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  1. Congratulations @kiroquai! Amazing news. I can't believe you spent the final few days of not being a parent furiously researching and dramatising RLLMUK F1 history Hope all is well
  2. This is brilliant, thanks for putting all this together @kiroquai! And hello everyone Was really good times racing in this league and I have many fond memories. I hadn't actually played racing games very much and I'd certainly never driven with a wheel or done manual gearing or anything, but everything I learnt I learnt basically in front of you guys . And with your help! I remember having to have it explicitly explained to me on the forum why you should break hard at high speed and then ease up as you slow lol. I was putting in crazy amounts of practice to try and get up to speed and catch up with everyone as best I could. I remember specifically when I started to be able to keep up with Myoozikk's ghost around Abu Dhabi and thinking yes finally I can do this! I know the league was just a bit of fun in the end but I was genuinely probably a bit too proud of going from absolutely dead last in my first couple of races to my one and only win at Yas Marina . I remember going purple on medium tyres in our little 20 mins practice before hand and thinking, I might have a shot here. I had been hammering time trial after all. I did a three stop because I knew raw pace on softer tyres was my strength - I think most did just two that day. Qualifying on pole turned out to be key as I got a little bit of luck that Marmite got into a couple of tangles fighting in the pack and that gave me enough of an advantage over the course of the race. Watching little bits of the videos I'd forgotten how good the racing was! Pretty much every race there was one or two people around your pace who you were tussling and jossling with.. with very, very few exceptions everyone tried to keep it as fair as possible as well - and those cars were so twitchy and volatile on some editions of the game. Really great stuff. Unfotunately all my videos appear to have disppeared from yt. But to be honest the memories are probably better .
  3. Is Verstappen a massive racist? No. But does he basically not give a shit that people could be offended by things he says? Yes. Is it the same as what Vips did? No. But would Verstappen get less harsh treatment to Vips if he had said the same thing? Yes.
  4. The Ranni doll thing is worse than needing to spot the extra option at the sites of grace: That bit did really annoy me to be honest. Having to do everything in a very specific order without any kind of clues or pointers (that I'm aware of). I'm all for the mysteriousness of it all but I would had loved a bit more leeway with things like timings and ordering of triggers.
  5. Didn't realise I should have taken extra pleasure in watching Vips bin it at the castle section in Baku
  6. I don't think you can compare Ham/Rus pace and performance on an individual weekend basis like this. They're trying so many things with setup and I can't remember a weekend where I didn't hear they were running different parts or doing various different experimental things. Also they've had very differing luck. If I had to guess I would say Lewis is roughly a tenth or two faster in race pace, but in qualifying it's quite even. But I don't think it's really possible to know from outside the team at the moment.
  7. I do yeah. It's kinda hard to look bottom right and at my apex at the same time though . And a shame you can't have that and other stuff (ie fuel) at the same time. But yeah it's better than nothing.
  8. Sport mode seems pretty cool to me. It's great that you can hop on and be in a race within 5-10 mins. Only gripe has been the penalty system, but I figure that every mp racing game struggles with that. It would make a huge difference if they'd give you a rear mirror in every camera angle, or at least some other tools to help awareness of what's going on around you. People just dive up the inside of me and I kinda have no clue they're there until they hit me.
  9. I don't necessarily not believe this, as I've basically ignored the entire franchise up until about a month ago, but this seems crazy to read to me. The single player stuff seems so dull. The AI is either so slow you feel like you're avoiding them rather than racing them, or they're rubber banding themselves all over the place. The most enjoyable stuff in single player for me has been the license missions and just general time chasing, rather than the main cafe mode. The latter of which I'm slowly trying to force myself through for the cars and unlocking the tracks.
  10. Yeah I get that this isn't what the game is really going for, but I'm not really interested in all the tuning and tweaking and upgrading either. I just wanna race in evenly matched cars. The game seems to be actively getting in the way of that sometimes. With the exception of the livery editor, which is brilliant.
  11. This kind of stuff I find really frustrating to be honest. The UI direction is absolutely baffling for a game that isn't 20 years old.
  12. Yeah I noticed that the one with all the best times doesn't appear to currently be available in the game at all.. is that right?
