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  1. John0

    Gamestm #33

    Surely it isn't.
  2. John0

    Gamestm #33

    Presumably they have different opinions. Dissapointed at the Pac Pix score.
  3. This has got me in the mood for a wrestling game again. Should I check out Z? How good was it?
  4. Sounds great but the joshi stable is looking a bit thin, no Satomura??
  5. Completed Ocarina of Time a couple of days ago, so now its Viewtiful Joe (so bloody hard!! took me ages to get past the first level) F-Zero GX (also v. hard) Link to the past (quite hard - just did the infuriating boss on the third dungeon) . Anyone know any easy games? Oh and Shenmue arrived in the post yesterday so may have to steal my brothers dreamcast soon! Can't wait.
  6. John0


    I used to feel exactly the same. I started OoT so many times wanting to like it but always getting bored. The game that converted me was Wind Waker - it kind of tought me how to play zelda games and the way dungeons worked. Now I'm loving OoT finally, and plan to do Links Awakening, LttP, Majora's Mask and maybe Minish Cap as well over the summer, all leading up to you know what. If you havent tried WW properly I'd suggest giving it a go - its quite easy, so your unlikely to get stuck (cept for the bloody pieces of tri-force bit, but I felt justified in using a walkthrough just the once)
  7. I remember ages ago me, my brother and my mate, whilst playing a WW2 fighter game called Chocks Away, when we got shot down we would have to "eject" out of the plane and "parachute" to safety... this basically involved jumping out of the chair. I think the best thing about games when you were a kid was using your imagination to make them better. EDIT: Just remembered we also built a "stand" in my bedroom when we were playing through a world cup on sensi, and sang football chants as well. Good times. Oh and I have taken part in medal ceremonies many times after playing Olympic Gold on the master system. Just realised this isnt exactly on topic.
  8. John0


    Dammit! I didnt figure that Epona could jump the valley, that wouldve been so cool. It was in head my head for days after the first time I played it on the ocarina. I thought the water temple was good except for dark link. That setting is amazing, but with all of the reflective clues spread around I spent ages looking for an inventive, reflection based way to kill him - using dins fire over and over felt hugely anticlimatic. There are so many cool moments from this game... SPOILER ALERT (just in case - wouldnt want to ruin this game for anyone) The way in which you enter the bottom of the well and see the words "bottom of the well" on the screen. The little cut scene when you try to visit hyrule castle after travelling forward in time. The cut scene with Shiek when Kakariko is on fire. and many more... the Shiek quotes from earlier in this thread are brilliant as well.
  9. John0


    I am playing through this for the first time (i know your jealous) at the moment. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Can't decide if I like it more than WW. The best music on the game is in the windmill!!
  10. John0

    Ds Line-up...

    I just realised theres soo many games I want for the DS, but none of them are out yet (cept perhaps yoshi): Harvest Moon!!! Phoenix Wright Winning 11 Animal Crossing Zelda Mario Kart (I'm pretty sure there are no coins though Advance Wars Survival Kids (although this wasnt on the list ) Pokémon (re the "é" - I know, I'm a loser) Electroplankton It would've been good if at least a few of these had been release titles, them maybe I wouldve bought a DS. The good thing about the DS/PSP is even if the games arent released in europe, the US/Japan versions still work without modding/chipping/whatever.
  11. Oh my god that Phoenix Wright game looks soooo good. Melodramatic manga lawyers!!! "Phoenix, you have to believe in your client!"
  12. Yes, but what if you never got to experience most of the old rope in the first place. There's so much Nintendo I've never played, so this really appeals. Good rope is will always be good rope, whatever its age.
  13. John0


    Just watch a couple of trailors for this and WOW!! It's like the introduction to the wind waker (the bit with the amazing music) come to life. Anyone got any interesting info about this game? Release date? Will it be a ps2 exclusive?
  14. To be honest, the announcement that has excited me most so far is that we will be able to download NES, SNES and N64 games for the Revolution!! (I presume it has GC back-compatability as well, can anyone confirm this?). Quote from Eurogamer: 'Iwata said he hoped it would "make us all feel young again"'. Yes, Mr Iwata, yes it will.
  15. Anyone recognise some of the tracks on the mario kart clip. Peach Circuit!! E3 is amazing.
  16. Is it still possible to play PSO online on the cube/dreamcast?
  17. Wrestling games have the potential to be so good. Creating belt and fighting for them on WM2000 was so much fun. If they let 4 players into some kind of story mode, you could form a stable etc, letting all four of you on the screen at the same time would have done it, then your mates could accompany you to ringside. Also, having the ability to beat up the fans would have been so cool. I remember thinking all this ages ago back when wrestling was briefly cool again. I always though the SD games on the playstation were so bad compared to the 64 games. I think it was the animation of the moves that really did it. The Stone Cold Stunner looks perfect. Anyone ever play All Japan Pro feat. Virtua on the sega saturn? It was the first game I ever imported, and was pretty good. Some of the moves looked so fittingly brutal.
  18. John0

    Bargain Bin Gems

    I picked up Advance Wars 1 and Golden Sun for £9.99 each in Game yesterday, finished all the training missions on AW this morning, bloody love this game already and presumably only just scratched the surface.
  19. I know there are a lot of threads like this but you've got to love them. Such great passion and enthusiasm. Since I came to university (and even before that) my passion for gaming has decreased considerably, but from the 128 bit-era I have to mention: Wind Waker - The best looking game I have ever seen, this was the only really stand out game for me for this gen. I tried to play through Ocarina sooo many times but just lost interest every single time. Wind Waker was different, it was easier and just held my attention until the end. I love the beginning (how you are dressed in green for your b'day, and you sister, leaving the island, so good) and the end was great as well. PES - If you are at a university, this game is a phenomenon. Probably would tire of it 1 player but multi-player its just so good. Can't believe I am still seeing things I've never seen before after so many hours of play. Mario Kart DD - I still think this game has large flaws but can't deny how good fun it is multi-player. Soul Calibur (dreamcast) - The only fighting game I have ever got into. After reading this thread I wish I'd played (and still plan to for some hopefully): Ico Paper Mario Shenmue PSO Skies of Arcadia
  20. Can anyone tell me if there been a wrestling game that is better than WM2000/No Mercy since they were released on the 64? I haven't really been paying attention for the past few years. Did anyone actually like the Smackdown games on the PS1? I thought they were terrible compared to the 64 games.
  21. That was in Link's Awakening as well, had me stuck for probably around a year. Can anyone tell me if its some kind of code or something?
  22. John0

    New Zelda Pics

    Have you all seen the film 'Legend'? You should.
  23. Nintendo, because they give you eternal youth
  24. John0

    New Zelda Pics

    I still think Wind Waker is the best looking game I have ever seen. I'd rather escape into a cartoon world than an OOT looking world.
  25. Totally agree, I will be getting a DS after my exams and this is one of the many reasons. I have become less and less interested in games over the past few years because they seem like such an investment of time these days. The DS has caught my attention mainly because I am excited by all of the weird things nintendo could do with the touch screen, microphone and free online play. There's definately room in this world for both the DS and the PSP (I'll probably end up owning one of these as well), although I feel both Sony and Nintendo have missed a trick by not including an analogue pad. Surely some sort of little detatchable stick could have been implemented.
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