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  1. Well I beat the final boss on Bank Holiday Monday It actually didn't take too many attempts once I could get to the 2nd stage reliably, though watching the replay I noticed that someone else from rollmuk became an Elden Lord during my victory fight! I don't actually know what that buff does exactly, but if you too beat the final boss on Monday late afternoon then thank you kind stranger! Much appreciated . I owe you a boiled prawn or two. Final boss battle: Note: this includes the FF ending btw! If anyone is curious 47 boss fights in a playlist: I still persisted with my stupid self imposed rules most of the way (with the odd exception) which meant fighting Melania, Mohg, Godfrey/HL, Maliketh, and Rad/EB all without a summon and with my trusty Golden Greatshield and Lordsworn Straight Sword that I got about an hour into the game. None of them took me tooooo long (except Melania of course lol) but I definitely found this really quite difficult, and to be honest burnt out on dying to bosses a liiiitle bit. But I do realise that was pretty much entirely unnecessary and self-inflicted . Though like I said in previous posts I really wasn't getting much enjoyment or sense of accomplishment personally from fighting these 1v1s with a summon. Anyway, as for final thoughts.. what an indescribably incredible game! I don't think mere words can do it justice really. It does feel like you found a portal to a magical world and that you're not just *in* a high fantasy grimdark style story, but also that you're discovering and unearthing its secrets and world with a very strong sense of agency. And the combination of those things is just like pure, distilled magic. Like others have said it has completely consumed me for almost 2 months now. I don't think I can really add or expand on all of the plaudits that we've all already been over and over and others do it better than me anyway. But I loved the combat. I loved the atmosphere. I loved the architecture and scenery. I loved the extremely clever level design. I pretty much loved everything. Even when it was kicking my arse over and over (though I definitely had my frustrated moments of course ). I do agree with a lot of the criticisms actually as well to be honest. It's far from perfect. But in a way that really is a part of the charm and I honestly, 99% of the time, just didn't care. The good stuff just completely devoured any slight thing I thought was not quite right. And finally, thanks to everyone in this thread for posting your adventures, trials, tribulations, advice, experiences, amazing art work, boss videos and everything in between. These games do such a fantastic job of creating a shared sense of experience within the communities that form around them, and it's been really fun to share and be a part of that on here . Edit: Oh almost forgot, I managed to finish with a set of rounded/half rounded stats, which gave a very slight sense of extra satisfaction
  2. Oh that's good news on the dogs! I lost ~300k runes to those at one point (though not too difficult to earn them back around where I was I suppose).
  3. If anyone's interested in glitchless speedruns, this guy is doing them and he seems very good. His current best is now 1 hour 15 mins.
  4. Interesting! I found Maliketh really rough.. more so than Elden Beast to be honest! EB gives you a bit of a chance to recover if you make a mistake - but Maliketh one mistake could lead to death pretty easily. I guess these things are build/player dependent somewhat, but maybe no one else finds him that hard, and that's why I never really see him mentioned . Just the pace and chaos of that second phase I thought was really something. Often when I first started tackling phase 2 I'd die without really knowing what happened. I also clocked in at over 200 hours but I really did grind bosses towards the end (and throughout to be honest) and that does add up.
  5. 100% agree with your post, very much feel the same. I like a Hollow Knight style 20 hour ish length personally, but then with the option of trying to go back over it and figure out every minute detail if you feel like it. Or to then try and do more run-throughs again if you fancy it. But like Jolly said, Elden Ring really grabbed me the whole way through and that's very unusual for me! I actually can't think of another open world game that I've actually ever finished. Skyrim, GTA V, RDR, BOTW, No Man's Sky.. I really enjoyed them all in their own ways, but with every one I got to the point where I just sort of felt like I'd seen enough, before the end. Half-way through I got a bit worried it was going to be too big, but I finished it yesterday and I still want more!
  6. I think this is because of the spirit ashes though right? I love that they're in the game and it's a really interesting development, but it does allow you to just power through bosses without really having to learn them or their movesets or anything. Some of the late-game bosses second phase movesets are really tough, VERY fast and punishing. Take Maliketh for example. As soon as you hit phase 2 he's doing crazy fast huge swipes all over the place, a lot of which are not fully blockable and have subtly different timings and delays. And if you do get hit your max HP gets sapped. He can also fire projectiles which also have different timings depending on small differences. I think he has three different "slam" type moves with varying degrees/types of AOE that I never even really got the hang of spotting the tells for. And this is a boss that I don't even really think anyone talks about! I am on board with the whole "balance doesn't always equal fun" thing, but it definitely felt like it was too easy with ashes, but too hard without by the end-game, for me.
