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  1. Haha. I actually skipped the tutorial accidentally because I didn't trust the game when it told me to jump down into a pit
  2. Mentioned in the other thread I'd been practising two-handed a bit more and I'm really pleased with this fight vs Dragonkin Soldier. Messed up the second half a bit but first half was really clean. Bloody slash doing crazy damage here too.
  3. Bloody slash is so good. I'm not even using it with blood affinity. That extra little bit of range is super nice though and the damage it deals seems disproportionately big!
  4. I flipping love my shield guys. I've been trying to get better two handed a bit more recently, but going through the whole game trying to dodge every attack with perfectly timed rolls?? Not for me! I have no idea how you guys do it. There are a lot of enemies that wind up their attacks and then stall the hit. There's super quick attacks I don't even see coming. There's double attack swings that are specifically designed to be too fast to roll through twice but too slow to roll through once. Every big boss has different patterns and swings (although I'm starting the see similar ones more now as I get through). I still roll when I can but having my shield up means I get away with not always having to sometimes and that's super nice. And mitigating damage even if you don't block it all is sometimes life saving. And in a addition to all that it just gives me a nice warm safe feeling when I have it up, like nothing can hurt me. Even if that's obviously not true . I love my shield.
  5. Ahh ok gotcha. So dex improves your movement speed? Or strength reduces it? It doesn't say that on the explanation screen.
  6. @Doctor Shark I see cheers. But if I have a weapon that can scale with either depending on which affinity you choose when applying ashes.. strength just seems strictly better right? Because it's reducing damage taken. Whereas dex isn't? What I mean is.. I select "ashes of war" from the grace site menu, and I have a weapon that's just not available on that screen. So I can't put any ashes at all on it.
  7. What's the advantage of Dex over strength? I've respecced to try something slightly new, but have realised that strength was reducing damage taken? Is there something that Dex does to make this a worthwhile trade? The in-game explanation is it reduces fall damage and spell cast time.. and that doesn't really seem that worth it to me. If I'm using a weapon that I can easily change to scale with either with ashes, strength just seems better.. right? Also some weapons you cant use the ashes on.. is that right? Or am I missing something?
  8. Respect to you for taking on this stuff at that kind of level! Not easy. If you mean the NPC red guy I killed him yeah. I think you're "supposed" but could be wrong. That kind of enemy is good at keeping up with you if you try and run. I used my go-to shield strategy on him when there's a fight with a long run from a bonfire that I don't want to have to do over and over. Not really a spoiler but spoilered in case people don't want specific strategies for enemies out in the open: Here's a very quick example of it working, not on the enemy you referenced but on a gold knight I found in Stormveil. Not quite the same thing as he didn't bounce off my shield but you get the idea:
  9. Got a day off work today and Rennala is down already let's gooooo. Not my favourite type of fight to be honest, and I faffed around at the end not fully understanding how her summons work, but I got it done. Went for a light load fast roll again (thanks Mike S!). Video in spoiler. Now in complete analysis paralysis about how/if to change up my build.
  10. I fought it on foot but I was quite levelled up by that point. But yeah definitely agree with you about the horse combat, hit and running like that over and over does get a little stale. Practicing it on foot was more fun for me definitely. You can just keep popping back every few levels / weapon upgrades until it feels like the difficulty is right for you.
  11. Nice one! Enjoyed your Ragadon fight! I still can't get over your tiny health bar haha. What level are you? I'm in the 50s for the academy now.
  12. I get the rationale (and I don't think they were complaining about the game being hard, if you mean the posts I think you mean). I've been using it in this game a little here and there if I'm getting frustrated or if I don't particularly like a boss or feel like it's a fun challenge anymore, but I completely understand people trying to do it without. It always feels a bit off to me, because it feels like I haven't truly beaten the patterns that were put in front of me as a challenge. Summoning something that can take a bosses focus away from you so you can run up and hit it from behind a few times.. it doesn't *completely* take away the challenge, but it changes it quite dramatically for the time that your summon is there. I'm not saying it's right or wrong of course! Any tools the game gives you are fair game. More power to anyone summoning whatever they want. But I do get some people not wanting to.
