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  1. Cheers Benny. Just so I'm clear on this.. you're saying that (taking soft caps out of the equation for simplicity) a weapon with B Strength and B Dexterity scaling with attributes of 15 Strength and 15 Dex, will give you a better damage output than a weapon with just B scaling in Strength and 30 points of Strength?
  2. Quick question about weapon scaling. It seems to me from a quick look that, for example, a weapon that scales with Strength B, is not just strictly worse than a weapon that scales with both Strength B and Dexterity B. Is that right? Do weapons that scale with multiple attributes have their scaling kind of averaged out between all of them?
  3. The shield is there to block the first flurry of the waterfowl.. it seems like that bit is hard to dodge if you are too close to her when she starts winding it up. But honestly swapping to it from double handed is not easy to do quickly, so yeah I think duel wield and then just tap left on the d-pad to switch might be easier. Hadn't thought of that until I watched people duel wield vs her to be honest. The bell summons.. I have a vague and not particularly strict "trying not to use it in 1v1 fights" rule as long as there's an easy bonfire run or no major BS. I did actually try it a couple of times though (because obviously this was going to take ages to 1v1!) and to be honest it was just free healing for her . So I gave up on that. But have since seen people just go pure aggro with a fully powered up mimic and that seems effective. To be honest aside from once or twice I've only really used the jellyfish summon as I like that it does no damage and is just there as a distraction. So I wasn't really clued up on how to set the mimic up.. but have caught up on the thread now. I would love to just stick with my longsword but it seems that might not be viable for me within a realistic timeframe and without getting too frustrated. I dunno. I'll have a ponder on what to do, there's still other areas and bosses so can get on with other things in the meantime. Maybe 2x longswords??
  4. As for my own progress, I'm kind of at this point. Melania is soooo rough for me. I think I read Shark say she really punishes defensive builds which is how I've played the whole entire game so far! (my favourite item is the Golden Greatshield which is just an insane defensive tool against 95% of everything in the game after I started using it) It's been fun guard countering stuff. But I've had to unequip my shield (very sad) for Melania and really *really* try and learn her attacks. I've spent a good couple of hours on it so far and here's my best attempt: (don't think the thumbnail is too much of a spoiler) It's essentially me fighting her for 10 minutes in phase 1 and slowly whittling her down only for her to heal with her waterfowl dance because I've not faced it enough times to recognise it and git good at it yet. I felt like I didn't get too bad at dodging her stuff. The main difficulty was in training myself to NOT roll backward but instead forward for the mini dash forward combo - and then not knowing which move she was going to transition into at the end of it (as you can see it still gets me a fair bit). I guess I'm not doing enough damage? I've watched some of your ridiculous videos with bleed and katanas and stuff - feels like watching a different game! Has my treasured and trusty +25 Longsword just reached a point of uselessness here? I have a Heavy affinity on it with 60 Strength. But the chip style damage with her healing feels pretty demoralising after a point. I'd rather not respec for her I think, but it feels like I might have to, to an extent? I actually didn't really mind trying to learn the fight for a couple of hours, but it feels very much like I don't have the skill to do it like this at the end of the day. Or it would literally take 10-20 hours for one fight. Which I don't reeeally think I'm up for (unless I am?? ). Still absolutely loving it overall though! It's such a vast, brilliant, mind-blowing, harshly punishing, deeply rewarding, all consuming, adventure. Peak video games
  5. Haha snap, Sir Curtis! Excellent taste. I was rocking a very similar style for most of my first 100 hours or so!
  6. (just catching up with the thread after a little while away from the forum but...) Really enjoyed this one Alan! Thought you were going to go no damage at one point near the start. Still can't believe your Vigor stat
  7. Checo is a legend!
  8. Man, really hope Mick is ok. That felt a very long time with no footage/update.
  9. Cheers haha.. I think it was +13 or 14 at the time (actually could have been less thinking about it). I know there's better and I've tried to move away from it but I honestly haven't found anything else I've liked as much. I like the moveset and like getting in and trying to get out without taking damage, which seems much harder with the bigger stuff as the swings all take too long. So maybe I'm a DEX person? But I've tried that and lack of strength means when I do take damage I seem to be taking way too much of it. Which makes learning fights harder. So I've stuck with this weird Stength based Heavy Longsword build that I don't really know what it is but also don't want to move away from! Also taking on all these giant monsters with just a normal longsword is kinda fun to me.