  7. This was a great read, cheers for posting. And kudos to Nate Dogg, I didn't know we had anyone on the forum who's interviewed Miyazaki! Oh and the Derek Yu quote/reference was the icing on the cake
  8. Been working on it the past few days but last night I finally beat Melania solo. It started off as just trying not to use summons but the better I got at it the more I realised I could do it without magic or bleed/frost or anything. Once I got over the initial frustration it actually turned into a really satisfying and rewarding fight to keep plugging away at. This is the most I've ever learnt a FROM boss and it felt really damn good to start feeling in control of the fight! And it's a really nice flowing dance of a fight once you start pressing her a bit. I've only just learnt how good Square Off is, after roughly 200 hours of using a straight sword! It has the same stance break stat as Flame of the Redmanes that Imp used in his awesome solo video I believe. It's long, but really pleased with how it turned out! Aside from panicking a bit after getting caught gesturing and allowing her to heal all the way back up to full at the start of phase 2 (whoops), and getting out of my rhythm a bit at the end when I saw her so low on health, I felt very in control the whole time. Really chuffed with that!
  9. I think lock-on could definitely be better. Often an enemy moves out of sight round a pillar or something and it you stay locked on to it, but then the moment where it actually locks-off is the moment where it appears back in view, for some reason. Also I never quite figured out how auto-locking onto other nearby enemies after you've killed one in a group is meant to work.. if at all. It seems to happen occasionally, but not very often. My problem with locking off is that moving the camera and pressing roll at the same time is super awkward. I just leave it on the whole time and deal with the occasional moments of confusion.
  10. You could get both medallion halves without killing anyone though right? They're both just in chests in the overworld. Edit: beaten to it
  11. Realise you alluded to this earlier in your post, but I would say this is true if you include the bell summons. If not (and you don't have some ridiculous damage strategy) I've found the late-game bosses harder than anything in the base DS3 game personally (though I realise these things are always to an extent quite build and player dependant).
  12. Does anyone know if this works with the quick menu (Triangle + D-Pad on the PS4)? Or is it just the stuff that you have equipped in your "down" slot in your inventory?
  13. Damn this is great! The Backwards Backwards Forwards Forwards Left Left sequence for her multiple spirits attack especially. Inspires me to try and do phase 2!
  14. You cycle through the items in the cross-head with the corresponding d-pad buttons (so pressing down on the d-pad will cycle through items in the down slot). And Square uses the item currently in the down slot. So, Square! (Edit: which is X on PC/Xbox, apparently) Right at the start of the game it should have suggested to you that you go down into a "pit of knowledge" or something similar. I recommend doing that, it should explain all of the control basics to you. I look forward to your transformation from "how do I heal guys" to "god-killer" .
  15. Slowly improved at Melania last night, can get through phase 1 most of the time (although it takes a while!). Even managed this a few times: Unsure whether to try and git good at phase 2 or just summon my mimic and rush her down, which from a test I did I could do pretty easily. In phase 2 I can't really read her in the same way as phase 1 because of her flower wings. Plus it takes ~5 mins to get there each time. And she's much more aggressive, so you don't get a lot of time to gather yourself. Got to say as frustrating as it was at first, once you start dodging her and you're beating 90% of her moves - that moment when she dashes off away from you to regroup.. that feels reeeally damn good! And it's a very nice fluid dancy sword fight once you have the measure of her.
  16. Godrick is very pattern-y but maybe the summons are making it hard to spot and learn? You could try summoning during phase 2 and just concentrate purely on him in phase 1? That was my strategy. Phase 2 can be a bit chaotic with all the fire everywhere, and it's largely about avoiding that. So it's about getting close enough to not get caught in the fire.. but not too close that he grabs you. Here's my Godrick fight if it helps : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWt-HSJJZo0 I was not doing very much damage at this point but you could easily be level 35-40 with a +3 weapon just from Limgrave I think before taking him on. Doing more exploring and levelling up more if a boss is too hard is a good general strategy for the whole game to be honest, up until the end. I didn't learn this until after Stormveil. A lot of his moves have big wind ups. There's one especially where he does a roll and then a huge leap and slam with a long cooldown afterwards that's a big window to get damage in. Also his slams that quake the ground can be rolled through or jumped over, which is also another good opportunity. He does a huge lunge with his right hand that can easily be walked or rolled past. And he does a 5 swipe combo that you can just hang back for and then roll through the last one or two and get some damage in afterwards (or if you're feeling daring you can get behind him and follow him from behind for the whole thing). Just pick the ones you feel comfortable with and go in and punish him after them. Don't give up, skeleton!
  17. Honestly it's not really a super strict rule for me. I've summoned them for bosses where I'm outnumbered, or just bosses that I don't really enjoy or have annoying runs to. I'd have used them more in the overworld as well like you said but I keep forgetting . Summons can turn it into a bit of a free for all where (and I realise this may sound ridiculous but) it feels unfair on the boss! I really, really hate fighting outnumbered in these games. I hated the Bell Gargoyles. I hated the Abyss Watchers. I hated the Shadows of Yharnam. So it's nice to now have the option to even the numbers a bit whilst being able to control the power, type and style of help I get. But subjecting all of these lone bosses to a type of fight I hate so much seems a step too far a lot of the time! I think it changes the fight too much into something that I don't feel is particularly satisfying or fulfilling for me. The way I like to play is very defensive and trying to avoid everything and kind of whittling the boss down bit by bit. But with summons it often comes down to just overwhelming the boss with 2x the attack power. Or hitting them from behind when they're preoccupied. I reached a late game boss Maliketh last night and I tried summoning in the second phase on my first attempt, and it was down to about 10% HP when I died - and this was without knowing *anything* about his moveset or what he does and basically just fighting completely blind. Didn't feel particularly good (though I may just go for it because of mild late-game tough boss fatigue). I'd have loved to see more support summons that don't really do any damage in this game, like the Jellyfish. Maybe even one that just buffs you so you do extra damage, or take less damage throughout the fight without aggroing at all. But the Jellyfish and the Healer lady seem like the only options on that front. Whereas there's like 20-30 different offensive summons.
