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  1. @Parappa My Margit fight - for reference. I just watched it back and I actually only juuust get the poison because my Jellyfish survives on a sliver of health at one point. It's definitely not a given, I think you just have to keep trying to take the focus of the boss as much as you can.
  2. I found I had to keep the pressure on the boss so it targeted me as much as possible, and left my jellyfish alone to stay alive and keep attacking to get the poison.
  3. Really enjoying these Evergaol fights. Found the one in the Weeping Peninsula yesterday but unfortunately I seemed a bit overlevelled for it now. I decided to try dropping the shield as I definitely need practice for that, but there were some attacks I *could not* reliably dodge no matter how much I tried. There was a 2x 2x swipe sequence with a little gap in the middle for a quick hit, but the second of the double attacks I could always either dodge the first or the second, but a single dodge couldn't escape both, and they came too quick to get two dodges in. I think fundamentally I still don't really understand non-shield Souls combat. Especially with the chained fast attacked that you can't individually dodge. I guess it's about positioning, will keep practising here and there. Anyway, I decided to put a shield back on and try parrying instead, and managed to beat it with no healing, which felt like a good level of difficulty. Video spoilered below:
  4. @Alan Stock enjoyed your CK boss battle! That's a cool nimble thief type build you have but I think you had around half the HP I had when I took him on! Nice dodging. That even looked like a fast roll to me but can see that it isn't on your stats screen (assuming Med. Load always means a mid-roll?). Got very tense at the end there What does the item in your left hand do?
  5. Oh wow I didn't know this! To be honest I'm still not sure if the hug isn't worth it..
  6. I'm trying not to stress about my clock time. I think I've seen much less of the game than some with similar times, but if you're enjoying it then why not take your time! You only get to experience a game like this blind once so the more hours the better in some ways .
  7. Oh nice one! I'll have to avoid a lot of these until I get to them myself but will watch as I go.
  8. Guard Counter absolutely wrecks some enemies. I almost think maybe I should stop using it with Barricade Shield as it makes enemies with no poise too easy. For most of the bosses though I haven't found it that useful, with the exception of: In hindsight Barricade Shield didn't do much against CK though and I should probably have swapped it out for something else. Guard Counter seems to consume quite a lot of stamina, so if it doesn't stagger then you can be left exposed.
  9. Yeah that's what I ended up doing. I backed off so much for Margit.. and I feel it's no coincidence that Godrick reeeallly punishes you super hard for backing up!
  10. Cheers! I'm uploading boss fights as I go. Some of the early ones are very much me bumbling through the first stages of the game though
  11. Dude nice parrying! I've kinda stopped trying in this game to be honest but you had the timing right way more than not. Might be inspired to practice more after that! Looked super satisfying. It's such a cool boss. I definitely could have been more aggressive in mine like you say but I feel that's not my strength in these games. Often I just feel like if I'm patient enough then I'll win eventually haha (adapting to Bloodborne was a bit of a rough ride ). I do kinda love the tension of a long flight though. One thing I'm still struggling with is knowing when an enemy is going to follow up an attack with another attack. That's why in that CK vid sometimes I'm just standing there while he's open. It's because previously I've been caught by an attack there and I'm waiting for it. It's probably to do with my positioning and the bosses stamina but I'm still not great at reading that. It was especially true with Margit as well. I realise it's not random (and I know we've been over that in this thread ) but I still haven't fully got the hang of it. It'll come though I think. Keep the boss videos coming guys!
  12. Crucible Knight is down! Really enjoyed that fight. So much so I didn't want to use any summons or anything and just pure 1v1 him (though no idea if I've overlelled at this point). Took a fair few goes to learn roll timings and I struggled to find openings in the 2nd phase but I ground him down eventually. Video in spoiler below if anyone fancies watching. Incidentally I'd very welcome more boss fight videos in this thread! Interested to see everyone's different approaches. Howls of derision at all of the shielding no doubt
  13. It was simple in terms of structure compared to Stormveil but it's very cool atmospherically.
  14. I mean to be fair I didn't say you said it was easy, I said it didn't feel as easy as the way you described. I just thought we were edging towards the old "Dark Souls isn't hard you just need to pay attention to the attacks" that we get in these Souls threads sometimes! It's still really hard to execute even after you've died 20 times to all the various attacks. At least I still find it so. And I feel like the consensus is that a lot of people do. I did actually try two-handed and felt like I was getting caught too much by the attacks that I would have blocked. And when I did I lost wayyy more health that the little bits of magic chip. Shields up is the only way I've ever learnt how to play Souls to be honest! My weapon was still +0 at the time which didn't help.
  15. I'm not sure I would 100% agree that Margit's attacks are very clearly telegraphed, sure some of them are and leave him VERY open. But he also had that glowing knife that he pulls very quickly out of nowhere. What are you supposed to do against that thing? It was chipping away at me even though my shield. The way I ended up beating him was hanging back for 80-90% of his attacks until I saw him winding up for the big ones that leave him very open - oh and poisoning him with my jellyfish, who was 100% completely necessary both for the poison and the distraction. And it didn't really feel right. I did try rolling towards his attacks and on his first phase this worked well, but his second phase I found he was able to attack again before my roll had fully finished (I'm on medium roll). And there was a lot of un-fully-blockable flurries that were stunning me and very often killing me. I think you're probably right with what you say but it definitely didn't feel as easy as the way you put it . Maybe I didn't learn the right lessons - but I'm not sure the fight taught me that much other than to wait for that one attack that left him massively open, and to use my jellyfish. And that anything else killed me over and over again (save the lesson of levelling up a tonne and coming back later, I suppose).
  16. Penny Arcades first little blog on this is quite nice... https://www.penny-arcade.com/news/post/2022/03/02/elden-ring "I don't know how you're supposed to "score" a magical wardrobe you found to a parallel world."
  17. I felt like this has finally clicked into place last night! I've got the hang of the Shield + Sword combat a bit more (Barricade Shield OP) and I'm starting to feel powerful and confident enough that all the enjoyment just started sort of flowing into the game, and it felt SO GOOD. I got transported to a weird area with man-sized lobsters but some sweet, sweet loot. I fought giant beasts and weird globulous.. er.. things! I fought tiny men who could still do damage through my shield (bastards!). I saw different biomes and went up very high and down very low. The sheer sense of excitement and adventure that I'd been waiting for has finally (27 hours in lol) been tapped! I lost 20,000 runes in two separate incidents to fall damage and wasn't even that bothered . FUCK YEAH
  18. Killed a flipping dragon at lunch guys
  19. Ace, thank you! I swear some people earlier in the thread said it was a key but that didn't seem familiar (searched the thread but couldn't find the posts I remembered), but maybe that was a different chest. I have tried that item out though! Funny results, but not sure I can get it to work as intended
  20. Quick question about Stormveil and a knight guarding a chest...
  21. Ok I just tested it again (sorry employer) and reequipped the Ashes and now it's working! Lord knows what I was doing wrong before
  22. Hmm no definitely cannot do that, I just had a quick double check. Ashes definitely applied. L2 definitely activating my sword skill, and "No skill" when duel wielding shield. Mysterious.
  23. Generally I think the best thing to do is roll towards the attack. This allows you to roll through the attack with the i-frames if you time it right.
  24. Another Ashes of War question. I have one assigned to my shield called Barricade Shield which as far as I understand should give me the Barricade Shield skill which reinforces my shield, but it appears to have no skill. So now when I press L2 my sword skill activates. And if I duel wield my shield nothing happens. Any ideas what's wrong here? Edit: Oh brain wave! Do I maybe need a certain amount of DEX/INT or something to allow me to do the skill?
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