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  1. I've always been against killing shopkeepers, but I've been watching a few old youtube vids and having a few refresher runs (it's been years) and although my old tactic was to try and get to £50k before the BM (which isn't toooo hard) yeah I can see that robbing the black market is probably the way to go, as you're just so kitted out after doing so.. I'll get practicing. I have beaten Olmec a few times and made it to hell once, but never finished it properly. Another nice aim to go for if you've finished the game but are a lot of hours of practice off beating Hell is checking what characters you haven't collected yet - as you'll have to explore all the hidden levels and such in order to do that. I had forgotten about the Worm and the Haunted Castle!
  2. I don't think Stroll is as bad as all that, though of course on the evidence of the last two weekends there doesn't seem like much doubt that Hulk would beat him over a season (as you would expect). I was interested so I just took a quick look at the their times on the third/fourth stints. Does look like Hulk was holding him up a bit as soon as he pits Stroll immediately starts going half a second quicker.
  3. Yeah fair, I was assuming he'd pass both. Point is I think it seemed like a very reasonable stop as far as anyone can tell from outside the team.
  4. That Southampton/Sunderland livery really is quite special!
  5. Lots of people saying this during the race but it was debunked as much as it could be afterwards. Hulk getting big vibrations akin to Bottas and Sainz from last week - he didn't think he'd make it to the end. Worth noting RP lost 0 points from the stop as a team too - pitting him seemed very reasonable in the end. Certainly in interviews afterwards there wasn't a whiff of him being screwed, he seemed pretty happy. And he's usually one to tell it like it is.
  6. Haven't seen anyone mention this at all, but shout out to Kvyatt for beating Gasly to 10th! Gasly does seem to have a bit of a habit of falling away in the races a bit, though he's usually a bit compromised on strategy for putting his car out of position - didn't really have that excuse yesterday though. On the Hamilton/Bottas thing - I think Bottas got a bit unlucky but I certainly don't think Merc deliberately screwed him (and in sport the lines between unlucky and getting legitimately beat are always going to be a bit blurry). It also wasn't completely clear that it was the team's call to keep Ham out longer and not his, was it? I think Merc tried what they thought was best with Bottas to beat Max - and also tried what they thought was best with Ham to beat Max - it was just the latter turned out to be slightly less ineffective.
  7. I missed it and I was listening and everything! I really like the BBC coverage. Palmer is great. Was it about the best number 2 drivers?
  8. Ah right so seems much less dodgy than it originally sounded. Is the general consensus that RP didn't actually know they were breaking the rules doing this? Hence the (seemingly) quite light handed reprimand?
  9. Am I to understand from the bits that Kiro quoted that RP obtained the designs legally, but then subsequently weren't allowed to use them to develop their own brake ducts? That seems very odd. You'd have to deliberately go in a different direction even though you have (presumably very good) designs right in front of you. I can only really relate this to my own job. But if someone shows me something that works really well, telling me to go and implement something that brings the same results but in a different way just seems.. as difficult as it is bizarre!
  10. They'd have to find other parts that are identical to Mercedes internally (and therefore couldn't be replicated from photos). Wouldn't be surprised if they found more though! Pretty dodgy from RP.
  11. Nope, no ads. It's not miles better but I prefer it. Just feels less... corporate, I think.
  12. Virtually any young driver they could get would be less experienced than Gasly and Albon when they got promoted though. Chances are you'd end up in the same situation. They could try and go for Russell maybe? But would he even go for it? And everything is very positive around the guy but he's not been proven against a fast teammate yet - you wouldn't really know if he could get within that magic half a second of Verstappen until you put him there. Also you look at how Sainz is doing now, and JEV winning Formula E and you think if things had gone differently either of those might be doing a really good job in that second Red Bull right now. The thing is that throwing young drivers into that Red Bull worked so well for so long. Vettel finished 2nd in the championship in his first season. Ricciardo comes in and is immediately faster than Vettel and finishes 3rd behind the two Mercs. Then Max comes in and wins his first race. Those are three pretty exceptional talents though.
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