  13. Cheers all, good racing last night. Good to hear some people I haven't in years. and nice to meet everyone else. My highlight was being successfully guided into the pitlane having never pitted at Le Mans before, and then leaving my crew sitting there for 10 seconds whilst not realising I had to select my tyres . I'm a bit back and forth on how much I'm enjoying this game to be honest, but the Le Mans race was definitely cool as the sun went down. What was the deal with the performance disparity in Group 1? Some cars had crazy straight line speed.. was it supposed to even out (I'm assuming we had BOP on)? I'm still struggling to understand all this stuff.
  14. Yes good points @Corranga . I suppose the idea in my head of an F1 / motorsport management game probably wouldn't be very financially successful. As Playsport (from what I understand) realised with the MM PC version. Which might well be why Frontier have gone in this direction. Still, I needed to have a rant
  15. Haven't played in a while but the final battle is definitely tough. I set myself a goal of trying to do it with no legendaries or pokemon over level 70. Long story short, I failed I reckon it might be possible though.
  16. I think for me it's not just that the execution seems very bad, it's the wrong direction for a management game to take. From the F1 Manager 2022 wikipedia entry: It's frustrating enough that, just to consume it as a fan, I have to experience Sky's air-brushed, corporate, white old man interpretation of F1 with its coordinated lines of light blue shirts and beige trousers, with the occasional beige shirt and light blue trousers if they're feeling daring! But shouldn't a management game actively be seeking not to deliver the same experience that you get as a fan? Shouldn't it place you inside the sport and strive to offer something different to how it's presented by TV companies? Surely you shouldn't be seeing the "broadcast presentation" as a team manager, how much David Croft commentary do you think Toto actually experiences on a given weekend (lucky sod)? The media should be something that you have to try and navigate and balance, or possibly try and manipulate, rather than something that you consume in the same way that fans do.
  17. Please please please have an option to turn that commentary off. Painful. Will definitely be giving this a try though!
  18. @Flanders If you're feeling like this I'd recommend trying to drop the ashes summons for a few bosses and see how it goes. I think there are a lot of great bosses with fun movesets & challenges, but fighting them 2v1 didn't really feel very satisfying to me as I found I could just approach them all in the same very aggressive way, hit them from behind a lot and then back off to heal while my summon took aggro if necessary. You don't really need to learn movesets much at all (and it actively makes it harder to do so, because the bosses become less predictable) like this, which yeah, didn't feel quite right, to me.
  19. That looks brilliant! I didn't even know about the livery editor until a couple of days ago and now I can't stop thinking of liveries I want to make but almost certainly don't have the patience/artistry to do so
  20. I've been going through NG+ to get to the Haligtree so I could dress up Melania to fight Melania, and I finally did it! Seemed roughly the same difficulty as in NG at this point (I had a much better weapon this time, but no shield). Didn't feel particularly overlevelled as I skipped a whole lot and just made a beeline for her after a certain point. Anyway, was fun! Video below for anyone who's interested . I got lucky with this go due to no Waterfowl in phase 2. There is a close up no shield dodge now, but you have to recognise the move SO early and then execute it perfectly and I gave up trying to be honest. You can just dodge roll through it and tank damage anyway, so it's not certain death. She caught me off guard with an attack at a strange angle at one point, but other than that it's pretty clean!
  21. Also as much as I loved the Haligtree, I would say it plays host to the most sadistic combination of enemy and terrain/arena in the whole game; I mean I know you're trying to annoy the player but this was objectively going TOO FAR
  22. If you're not of the opinion that you're playing the greatest thing ever made, I can imagine that the later areas start to be a bit of a drain. I agree with scottcr that Stormveil was one of my favourite areas in the whole game (along with Haligtree and the Sewers) but I do think that might be affected by the fact that at the start of the game you're brimming with enthusiasm and awe and you have the patience to explore every nook and cranny even after the third or fourth time you thought you had discovered everything about the area. I think it's pretty normal to not still feel exactly like that after 150-200 very intense hours.
  23. Ace thanks Kiro! Sorry couldn't make it this evening but will try and get myself sorted and aim for next week. Cheers for the cars recommendations too! I thought anything useful might be more expensive than that but I've got about 1m to spend so that all seems surprising in budget. Hopefully see you on the track soon!
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