  13. Yes! Had the exact same thing trying to co-op it. My friend quit out with the finger severer when we realised it was probably just indefinitely glitched, which allowed me to quit the game and restart. 2nd time we tried it there was no glitch and the boss functioned normally.
  14. Well that's me done for the evening guys Any tips for this boss?
  15. Nice to hear someone is getting through it at a similar pace to me I'm ~60 hours and I'm at the Academy but not really very far into it. I've spent a lot of time going back over Limgrave and Stormveil trying to figure stuff out & find as much as I can. And I'm sure I've still missed plenty. I've only just realised in the past couple of days that this might take me 150 hours or more. Quite a daunting prospect! I don't play games with that kind of play time very much at all. I've got friends who only get half an hour or an hour to themselves each evening and are playing through - can't imagine tackling it like that!
  16. Yeah I think so! At first my roll didn't feel too different, but I was definitely dodging better than before. Might just have been improved reactions / learning the moveset a bit more. At the very least it helped psychologically! It also prompted me to take a look at my gear which I hadn't really been too bothered about up until now.
  17. Bounced off a few bosses on Tuesday and felt a bit beaten up, but returned yesterday to beat two of them without too many deaths! I remember this from Dark Souls, sometimes you just need a break and to come back refreshed. Red Wolf of Radagon Also I read a post yesterday about switching to a light load with a fast roll (I think it was @Mike S ??) anyway I thought I'd give it a go! Not for the boss the post the post was referring to, I took one look at that second form and noped out of there extremely quickly! Not touching that again for a while. But instead for a poison heavy mini-boss in Linurnia I was having trouble dodging quick enough. Poison reducing talisman also coming in clutch!
  18. Great to have F1 cars on track on my telly again!
  19. Amazing stuff @Ste Pickford! Are you putting these anywhere that isn't twitter by any chance?
  20. Being as non-spoilery as possible, can someone answer me if there is a talisman that helps to reduce magic damage in Limgrave..? and if so a very rough location (north/south/east/west)? Thanks!
  21. Anyone else go from "oh ok I think I'm finally getting the hang of this!" in Limgrave to "Oh god now I remember what getting battered by Souls games is like!" in Liurnia?
  22. I was watching Day[9] try Margit over and over again last night, and I felt like it was a gratifying to see someone else struggle as I think my first attempts were better than his. BUT he stayed very calm and analytical - always trying to look closely at where he was getting hit and how to avoid it - and looking for new openings to get hits in - trying different positioning. The vod is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkSfM2kN5Pc and it takes him about an hour. He is rarely getting it below half health first but just doesn't let that phase him. I'd have been getting annoyed at how impossible it was wayyy before that! Or even if I manage to keep emotions in check, I definitely didn't think around the issues as well as this, for Margit at least. I thought it was a really, really instructive example of how to approach Souls bosses, and I can see now why it's a much better "tutorial" boss than I gave it credit for. Really recommend the whole first hour if you have the time and/or you're struggling with the early bosses.
  23. @Parappa My Margit fight - for reference. I just watched it back and I actually only juuust get the poison because my Jellyfish survives on a sliver of health at one point. It's definitely not a given, I think you just have to keep trying to take the focus of the boss as much as you can.
  24. I found I had to keep the pressure on the boss so it targeted me as much as possible, and left my jellyfish alone to stay alive and keep attacking to get the poison.
  25. Really enjoying these Evergaol fights. Found the one in the Weeping Peninsula yesterday but unfortunately I seemed a bit overlevelled for it now. I decided to try dropping the shield as I definitely need practice for that, but there were some attacks I *could not* reliably dodge no matter how much I tried. There was a 2x 2x swipe sequence with a little gap in the middle for a quick hit, but the second of the double attacks I could always either dodge the first or the second, but a single dodge couldn't escape both, and they came too quick to get two dodges in. I think fundamentally I still don't really understand non-shield Souls combat. Especially with the chained fast attacked that you can't individually dodge. I guess it's about positioning, will keep practising here and there. Anyway, I decided to put a shield back on and try parrying instead, and managed to beat it with no healing, which felt like a good level of difficulty. Video spoilered below:
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