  18. Alright which one of you forgot to equip their bow DrvrgFqZyNuC7-NO.mp4
  19. I beat Mohg last night with my Longsword + Greatshield build and no shackle or spirit summons. Yeah clearly easier than Melania but this still took me aaaages, and this is definitely becoming not viable now. I have really loved this way of playing and it feels a little like changing it up would be a small betrayal so close to the end but I don't really have the skill or time it would take to learn these end game bosses. This took me all evening basically. I definitely dodge in anticipation of the attack that my brain *thinks* is coming, rather than the one that I see coming, wayyyy too much. Takes so long to train out of. Really compelling though. Anyway here's the fight! Pleased with the win! Felt good to finally keep it together through the second phase. I think the thumbnail of me running away with my shield still up surrounded by fire is appropriate (and not too spoilery) Still procrastinating over how to respec and which weapon(s) to go for next..
  20. Cheers Benny. Just so I'm clear on this.. you're saying that (taking soft caps out of the equation for simplicity) a weapon with B Strength and B Dexterity scaling with attributes of 15 Strength and 15 Dex, will give you a better damage output than a weapon with just B scaling in Strength and 30 points of Strength?
  21. Quick question about weapon scaling. It seems to me from a quick look that, for example, a weapon that scales with Strength B, is not just strictly worse than a weapon that scales with both Strength B and Dexterity B. Is that right? Do weapons that scale with multiple attributes have their scaling kind of averaged out between all of them?
  22. The shield is there to block the first flurry of the waterfowl.. it seems like that bit is hard to dodge if you are too close to her when she starts winding it up. But honestly swapping to it from double handed is not easy to do quickly, so yeah I think duel wield and then just tap left on the d-pad to switch might be easier. Hadn't thought of that until I watched people duel wield vs her to be honest. The bell summons.. I have a vague and not particularly strict "trying not to use it in 1v1 fights" rule as long as there's an easy bonfire run or no major BS. I did actually try it a couple of times though (because obviously this was going to take ages to 1v1!) and to be honest it was just free healing for her . So I gave up on that. But have since seen people just go pure aggro with a fully powered up mimic and that seems effective. To be honest aside from once or twice I've only really used the jellyfish summon as I like that it does no damage and is just there as a distraction. So I wasn't really clued up on how to set the mimic up.. but have caught up on the thread now. I would love to just stick with my longsword but it seems that might not be viable for me within a realistic timeframe and without getting too frustrated. I dunno. I'll have a ponder on what to do, there's still other areas and bosses so can get on with other things in the meantime. Maybe 2x longswords??
  23. As for my own progress, I'm kind of at this point. Melania is soooo rough for me. I think I read Shark say she really punishes defensive builds which is how I've played the whole entire game so far! (my favourite item is the Golden Greatshield which is just an insane defensive tool against 95% of everything in the game after I started using it) It's been fun guard countering stuff. But I've had to unequip my shield (very sad) for Melania and really *really* try and learn her attacks. I've spent a good couple of hours on it so far and here's my best attempt: (don't think the thumbnail is too much of a spoiler) It's essentially me fighting her for 10 minutes in phase 1 and slowly whittling her down only for her to heal with her waterfowl dance because I've not faced it enough times to recognise it and git good at it yet. I felt like I didn't get too bad at dodging her stuff. The main difficulty was in training myself to NOT roll backward but instead forward for the mini dash forward combo - and then not knowing which move she was going to transition into at the end of it (as you can see it still gets me a fair bit). I guess I'm not doing enough damage? I've watched some of your ridiculous videos with bleed and katanas and stuff - feels like watching a different game! Has my treasured and trusty +25 Longsword just reached a point of uselessness here? I have a Heavy affinity on it with 60 Strength. But the chip style damage with her healing feels pretty demoralising after a point. I'd rather not respec for her I think, but it feels like I might have to, to an extent? I actually didn't really mind trying to learn the fight for a couple of hours, but it feels very much like I don't have the skill to do it like this at the end of the day. Or it would literally take 10-20 hours for one fight. Which I don't reeeally think I'm up for (unless I am?? ). Still absolutely loving it overall though! It's such a vast, brilliant, mind-blowing, harshly punishing, deeply rewarding, all consuming, adventure. Peak video games
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