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  1. 18 minutes ago, wev said:

    She begun to remove her top, paused to check then continued, so I'd personally say half and half. But the point is still relevant, she didn't give a fuck what some blokes thought 


    Oh yeah but I think it's not insignificant that it looked like a deliberate f*ck you all I'll do what I want, rather than that the moment overcame her.

  2. I mean I've just skim read the article but it explains it quite well doesn't it? "This is a woman's body not for sex or show". The significance of breasts not in sexual context or for male pleasure, but in a celebration of female athletic achievement.


    Edit: wouldn't say she was lost in the moment, I thought she planned to do it if she scored (as she stopped to check if the goal had stood). I wondered if she wanted to make that kind of statement.

  3. I really enjoyed my one Rimworld campaign! Didn't know this thread existed and I do quite fancy another one now.


    Incidentally, Pete Complete's Ice Sheet youtube series is absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly recommend anyone who likes watching this kind of thing. He role plays a lone cannibal on merciless difficulty starting with absolutely nothing. (this is calm, thoughtful youtube rather than shouty ranty youtube)

  4. Wow what a night and what a result. I actually really enjoyed that it was a cagey bad tempered affair! Crunching tackles, swearing, bit of afters sometimes. Lovely stuff. And the celebrations and reactions at the end were amazing to watch.


    As much as this was an incredible footballing achievement, it feels like so much more than that as well. Hopefully this is just the beginning!

  5. Even in the women's thread we have people moaning on about the England men's team a year after they came inches away from winning the Euros. Amazing.

  6. It's nice they've actually made an effort to write it down and apply it, this is genuinely a huge improvement on the Who's Line Is It Anyway approach of last couple of seasons already.


    My question now is, at the point at which you're at the apex, is there actually a lot you can do to avoid a collision? Seems like by the apex you've already made the vast majority of commitment to your line and speed.


    But yeah, I'd take a stupid rule that's written down and applied consistently over nothing at all.

  7. On 01/07/2022 at 16:59, PK said:

    I always thought that art was so much more than that, and required something 'special' that you only find in humans. Sentience, consciousness, emotions, a soul, whatever. And it's looking like maybe it isn't?


    This is very interesting (and as has been said, concerning). Especially because as I browse this thread I have found myself feeling like I sense emotion in the art. I have been worrying for years that something like my musical tastes (for example) would actually probably be very easy to recreate without any kind of human interference if a machine just studied all the songs I listen to and mimicked the style very well. But then, of course, as with the pictures in the thread, they wouldn't have been possible without the initial pieces and people that inspire them. But then again couldn't you say the same for all human art as well?!


    I guess maybe art is two things. Maybe even distinct. One, a unique act of emotional creation that could only have been specifically achieved by a unique person or group of people. And then once it's finished it's all about the interpretation of that creation. Everyone who experiences it perceives it in a slightly different way and it becomes many, many different things in different people's memories/consciousness.


    I studied AI at uni ages ago and these kind of philosophical angles were my favourite part of the course to be honest. It was only a couple of modules but studying machines to learn more about what makes us human seemed fascinating to me.

  8. Djokovic is that kind of player that can go from looking a bit out of sorts to absolutely unstoppable in the blink of an eye. But Norrie playing really well and a very exciting start!

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