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  1. Haven't seen any 'rllmuk' messages yet I don't think. Have seen a lot of bloodstains though
  2. What was your approach? Did you melee him? I've seen some solo no hit fights on youtube but that must have taken hours and hours of practice.
  3. Do you know who it was? How important were they?
  4. I think I might have accidentally killed an NPC today. In a church in Altus...
  5. Ohhhh I had not clocked this either! Interesting.
  6. What's how much stamina is taken off when shielding an attack determined by (aside from the strength of the attack)? Would levelling my shield help with this, or does that not actually really do anything?
  7. Nice will try and catch that! Definitely after the fact if I can't at the time. Do you stream on youtube or twitch? Edit: @robdood
  8. Yeah PS5's one hour of recorded footage is really nice. Wouldn't mind seeing people's boss fights if they've got them recorded! I like seeing people's different builds and approaches.
  9. Ah cheers yeah.. interesting. I'd rather not cheese him unless I have to honestly. Good to know it's there as a last resort though.
  10. I'm level 69 but my VIT/VIG is only 25. As a team of 7 we we're struggling .
  11. 10 attempts seems nuts to me. I've seen the 2nd phase once in about 20 attempts. What level are you? Did you keep your distance and try ranged stuff, or get up in his face horse?
  12. Nice, congrats! I got a biiiit annoyed with him yesterday and gave up. Was this on stream?
  13. Finally found a boss I can dodge! I'm really liking the Evergaol fights (moral implications aside). Left my shield and shirt at the bonfire and managed to do Alabaster Lord without taking damage in my pyjamas
  14. I'm getting really pedantic about not losing my runes . But yeah I must have levelled a bit.. although was in my 60s for Renala. Congrats on getting her!
  15. I'm 67. With a +15 main weapon. That roughly the same as you? Cheers for the other replies too folks. Will keep having goes at him in between other stuff
  16. Haha. I actually skipped the tutorial accidentally because I didn't trust the game when it told me to jump down into a pit
  17. Mentioned in the other thread I'd been practising two-handed a bit more and I'm really pleased with this fight vs Dragonkin Soldier. Messed up the second half a bit but first half was really clean. Bloody slash doing crazy damage here too.
  18. Bloody slash is so good. I'm not even using it with blood affinity. That extra little bit of range is super nice though and the damage it deals seems disproportionately big!
  19. I flipping love my shield guys. I've been trying to get better two handed a bit more recently, but going through the whole game trying to dodge every attack with perfectly timed rolls?? Not for me! I have no idea how you guys do it. There are a lot of enemies that wind up their attacks and then stall the hit. There's super quick attacks I don't even see coming. There's double attack swings that are specifically designed to be too fast to roll through twice but too slow to roll through once. Every big boss has different patterns and swings (although I'm starting the see similar ones more now as I get through). I still roll when I can but having my shield up means I get away with not always having to sometimes and that's super nice. And mitigating damage even if you don't block it all is sometimes life saving. And in a addition to all that it just gives me a nice warm safe feeling when I have it up, like nothing can hurt me. Even if that's obviously not true . I love my shield.
  20. Ahh ok gotcha. So dex improves your movement speed? Or strength reduces it? It doesn't say that on the explanation screen.
  21. @Doctor Shark I see cheers. But if I have a weapon that can scale with either depending on which affinity you choose when applying ashes.. strength just seems strictly better right? Because it's reducing damage taken. Whereas dex isn't? What I mean is.. I select "ashes of war" from the grace site menu, and I have a weapon that's just not available on that screen. So I can't put any ashes at all on it.
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