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    Pokemon Go

    My personal feelings on this are that I find this a strange hill to die on from both sides. Niantic seem surprisingly stubborn in their desire to bring back the original stop/gym interaction distance. On the face of it it seems like making the changes permanent is of no real detriment to them, and would be worth a lot of goodwill with the players. Though perhaps you could speculate that they might have legally binding contracts with whoever they're selling their data to that the increased distance is impacting. Or that their data is just worth less without the reduced distance and this would affect their profit in ways that only they can calculate. But from the players I find the strength of the reaction a bit surprising too. From day 1 playing this game has been a case of wading through bugs and unhelpful design choices in order to enjoy the magic of pokemon in the real world - and the systems have been getting steadily more predatory and cynical for years now. Maybe its a case of the straw breaking the camel's back but personally there are a number of things I think are more important than the stop/gym distance being reduced and going back to playing how we were. Yes it's annoying, but I find things like the flying type catch bug, the constant stuttering and frame drops on my very capable Android phone, the XL candy system, the lag and inconsistent mechanics in GBL - all more frustrating. But Niantic have been walking a tightrope of ignoring (at best) or showing outright contempt for (at worst) their users from the very start, so in a way I do find it a bit satisfying that it's finally come to a head. Might need to re-stock on popcorn for the next few weeks.
  2. John0

    Pokemon Go

    We're currently seeing the biggest kick-back by the player base in the 5 years of this game's lifetime. Various vague calls to boycott or at least not spend money, but most prominent was this open letter to Niantic from various youtubers/influencers linked here, but here's an excerpt: Niantic responded with this statement today. Excerpt: The statement does not really attempt to hide it's corporate PR roots, and needless to say has not gone down very well. Pokemon GO has been a bumpy ride for everyone to say the least, and it has survived a myriad of bugs, regular blunders and odd design choices from its creators. But this does seem to be the closest we've come yet to the communities dissatisfaction affecting its success. Time will tell I guess!
  3. Hardly played but am now level 10 and have joined the Earthen faction! So slowly getting there...
  4. John0

    Rocket League

    While you guys appear to have all gone on to bigger and better things, let the records show that I actually hit Diamond a little while ago. I lost all three games, immediately dropped out and am now back to whiffing in Plat 2 again
  5. Man I'm exhausted. What a race! Very happy for Ocon and Alonso v Hamilton was soooo good. And 6 points for Williams!
  6. I thought the diagram was from some sort of official document that the stewards created for overtaking guidance? Anyway, we're getting bogged down in the email. My original question was meant to be, do the fans have access to these rules that I've heard various journalists/pundits referencing (the latest was Benson this morning) that denote when and where you need to leava da space? Mainly actually in relation to the penalties we saw in Austria rather than Ham-Ver-gate.
  7. So are we saying that the rules of the sport are defined in documents that the fans shouldn't have access to? That can't be true, surely.
  8. Does it contradict the Norris/Perez Austria penalties? And do the diagrams, and other rules that journos/pundits are citing, come from FIA documents? Any idea if these things are available to the plebs? Edit: also unsure what "we've been asked not to" means? Is that a joke that I'm missing..?
  9. Wasn't there this diagram that Toto was supposed to have emailed to Masi as well though? Where's that?
  10. Listening to the BBC commentary during the practice session, Andrew Benson quoted the rules along the lines of "If the driver in the inside has more than half a car alongside then they have the corner and they can take the racing line." This is how I always thought it worked as well, but how do we then explain the penalties to Norris and Perez in Austria for doing exactly that? Also, does anyone know exactly where in the rules this is? This PDF doesn't seem to have them: https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/2021_formula_1_sporting_regulations_-_iss_5_-_2020-12-16.pdf - only references to overtaking appear to be in reference to not doing it under the Safety Car.
  11. That genuine Twitter comment has somehow managed be even more of a parody Twitter comment than any of Mexos's parody Twitter comments.
  12. John0

    Formula E

    Formula E had another classic Formula E race on Sunday. If you like a bit of FE mayhem then I recommend watching without spoilers, but if not...
  13. Have heard really good things about this! Unfortunately I am a sucker for pokemon so my GPS gaming efforts are taken up solely with getting frustrated at the broken mess that GO often is, and don't really see that changing with the amount of investment I've put into it. But I'll definitely download this and give it a whirl. Didn't realise it was a lone coding effort, very impressive!
  14. I seeeeeeee This analysis by Palmer is great. The guy is a top class pundit! I have stolen his entire opinion and will now be using it as my own.
  15. Oh wow I never knew this about videos on the forum! I've been skipping them all cause I thought they'd been taken down by the time I got to the thread
  16. Yeah apart from Max being OK this is my main takeaway too.. this rivalry just got turned up several notches, bring on the rest of the season! Also how perfect is that "thankfully he jumped out of the way or he'd have ended up in the fence" quote from Horner
  17. The real winner was Netflix, surely!
  18. True, I feel like Sterling probably did that too. Though even if it probably isn't enough of a trip to actually make him fall over, that doesn't mean it's not a trip. And he obviously kicks out with his leg (although the contact is more knee to knee). And it's certainly careless, look how far he actually is from the ball. It was more the narrative that I'm hearing that Sterling dived and that it 100% wasn't that I was objecting too (not necessarily in here). There's obviously room for nuance and interpretation.
  19. Yeah of course. But if we're going to get into definitions then the rules say it's a foul if a player "kicks or attempts to kick" or "trips or attempts to trip" "in a manner considered careless by the referee". I think you can definitely make the case that this comes under that definition.
  20. Well aware that I might be seeing this through biased eyes, but I really think this narrative that it definitely wasn't a penalty isn't correct. https://streamable.com/ry3cnc There's clear enough contact as you can see from this angle. It's a bit soft granted, but the defender made a tackle in the area, didn't get the ball, and made contact with Sterling. Can absolutely see why it was both given and not overturned. Penalty for me and I genuinely believe I would have said the same thing at the other end.
  21. Holy shit guys. A major final! Can't believe it. I can still hear people tooting horns
  22. Last 3 games have been 1-0, 2-0 and 4-0. So tonight England will win 8-0 and then 16-0 in the final vs Italy.
  23. And like any beautiful woman, England is under absolutely no obligation to get on the dance floor
  24. Sitting here trying to work in an overwhelming state of nervous anticipation for the next.... 8 hours.
  25. Cool, cheers all. I will try and muster the strength to start a new save, but (although it does all seem a little different now) I feel like I've done all this money making and upgrade grinding before and doing it again just feels a bit uhg. Like, there was fun in between and surrounding the grinding last time, but now I'm not convinced there's enough new stuff to make it worthwhile again. But can't hurt to try.. maybe I'll get into it .
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