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  1. I think the main issue was that actually the majority of it was quite dull. The cars looked cool in the desert but there's only so long you can watch cars go round with almost no information about what's actually going on.. and then when you do get information everyone's 30 seconds apart from each other. Why did we only get to see time differences on the second stint of each run for the whole of qualifying? And the format was painfully bad Having a race called the Crazy Race (*shudder*) which turned out to be... exactly the same as the other races! I thought commentary kind of did their best
  2. As it turns out, according to multiple drivers, the drivers were told that there would be no enforcement of track limits during the race. It explains Lewis's radio messages, and I guess Red Bull might have just been shit stirring as usual, or they genuinely didn't have the same understanding of the rules. The BBC team picked up on it mid-race, but no one on the Sky commentary team seemed to know this as far as I remember. So you still have the commentators and the vast majority of the fans not even knowing the rules during the race. It's so damn easy to solve as well. And doesn't n
  3. Could swear Sky just placed Tsunoda 10th when he came 9th. He must have passed Stroll on the last lap or two, but for once kind of understandable we missed it . That interview with him was great though! Awesome addition to the grid.
  4. But by that time everyone not doing it has lost a not significant amount of time up until that point. Especially in a race that came down to a few tenths over the whole thing.
  5. Yeah not talking about the pass at all. But we have seen penalties for repeatedly going offline even in non-passing situations. Which Merc admitted to doing for the first half (at least?) of the race. So how is anyone supposed to know whether that will be enforced or not? Also the literal race winner saying mid-race that he didn't understand the limits is a bit ridiculous in a sporting sense. We really need firm and easy to understand rules that are consistent across the races and applied consistently.
  6. Without wanting to be too negative after that finish the track limits thing was utter bullshit once again (not for the pass but for consistency over the race). Lewis over the radio literally saying he's been exceeding the limits all race and he didn't even know the were any! Even though times were deleted consistently in qualifying and practice, we didn't see one warning throughout the race, whereas we have in previous races for the exact same stuff. No one knows where they stand or what they're allowed to do or get away with. Total shambles, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this point.
  7. We might actually have a championship battle! Also Gasly sitting very nicely on the medium tyre surrounded by people on softs.
  8. Perez was actually only .3 to Max which isn't toooo bad. It doesn't look great, but starting 11th on the right tire is absolutely his wheelhouse. Edit: lol snap Kiro
  9. Last under the name Haas I guess I meant. I thought the theory was Mazapin's Dad would buy them out at the end of this season in a similar manner to Stroll and RP.
  10. Gonna be a loooooooong year for Haas. And probably their last I guess.
  11. These times are all over the place. Means very little of course but it's fun to dream . Imagine if McLaren's diffuser has given them a massive leap forward!
  12. John0

    Rocket League

    Haha no of course not of course not
  13. John0

    Rocket League

    "Your story ends here" Congrats boys!
  14. "You may remember me from such educational films as Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun! And, Firecrackers: The Silent Killer"
  15. I waited for Search Party to be picked up again over here but eventually caved and downloaded S3 and 4. I really really loved Series 1, it struck such a great tone and played around with TV tropes in a clever and funny way without banging you over the head with it and getting too meta. Also I love Elliot so much. S2 and S3 were still great and were funny and introduced good new characters (especially Dory's lawyer!) albeit maybe without the clever writing that made the first series so good. But yeah S4 is just a bit too weird and I'm not really into the whole imprisonment thing at all. I'm hal
  16. F1 races in deserts quite a lot these days, why aren't sandstorms more of a thing? Is this just kind of a freak incident, or is it to do with going to the middle-east in March (a quick google suggests it's somewhere between winter and summer there at the moment)?
  17. If Verstappen is 3 tenths slower then Perez will be at least 8 tenths
  18. Great to see cars back on track on my telly
  19. Ok yes you have a good point, and it's not thaaat recent, but I can't help but jump in and mention the amazingly brutal death in Jurassic World where a woman gets picked up and flung around in mid-air from Pterodactyl to Pterodactyl then falls into some water but the Pterodactyls dive in after her and continue pecking her to bits but finally some giant sea dinosaur whale thing I can't remember the name of devours both her and a Pterodactyl in one bite. Kinda similar
  20. @mexos these bets are crazy! I'd actually love to be wrong and for Perez to surprise everyone but surely the sensible money is on him getting destroyed by Max. This is pretty much the same Perez who beat Ocon by *checks* 13 points in 2018. Little more checking and Ocon actually outqualified him 16-5 that year! Think the RP flattered both him and Stroll a bit last year.
  21. John0

    NFL 2020!

    I came in with not a lot of context but felt bad for Mahomes in the end. Guy took a beating and was throwing from all kind of angles whilst being tackled, and occasionally in mid-air, and nothing really went for him. Obviously Buccs deserved it though. Shame it wasn't more of a game.
  22. I really enjoyed Derek's interview with Dan Gheesling on Dan's podcast: https://dangheesling.libsyn.com/107-derek-yu-creator-of-spelunky-2-in-depth-interview There's a lot about Spelunky, but also about his life making games when he was younger, and about his family/daughter now. As always he seems like such a super wholesome guy . Definitely worth checking out.
  23. I think the Temple might be for high score, because of the CoG? But there may well may be more reasons.. knowing Derek Yu there's probably multiple reasons for everything.
  24. John0

    Pokemon Go

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-25-pokemon-go-errors-catapult-player-into-first-place-in-race-to-level-50 Niantic have managed to give one single player a boost to level 50 whilst handicapping everyone else Edit: Seems like it was more than 1 player.. and we now have our first Level 50! In.. kinda odd circumstances..
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