  10. Cheers Ste! It took a lot of attempts haha. But I don't really mind fighting over and over as long as I'm enjoying the fight. When you go from kinda seeing what you need to be able to do to actually doing it and beating something that felt super hard at first.. that's the best feeling in these games for me! Does mean it's taken me a hell of a lot of hours to get as far as some have done in half the time. I listened to the podcast that Jamie John recommended at they talk about how some FROM games can feel very prescriptive at times. As in, you need to be able to do this like this or you can't progress. And ER is very much feels like a departure from that (due to how viable lots of different builds and, and how you can ignore/run past a LOT of fights). But I think I actually like the prescriptive aspect of it. I like having a set goal and (as long as it doesn't literally feel impossible) working towards it. Super rewarding. Said it before, but I'm really loving the shield based combat in this. Guard counter makes a huge difference. Feels a liiiitle bit like you're getting all the advantage of a parry with none of the timing but you still have to watch your stamina bar very closely, and you need to line them up and know when and where to go for them. And crucially it gets you playing more aggressively with a shield - providing that link between defence and attack. Really nice addition overall I think - just hope it hasn't made parrying a bit obsolete.
  11. Yes this! This was such a nice little cue once I found it. You kinda need to be able to take a couple though first in order to spot that kind of thing. At least I did. Edit: posted this before but here's my fight for anyone currently struggling. Really did like this one.
  12. Draconic one-shot me with his lightning stuff at first honestly too. Quick lightning talisman or/and a change of gear can probably fix that though unless you're running reeeeally low VIG.
  13. Yeah I'm pretty gutted about this frankly. Bird did ok and had some insight, but him and Nicholls don't have the same back and forth that Palmer and Nicholls had. I don't really warm to Sam Bird. Maybe it will come with time, but I don't think he has that same kind of natural presence and sense of humour that Palmer does. I think it's hurt the podcast more than the live commentary to be honest.
  14. We never really decided one definitively to be honest, but yeah that's what I've done. Some people might be using 'Rllmuk' or 'RLLMUK' too. You could put all three into three groups if you wanted.
  15. Yeah it really did seem a lot easier. I guess my gut feeling is they probably went too far with the nerf, though hard to say based off my experience because an extra 18 levels probably went a long way too.
  16. I don't see anything in the patch notes I literally searched for his name in them when they came out lol. But just checked again. This would make a lot of sense though as he was doing dramatically less damage.
  17. Rykard and Radahn both down in the same day let's gooooo! My Radahn fight was MUCH easier at level 88 than it was at level 70, as you might imagine haha. My summons lasted much longer as well. Was almost tempted to try and solo him but what am I really proving being so overlevelled anyway lol. Also, fuck that guy. 120 hours and still not investigated the capital. Might dip my toes in there tomorrow.
  18. That was decent from Albon I think, he looked pleased when he got out of the car. I think it was nearly a second ahead of Latifi in Q1 which is roughly Russell territory. Russell saying they tried something different on the outlap and it destroyed his final lap. He was there or thereabouts with Ham though up until then. No panic yet I think.
  19. Good session that! Glad it seems competitive at the front with at least 2 teams. Merc not a huge way behind as well so hope they can get there too. Can someone explain what a purple sector means on the graphics now? Definitely wasn't fastest.
  20. So you can run over the white line? Didn't they specifically announce that the white lines were the limits now? Glad to see we've learnt nothing from last season
  21. There is a tell for the lightning zap. Admittedly I died a fair few times to it before I saw it but he jerks his arm down at the exact moment you're to press roll. It's a nice little reference. Here's my fight if you wanna watch. I really liked this fight to be honest! One of those you can grind out by being patient and not getting greedy. Slightly different approach to Hexx
  22. Does NowTV offer any kind of catch-up service? Ie is there any way to watch the races not live?
  23. I agree. I think in general it's much cleaner than the last few seasons and I like it.. but it's all taking up too much of the screen.
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