have to resolve the whole Lamb thing somehow right off the bat. It also paves the way for both prequels and sequels if it gets a good reception, with characters that it will be fun to meet again as both their younger and older selves (Shivers, Jezal, for example). But it can quite easily stand on its own too. I'm hyped. I mean, it will never be as good as I would want it to be. They're going to have to cut a lot to fit it into a film.. can't do all 7 murders maybe? Might have to lose Shenkt? In fact it will probably change a lot. But still. It's exciting. "APOLOGISE TO MY FUCKING DICE"
  3. Love that this is on youtube as I missed the start so I just wound it back and am now watching on a delay. Some really fun stuff in the first few laps! Proper scrap at the front.
  4. I don't know what you mean. Me and everyone I know always pronounce murals "meer-alls".
  5. Also Nurburgring 24 hour this weekend.
  6. Me looking down on the probably stupidly easy tutorial puzzle that I failed to do from the dizzying heights of my outside the box thinking:
  7. I tried both... But seems like I've missed something obvious! Anyway I've now...
  8. Can I get a small nudge in the right direction at the beginning from anyone? I've come across some of the robots who's rafts have all broken and there are fans lying around.
  9. I finished The Wall (John Lanchester) over the weekend. At first I really loved it, I found the description of the cold bleakness of the wall itself quite fascinating, and the dystopian backdrop was terrifying in its plausibility and the accuracy with which is skewers modern politics. I thought it was very interesting how you're in the head of a Defender, but they are (it seemed to me at least) quite obviously the bad guys and yet its told very straight with mostly blanket acceptance to the horror of the society in which he exists. Part-way though I thought this would go one of two ways; either the protagonist would somehow wind up outside the wall and have an epiphany about his whole life, or it would just be told straight all the way through leaving the reader to form their own judgements/views on him as a product of his environment. So quite mixed feelings on the whole, but I've certainly been thinking about it a lot and is definitely the sort of book I feel like I couldn't fully recommend but do want to debate in a book club.
  10. Remaining fixtures (I'm considering West Ham safe to be honest) Forest 13 May Chelsea (a), 20 May Arsenal (h), 28 May Crystal Palace (a) Everton 14 May Manchester City (h), 20 May Wolves (a), 28 May Bournemouth (h) Leicester 15 May Liverpool (h), 22 May Newcastle (a), 28 May West Ham (h) Leeds 13 May Newcastle (h), 21 May West Ham (a), 28 May Tottenham (h) Southampton 13 May Fulham (h), 21 May Brighton (a), 28 May Liverpool (h) Honestly those are some tough run-ins for nearly everyone. Southampton you could say have maybe the easiest with 2 home games and Brighton having gone a bit off the boil recently, but there already quite adrift. Everton's, City game aside, isn't too bad either. It does look pretty tough for Leicester and Leeds. I can't really see Forest picking up more than 1 more point (I'm both an eternal pessimist and Forest fan by sheer coincidence) so if anyone else gets a win anywhere we're there for the taking with the horrendous goal difference. I wouldn't like to predict anything though. I considered us pretty much relegated 3 games ago.
  11. This might sound grumpy but despite obviously understanding why Liberty is pushing for more action over the weekend (or perhaps that should be less skippable sessions) that's not really what I want at all. More than 20 weekends of single qualifying and race sessions in a year is definitely enough for me. And I enjoy feeling like I have the freedom to just ignore it all on Fridays if work is busy or I just don't really fancy it, but equally it's nice to have the BBC commentary on in the background some Fridays as it gives you a nice slow build-up to the action at the weekend with little hints about what might be slightly different that weekend. The sprint races haven't been as dull and procession like as I thought they would be and have definitely thrown up their share of action, but Friday afternoon qualifying is often just a really awkward session to rearrange yourself for.
  12. Forest fan here. Things are looking bleak but you've got to appreciate where you are. If I had to bet on it I'd say we're going down, but to go from bottom of the championship to this in 1.5 years has been amazing fun. We haven't been playing well, and recently the slightly fortunate results have dried up and the results have caught up with the performances a bit. I hope Cooper stays though - it's been a tough ask of him this season and we have been a touch unlucky with injuries (although every club probably claims this). If we do go down he deserves a chance to bunce us back up.
  13. Max's lap was so clean. Just looked completely effortless.
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