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  1. Dunno about you guys but I'm really confused about whether the stewards think it's ok to ease the car on the outside off if you have the inside now. It's been a pretty consistent non-penalty for years now, right? Or since I can remember anyway. Didn't Ver do it to Ham just a few races ago? All three today were slightly different shades of it, with the car on the outside being varying degrees of ahead at certain points in the corner. Perez was actually quite far ahead on entry for the first one but possibly outbraked himself, hard to tell. Leclerc wasn't ahead at any point for the final one but equally that was made to look worse by Perez literally turning into him (possibly correcting oversteer). Would it be impossible to put into words when you're allowed to ease a car off and when you're not? Pretty frustrating to watch the stewards seemingly make it up as they go along.
  2. Everyone: "Looking forward to all the meming between you and Ricciardo next season!" Lando: "I'm about the end this man's whole career."
  3. I fancied dipping back into this yesterday after having not played in 2 years to check out what's been added, but was immediately a bit lost. I have a save with about 120 hours in it, but it was difficult to know how to approach it. I have loads of stuff in my inventories that I can't really remember what it does, and a freighter with a storage organisation system that presumably once made sense but I have no clue about now. And it doesn't seem like I have any new questlines or anything that I could see. I realise the obvious answer is to start a new save but the idea of grinding out enough suit storage space to get away from the hours of playing "no free slot in suit inventory" simulator isn't a particularly fun prospect to be honest. Don't suppose anyone has any advice for returning to the game? Is the fun new stuff mostly multiplayer based? Because I never really touched that side of the game that much and don't currently have a ps4 online sub. Is there really no new questlines after 2 years*, or have I forgotten even how to explore that part of the game? *not saying there *should* be, it's amazing how they've kept updating the game! I just got the impression there would be a fair bit of new stuff to see/do
  4. I dunno @feltmonkey really enjoying your posts in here, but watching football with football fans can be intimidating and uncomfortable if you're not used to it, and therefore it can be awkward to involve non-football people because of the atmosphere and culture that surrounds it, as I once again experienced last night. Wasn't just the WW2 stuff but the VERY aggressive constant outpouring of anger/rage too. Chants of "your shit but your birds are fit" probably can be brushed off with the whole it's juz banter lads sides of things. But it's still not great I don't think. I've been to football matches a lot. Had a season ticket at Forest for years and been to a wide range of grounds around the country. It's odd actually looking back because as a kid I was completely accustomed to it. But having taken a step back for a few years, now when I dip back in a lot of it makes me very uncomfortable. And it only seems to be football that has this problem, although it isn't exclusive to this country of course. They might have stopped singing "You're just a town full of Pakis" at away fans at the City Ground, but I imagine they still sing "tits, fanny and Forest" to this day. "if you're not a loutish man then it's intimidating" is an exaggeration of course, but you can see what the post was getting at and I don't think anyone really needs a citation for football having a toxic masculinity problem.
  5. The song was probably created in the 80s when the infamous and all important combined World War & World Cup metric was 3-2 in England's favour.
  6. I feel like leaning into a friendly rivalry doesn't involve bringing up world wars from 70 years ago, or booing an anthem. That comes across as nasty and petty to me. Didn't the German fans chant "You're not singing anymore" at us in perfect English on one of their many victories once upon a time? That's leaning into a friendly rivalry. Chanting about the RAF shooting down German planes in the context of a football match? Tasteless. Classless. Offensive. In my humble opinion.
  7. Sorry for the downer but I was out in society for the England game and didn't prepare myself for what that might be like when the opponents are Germany. Think I've heard enough renditions of "10 German Bombers" to last me a lifetime and there was a few "1 World Cup and 2 World Wars" thrown in as well of course. Along with the utterly classless booing of the German anthem it really made it hard to fully enjoy what was an amazing result. I kind of naively thought maybe we'd outgrown this stuff, but it was yet another reminder of what a nasty, bitter little nation we are in some ways. Over the moon for Southgate and the whole team though! Especially Sterling who gets so much undeserved shit. Gonna watch those highlights a few times today
  8. Are you living in the same England as me? I've witnessed almost non-stop negativity while we finished top of our group without conceding a goal. The line-up is always wrong. It's boring football. Southgate will never win anything etc etc. I've had to tune out of a whatsapp group almost completely because the desperation from English people for England to fail got a bit much for me to be honest.
  9. Bit out of the loop here, why does everyone hate the band so much?
  10. This is true of course but it does seem like RB have turned it up a notch since they put those new engines in for Paul Ricard.
  11. Already quite nervous/excited. Heading into central London for the game this evening with a few friends. I'll be gutted if England lose of course but at the moment just looking forward to the occasion is the dominant emotion . Not many things more exciting in sport for me than an England v Germany tournament clash!
  12. John0


    19-year old British kid Jack Draper has just taken a set off Djokovic on centre court
  13. Ohhhh, this looks right up my street! They only announced for PC so far, right?
  14. Yeah I've bothered less and less with club football too over the years. Much prefer the international tournaments these days.
  15. This thread inspired me to teach my gf Hive at the weekend! Such a great little game. I lost the second game, despite having played it a fair bit a few years ago. Ominous!
  16. There appear to be a few you can print off at home, this FourFourTwo one I think is the best I can find: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/euro-2020-wall-chart-2021-full-fixtures-schedule-dates-free-download Although there are no tables for the groups. The WSC's one is cool, but was looking for something a bit more A4.
  17. Haha, I made the... Reflecting on all of the...
  18. What if every red flag added 2 minutes to the session time or something simple like that though?
  19. Thought there has been another one this season (yellow flags included) but I can't think of it in fairness, so yeah maybe that is a bit of an overreaction. Just feels like a bit of an anticlimax. The spectacle of the straight fight for pure lap time gets wiped out right at its peak.
  20. Drama packed session and a fun grid but how many times does Q3 need to get decided by flags for them to try tweaking the rules?
  21. As others have said, really excellent show this and was thoroughly gripped throughout. A few thoughts now that I've seen the last episode: I don't know if this seems nickpicky? It feels like a bit more than that to me. But I agree it doesn't overshadow all the fantastic performances and quality storytelling.
  22. Oh damn the stupid neeeooowwww sound is still on the coverage
  23. Enjoyed this. Agree with the point about it going a little rom-com at the end, but I didn't feel like that spoiled it at the time. One thing that I thought didn't quite work (didn't ruin anything, just an observation) about the ending was:
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